Stay with me..forever

Lucie and Zayn had been best friends since the 5th grade. can that all change once Zayn thinks he found the love of his life? will Zayn's new GF ruin Lucie's and Zayn's friendship? read to find out :) (One Direction not famous)


4. Im lost.....speachless

Lucie's POV: I've been thinking about how im going to tell Zayn. well I've had some ideas. I could ask him to come

over and we could have a movie night than...I tell him. simple as that. I finally get the courage to pick up my phone,

and call him. it starts to ring than it goes to voicemail, I than say "Hey Zayn..I was just calling you to see if you wanted

to have a movie night with me? well call me back as soon as you can. bye" I hung up and placed the phone on the

table. I sighed and started bitting my nails. yes I bite on my nails when im nervous. I hear the phone vibrate and I

pick it up with no hesitating, I look at the caller ID and it reads Zayn Malik. I answer it and say "Hey" he says

"Hey Lucie! how's it going?" I get up from the couch and towards the kitchen to get some water. and reply

"Good...did you get my Voicemail?" He than says "Yes I did...and I think its a great idea!" I smile and say "How

about at...7:00? if that's ok" he chuckles and says "Perfect! well see you than. bye" I reply with a bye and feel

my hands get sweaty at the thought of Zayn. Everytime I hear his name I hands get sweaty

and my heart beats faster and my all my attention is on his voice. I take a sip of my water to ease' tention.

I walk back towards the couch and sit down.

    **Later That Day**

Its 10 minutes till' seven and Im real nervous, im not sure why, Zayn has came to my house several times.

I get up and pace myself up and down my living room bitting  on my nails and couple seconds later I hear a

knock on the door. I stop in my trace and walk towards the door, I grab the door knob and open the door...

there stands Zayn. perfect hair with a black T-Shirt and jeans...his hazel mix with brown eyes stare at me.

I lightly shake my head to refoucus myself and smile at his smirk and say 'Hi Zayn...come in" I turn to the

side to let him in and he lightly chuckles and says 'Well hello to you to" I walk pass the couch and say

"Make yourself at home. Would you like something to drink?" he nods no and I sit next to him and he looks

over at me and says "Are you ok?" I look at him confused and say "Yeah..why you ask?" He replies by saying

"You stood there for a while staring at normally don't do that...that's why I was asking"

I look at him and try to avoid the question and say "Lets start the movie shall we?" I get up and pop in

'Paranormal Activity 2' and press play. I walk back over to the couch and sit next to Zayn again.


Zayn's POV: Lucie has been acting weird lately, I wonder if it has something to do with me. I look over at her

and I see her curled up on the couch with goosebumps on her arms. I say "You Cold?" she looks over at me

and nods her head. I pat the spot next to me and she smiles and curls up next to me while I rub her arm. she felt

so cold I feel her forehead with the back of my hand I feel that she's ice cold on her head to. she looks up to me

and pushes herself up to sit in front of me. she sighs and pauses the movie.

Lucie's POV: I felt it was time that I tell Zayn that I had feelings for him so I get up from his side and pause the

movie than sit up in front of him. I was just about to speak in till' his phone starts to vibrate in his pocket

he says "Hold that thought" and he gets up towards the hallway to answer his call.

Zayn's POV: Lucie was about to speak when I felt my phone vibrate, I got my phone from my pocket and said

"Hold that thought" I got up and walked towards the hallway. I looked at the screen and it said Vanessa <3

I smiled and answered it. I said "Hello Beautiful"  I heard her lightly chuckle and she said "Hey Zayn. well

remember how earlier you asked me if I would move in with you?" I reply with a yes, than she countinues

"Well I thought about it and..I would love to move in with you!" I felt so happy at her answer so I said

"Wow that's great Vanessa! I cannot wait! well I better go Lucie is waiting on me. bye love" she replied

"ok..bye" she hung up and so did I. I slid it into my pocket and walked back towards the living room

to find Lucie looking at me and said "Who was it?" I said "Vanessa...and you will never believe what just

Happened!" I sat down next to her on the couch and she said "What Happened?" I smiled and said

"Vanessa is moving in with me!"


Lucie's POV: I cannot believe what I just heard, they've only known eachother for a few months and now

she's moving in with him!? I reply saying "Oh my gosh! Zayn that's awesome!" he nods and says

"I know! and...what was it you were going to say?" I cant tell him now! although I promised

myself that I would I just cant. "Oh I was just going to say that I was getting tired" he said "Yeah me too

well I better get going so you can sleep" he gets up and walks toward the door and says " Bye!" I wave bye

and with that he leaves. Im am I suppose to tell him now!? Im so confused, I lay my head down on the couch pillow and close my eyes and try to block out everything.

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