Childish behavior

Sammie Gustafson was not exoecting to date her best friend, Jack Bronelly. They have known each other forever and taking it farther. Jack gets Sammie into football tryouts and she gets in! Ever heard of a girl in 7th grade playing football? Bet not. Read this story to see Sammie's amazing journey to the College leauge with Jack by her side.


1. Jack Bronelly and me


“Sammie Marie Gustafson!” My mother hollered from upstairs. I put down my Sports Illustrated magazine. Yes, I am a girl football player, or at least I will be. I stormed upstairs to my mom who is at my bedroom door.

“What?” I ask having no clue what this woman is mad about. She points to my bedroom floor. It is covered in dirty clothes, books, magazines, and bunches of other things.

“Clean up this mess now! I have been telling you this for ages now!” She whines. I groan and start shoving things in a basket. I look at the time. 11:54! Almost midnight! I had school tomorrow. I climbed into bed being careless about my room. Or homework.

I was listening to Starships by Nikki Manaj on the bus. Until Jack Bronelly jumps in my seat.

“JACKKK!!!” I yell as he pulls out my earbuds.

“SAMMM!!!” He mocks me. “Who do you like?” I can't tell gossiper Jack Bronelly who I like! He is the most funniest class clown, and popular kid at Westminster Middle School.

I sigh. “You...” I whisper looking out the window. He is smiling.

“I like you too Gus!” He says with his arm around me. I smile and watch him jump over into Devon McKay’s seat. Probably telling Devon what just happened. I hear them laughing. I roll my eyes and when we get to school, get off.

I walk to my locker to see Jack leaning against it. Oh no.

“Hey Sammie, wanna be my girlfriend?” He asks entwining his fingers into mine. I giggle.

“Yea.” I say simply.

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