Darling I Love You

"I hate him," they said.
"Break up with him," they said.
"I love him." I said.


1. Him

I woke up to my sweet angel jumping on top of me, her fragile, soft feet rising up and down, only to have them come back down on top of me. Groaning, I tried to force my eyes to open. They did, but it took a large amount of time to get them to open. By now, I'll probably have a bruise from her jumping. I turned to face her.

"What is it treasure?" she stopped jumping once she realized I was finally awake. A grin popped up on her face. "Mommy, mommy, mommy!" she said, grabbing my hand. Sighing, I got up rubbing my eyes sleepily. Looking over at my dresser, I caught the time, 7:38am. I shook my head. She needed her sleep since she was only four. Still holding my hand captive, she dragged me down the flight of stairs to show me something.

Once I took now silent it was, I started to worry. The TV was usually on by this time, since she got up around seven. Dragging me over to the calender, she pointed to today's date; July 2, 2012. My eyes followed her finger. They landed on the date. My eyes darted from her to the date. Her eyes where filled with curiosity. She was the one to brake the silence.

"Momma, it's my birthday! Don't you remember?" I looked down at her. A worried look had plastered on my face. How could I be so foolish to forget her fourth birthday?

"Oh course it is sweetheart." Looking down at the ground, she decided to look up at me. Her sea colored eyes said it all.

"Oh and guess what, we have something fun planned today!" A huge smile slipped on her face, her eyes lit up like the night sky. I could tell she was going to ask what it was.

As a sign that it was a secret, I held up a finger to my mouth. She took noticed and nodded her head.

"But first silly, we gotta eat." I walked into the kitchen while she sat at the counter on her bar stool. My instincts told me to get a huge meal started. Walking over to the frig, I grabbed some sausage and eggs and a pan to cook them in. Once I had made those, I defrosted some waffles and put out some syrup to pour over her waffles.

"Not to much." I scolded. Her reply was a nod, letting me know she had heard my warning. Setting down the plate in front of her, I sighed and leaned up against the kitchen counter. I wasn't in the mood for eating. All I wanted to do was make sure she was happy. Looking over at her, I could tell by the pace she was eating at that she was happy indeed.

A giggled escaped my throat. Quickly, I swallowed it and waited for her to finish her food. Once done, she took her plate over to the sink and grabbed my hand. We walked upstairs and went into her room to get dressed.

Walking over to her closet, she quickly fallowed me from behind. I opened her closet doors while she sat quietly on her bed. It sometimes shocked me how she could be so quite for a little kid. I picked out an outfit of her white sun dress, her white flip flops and a white beanie to complete the look.

After I put on her cloths, I went over to my room to choose something. I opened my closet door and choose a pair of white super skinny jeans, a blue tang top and a pair of my white converse. Once I fixed our hair, we where ready to go. She was practically pulling me down the stairs and out the door. Laughing, I walked over to the car and got in, while she did the same ad buckled up.

I pulled out of our driveway and began to drive towards this really popular frozen yogurt place down the block. My hand reached out to turn on the radio. One Direction was on. I shuttered, which made me think back four year ago.

Tears streamed down my face. I sat on the roof of his house. There was this one window that allowed people to go onto the roof. I remember spending nights out there, looking at the stars above. Now it was just a place for me to weep all my problems out for the last time. His footsteps thundered threw the house while he called my name. He called and he called. No matter how badly I wasn't to answer, I just couldn't. Early that day, I had taken a pregnancy test since I hadn't been feeling to keen.

The results showed a positive. I came out here to cry my lungs out. It wasn't the fact that I was shocked, I mean, I wasn't surprised since we where sexually active and all, but also we where so careful. It was the fact that I wasn't ready to be a mom right now. He soon found me on the roof and joined me. Sitting down next to me, he draped a arm around me, but it did no good. I turned away, I couldn't tell him.

"What's wrong?" He was the first to speak. My lips seemed as if they where glue shut, never able to speak the truth.

"I c-can't do this." I managed to get out. Somehow, he realized what I was saying. He took a hand and traced my face. I settled down, letting him do so. Within a matter of moments, he got up and left.

Tears filled in my eyes and I turned the radio off. She looked at me with worry in her eyes. Whipping away the tears, I flashed her a smile in the mirror so she's think I'm alright. I didn't like lying to her, but I didn't want to tell her the truth either. It was like the day all over again, I couldn't tell the truth no matter how much I wanted to.

We soon arrived at the shop. At the same time , we got out of the car and went inside. A gush of air welcomed me like a lion did to it's pray. A scent hung in the air, making me gag. Looking down, she took in the smell and started to get a cup for her yogurt.

"Hold on honey. I need to use the restroom. Wait outside, alright?" Taking notice, she nodded and followed me to the restroom. After telling her to wait there, I went inside. After using the restroom, I went over to wash my hands. Suddenly, I hear footsteps then the stop. Words fill their empty space. I could barely make out the two voices, but one seemed to sound like Gabriella's.

Furious, I stormed out of the restroom. I've told her a million times to never talk to strangers. Ever. No matter what. I began speaking.

"Gabriella Scarlett Victoria Alabas, haven't I to-" but I suddenly stopped short. The man who was talking to her looked up at me. My cheeks where flushed. I could feel myself turning red. It was that same man that I left four year ago; Niall Horan. Grabbing Gabriella's hand, I rushed out of the shop.

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