Lies and Love

Haley is an average girl but she gets bullied and doesn't like 1D but when her sister makes her go will she get kidnapped with her 4 best friends will they fall in love or will they escape? (I don't hate one direction just my friends wanted me to right about it it's my first time so don't hate :))


3. The Meeting

                                                                                                    Haley's P.O.V

                  "Haley get in here we need to talk to you"  Alyssa said  "hold on be there in a second" I said "NOW' she screamed back. "Hey I'm older then you so don't tell me what to do and hold your butt cheeks" I screamed back at her. I went down stairs and I saw all of my friends there. So i slowly walked into the living room where they were "what are you guys doing here?" I asked weirded out. Alexis sighs and says " Haley will you go to the One Direction concert with us tonight..?' "HELL NO I thought you didn't like them Alexis?!?' I asked confused 'They sucked me in to it' I just rolled my eyes. "wait why do you want me to go anyway?' "Well we aren't allowed to go with out a parent or guardian and I haven't passed my drivers test and these guys walked home with me after school so they don't have their cars?' Alyssa said. They all gave me a puppy eyed look and it made me feel bad so I couldn't say no. "Fiiiiinnnneee" I said not excited. They all screamed and came over and hugged me. I smiled because I thought I was Doing the right thing.


Sorry if you thought that was short i did it at school so don't judge. :) hope you like it so far  

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