My Dream Date

It was just a normal day until Victoria passes out from a baseball at a ball game. She falls into her perfect dream. Until she wakes up in the hospital and all else fails. Except the one thing she's been dreaming. She has to set out to find her family. Can her and her perfect dream find them?


1. The BaseBall Game

"VICTORIA!!!"  My little annoying brother said running in my room. "MOM! VICTORIA GOT MORE POSTERS OF ONE DIRECTION!"  "HUNTER!" I yelled dropping my One Direction poster to chase him. I catch him right at the stairs. "What do you want Hunter?" "We're leaving in an hour and please let go of me."  I grab his shoulder harder. "OW!" "Hunter where are we going?!?!?" "TO THE BASEBALL GAME!" He says tiring  to get out of my grasp. "What?!?!?" I say letting him out of my grasp. "We're going to a baseball game." He says rubbing his shoulder.  "I THOUGHT THAT WAS TOMORROW!" "Nope!" "I call the bathroom!" I said running into my room to get my robe and brush. After I got ready I got in the car. "Mom what baseball game are we going to?" "THE YANKEES!!!!!!" My little brother said clapping his hands. "Joy an hour in a car with you." I say rolling my eyes. "VICTORIA!!!" My mom yelled "Ya,Ya i know if I do that one more time I'm grounded I know the rules" My mom grumbled " THEN WHY DON'T YOU FOLLOW THEM?!?!?!?!?!?" " Sorry my master I didn't know that I HAD to follow the rules" " Well you better get to know them AND follow them!" " OK MOM I WILL" "YOU BETTER!" I sigh and look over at my brother who is playing his I-Pad. Wow kids and there electronics I remember when it was fun to just look out the window NOT ANY MORE! "Hunter want the freaking crap are you playing?" I say looking over to his block game he was playing. "MOM!" "What do you want?" "Victoria swored!" "No I didn't you baby!" "I'm not a baby! I'm FIVE!!" He says holding up four fingers. "Suuure! So what are you playing?" "MINECRAFT!!!!" "Oh my go---sh" MY mom HATES when I swear around my little brother. My mom never talks about our dad she hates when I even bring up the subject. BEEP! BEEP! oh crap forgot to put my phone on vibrate. I pull out my I-Phone and open my messaging. Twitter? I look at the message and it says @NiallOfficial has followed you! "OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!" I yelled on the the top of my lungs. "Victoria!" My mom yelled back. "Yes?" I say whispering. "Don't use that language around your brother!" Man my mom is STRICT! I look out my window and fall asleep. My dream is the same as always me and <3Niall Horan<3 go out to dinner and he takes me back to his house and we just make out then Harry comes in and sees me and Niall and instantly falls in love with me and Harry and Niall fight about me both trying to win my love. I know it sound weird but its MY dream. I wake up to Hunter smacking my head. I grab his hand and he screams what a baby!

 "What do you want?!?" "Um... oh ya that we're here!" Yay (not). I get out of the car to see my little brother holding hands with my mom and he's singing 'take me out to the ball game' ohhhh this is pure torcher.

                                                                                   **10 minutes later**

We go in our front row seats I was number 10 my brother was 11 and my mom was 12. I should have just drove up here myself because I am 17 and my birthday is in two days. About half way into the game my brother started to whine because he was hungry. "Victoria." "Yes" "We're going to get food after the game ok?" "Ok mom" After the game my mom and brother went to the car I went and got something to eat. I looked into to field and saw the players hitting some home runs I grab my hot dog and sit down in the seat I was sitting in earlier. I hear someone sneeze behind me I look back to see just a kid in a jacket that's covering his face. Then there is the lousy hitter that hits really bad he comes to the base and hits the ball I see the ball moving toward me. Ohh crap I stick my hand out to save me. Maybe I can catch it? Nope to late. It hits my face and I blackout with my hand stinging. I fall hard back into my chair.

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