Stay with me..forever

Lucie and Zayn had been best friends since the 5th grade. can that all change once Zayn thinks he found the love of his life? will Zayn's new GF ruin Lucie's and Zayn's friendship? read to find out :) (One Direction not famous)


2. Big news!

Lucie's POV: I was watching T.V in my living room. I heard my phone start to vibrate and I picked it up. the caller ID read Zayn Malik. I answered it and said "Hello" I heard some fumbling in the background than heard that familiar Bradford accent reply " Hey Lucie how's it going?" I replied saying "im doing fine and you?"  he than said "im fine..hey are you busy today?' I said "no. why?" he said so excited "I was wondering if we could go to starbucks together. I want you to meet somebody" I replied saying "sure! and what time?" he said "how about in 30 minutes??" I said "ok well I better get ready than!" we exchanged our goodbyes than I ran to my closet wondering what I could wear. I looked threw the racks and finnaly found something. it was a neon orange and white tank top with some skinny jeans. I slipped on my clothes and fixed up my hair. I grabbed my car keys and drove towards starbucks. all the way to starbucks I kept wondering..who did Zayn wanna introduce me to? why did he wanna introduce me to this stranger? A lot of questions floated in my head. suddenly I relized why was I freaking out about this? why was my mind so concerned about all these questions? suddenly I relized that I was finnaly here. I looked threw the window and notice Zayn talking and laughing with this girl with brown and curly hair. I got out the car and entered into starbucks. Zayn noticed me and ran up to me and gave me a hug. I said "Hey malik!" he gave me another hug and said "Ive missed you! where have you been!?" I just said "well ive been kinda busy" he looked at me like Really? not to convinced by my reply. we walked up to the table where the girl with brown hair was sitting at. Zayn sat next to her and said " Lucie...this is new girlfriend" I froze..i couldn't talk I couldn't move..i couldn't even feel my hands. I said "I have to use the bathroom" I ran to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. did I feel Jealous? why did I freeze up like that!? more importantly...did I have a crush on Zayn?

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