My New Life

Hi my name is Mckenzie Foy. I am 19 years old and I am going to college. I have log dirty blonde hair, light tan skin, and sharp blue eyes. I love One Direction. I am their biggest and ultimate fan. What else is important about my life? Oh yeah I have been going out with Harry Styles for the last 3 months. It has been awesome. Will that change when Harry does something special or will Mckenzie's life still be beautiful?


3. Woodshop class and Jealousy

Harry's POV: Since we hadn't had time to make breakfast we stopped at the cafeteria and got some biscuits to eat. She looked so pretty even when she was eating.

McKenzie's POV: As I was eating I noticed Harry's beautiful emerald eyes looking at me again. He always told me that I was beautiful but I just didn't see it. When we were finished with our biscuits we got up and went to the main hall classrooms. Since Harry and I had the same first class we got to walk to class together. On the way to our wood shop class Louis, Eleanor,Niall, Zayn, Perrie,Liam, and Danielle caught up with us and walked us halfway. I loved walking with the boys because they made me feel so nice. I told them that we should hang out later that day and they all agreed. We decided we would hang out at my dorm. With that they left an Harry and I walked to our wood shop class.

Harry's POV:In wood shop class we ha to do a project so Mckenzie and I wanted to be partners. Mr.Salani told us that we couldn't be partners because we always were partners. Mckenzie and I were both crushed. Mr.Salani told me that I was going to be partners with Alexis Jones( I was fine with that). It was when Mr.Salani partnered Mckenzie with Toby Cruz that made me mad. Everyone knew that Toby Cruz had a huge crush on Mckenzie. I felt a rush of jealousy and anger go through my body but I knew that it was only one project. When class was over Mr.Salani took up our projects. I looked over to Mckenzie and Toby and their project was amazing. They had made a miniature bird house and it was awesome. I didn't let my feelings get the best of me so I just forgot about the whole project.

Mckenzie's POV: Harry and I walked out of wood shop class at about 12:30.
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