Stay with me..forever

Lucie and Zayn had been best friends since the 5th grade. can that all change once Zayn thinks he found the love of his life? will Zayn's new GF ruin Lucie's and Zayn's friendship? read to find out :) (One Direction not famous)


3. Nervous


{3 weeks later}

Lucie's POV: I finally realized that I did have a crush on Zayn. the only problem was that he already had a Girlfriend

Vanessa, she was perfect for him. He was happy and she was happy. I wasn't gonna let my feelings get in the

way of Zayn being happy. my thoughts got interrupted by the sound of the door bell. I ran down the stairs and opened

the door. it was Jenny my other best friend, I decided that I would try to get my mind off things by inviting Jenny over.

she came up and hugged me and I hugged back. she said "I missed you girl! where have you been?" I replied

saying "oh..just been busy that's all" she gave me a little smirk and sat on the couch. I closed the door and

sat next to her. she looked at me and said "whats wrong Lucie?" I looked at the ground and said "nothing".

im sure she wasn't to convinced by my reply but she didn't say anything else. I heard my stomach growl

than I said "you want to get something to eat?" she smiled and nodded. we both got up and I grabbed my keys

than headed out the door. we decided to go eat at Mcdonalds nothing special. when we arrived guess who I saw.

yup it was Zayn and Vanessa. Jenny said "hey look Lucie theres Zayn!" I was silent. I was lost in my thoughts.

I couldn't move. I couldn't talk. once again...I was nerveous. I couldn't hold this all in. I had to tell Zayn soon.



A/N sorry for the short chapter I was kinda in a rush my laptop has been VERY slow.

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