One Big Family

Layla and Niall are blessed with twins. Caitlyn and Cameron are now 2 years old. Juliet and Louis are blessed with a baby boy named Tommy who is now 1 year old. What happens when they all remember bad memories from the past? A sequel to the story 'Brothers Best Friends', this, is One big Family.


1. Happy Birthday Twins!

Layla POV

I cant believe my babies are already 2!!! Terrible 2s. I just noticed. Oh geez. Anyway Niall and I are here setting up the house for a surprise party for them! The twins went to the movies with Juliet and Louis and Tommy. Tommy was already 1. God we were getting old. I was 19, Niall was 22. Me and Niall were planing on getting married. Oh yeah. IM ENGAGED. Me and Niall are getting married on his birthday, September 13 2013. It was now April. Juliet and Louis are already married. For 1 week. I still live with Liam,Harry,and Zayn. Louis and Juliet moved out a few weeks ago. Liam had a beautiful girlfriend Danielle. Harry and Zayn were still single. I know Zayn and Harry had something for me. You think Im stupid? Of corse I knew this! I cant believe it has been 3 years with these boys. I felt like it had been longer. Like 13 years. Well Liam I have been with my entire life. Anyway Niall fell again. For the 5th time. "Niall will you please stop falling and help me with decorations?" I said laughing and helping him up. He rolled his eyes and dusted his back off and started hanging streamers on the table. "What time are they coming back?" Niall said finishing up the table. "Around 5. Its 3 now." I said looking at the clock. Harry came running down the stairs. "Ill go get the cakes." He said grabbing his keys. "You should probably bring Zayn with you. Getting 2 cakes isn't easy." Niall said. "True." Harry said going upstairs. "Can you believe its been 3 years Nialler?" I said holding him

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