My Dream Date

It was just a normal day until Victoria passes out from a baseball at a ball game. She falls into her perfect dream. Until she wakes up in the hospital and all else fails. Except the one thing she's been dreaming. She has to set out to find her family. Can her and her perfect dream find them?


3. Niall's POV

Author's Note

Sorry guys this took so long. I'm getting braces on Monday... So I might be updating a lot but that depends... So read on if I get more reads or likes I'll right a really long chapter. Please like or favorite it or leave a comment! Thx!!!! You guys are so dang AWESOME!!!!!!!!!


**Niall's POV**

          When I saw this girl at the baseball game I instantly fell in love with her her brown hair fell right below her rib cage. Then when that ball come flying I caught her thinking she was fine but then I looked at her hand and saw it was bleeding. It looked pretty bad so I went to the tour bus and saw the boys watching Finding Nemo I put the girl on the couch next to Louis and Louis jumped of the couch and pointed to her and yelled "NIALL JAMES HORAN!"  "Louis..." "DON'T YOU DARE LOUIS ME!!! WHAT THE FREAK WERE YOU THINKING!!!!!" "Louis she got hit with a baseball after you left..." "Oh my gosh I thought you beat her!!!" "Louis would I do that????" "I don't know but..." "Ya that's right" I pause and look  at the girl. Man shes beautiful! I snap back in time to see all the boys around her. "Ummmmm..... Guys I think we should get her to a hospital right now!" "Ya..." Harry says staring at her. "Harry stop I found he shes mine!" "It's ok, she'll want  me." "Ya right she's mine!" "Noooooo she's mine!!" "OH MY GOSH STOP!!!!!" Zayn yelled. "I thought we we're taking her to the hospital..." Liam said. "Oh ya" I said putting a blanket on her. "Paul are you driving?" I asked walking up to Paul. "Ya where are we going??" "We're you not listening to our conversation???" Harry walks over and asks. "No I was watching TV on my phone..."  "Wow Paul..." "Ya ok I'll drive."

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