My New Life

Hi my name is Mckenzie Foy. I am 19 years old and I am going to college. I have log dirty blonde hair, light tan skin, and sharp blue eyes. I love One Direction. I am their biggest and ultimate fan. What else is important about my life? Oh yeah I have been going out with Harry Styles for the last 3 months. It has been awesome. Will that change when Harry does something special or will Mckenzie's life still be beautiful?


2. The Amazing Love

Harry's POV: I absolutely love her I thought as I stare at my girlfriend, McKenzie. She looked beautiful as she was fixing her hair. I was so happy that she was mine and no one else's.

McKenzie's POV: I was curling my hair when I noticed Harry staring at me. "Is there something wrong" I asked playfully. He shook his head and just kept smiling at me. I finally got finished curling my hair and I wanted to see how it looked. I looked in the mirror and thought I looked okay. My dirty blonde hair looked pretty against my light tan skin. I looked into my sharp blue eyes and said " cute." I walked out the bathroom and back into my bedroom. I looked at the time and it was 9:27! We had to be to the main hall in 3 minutes. "Come on let's go" Harry said reading my mind.

Harry's POV: McKenzie grabbed her Hollister purse and threw her notebooks in it and I picked up my North face book-bag and put my maths textbook in it. We walked out our dorm hand and hand. We didn't hide our relationship because we wanted everyone to know we were a couple. We had been dating for 3 months though.
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