Lies and Love

Haley is an average girl but she gets bullied and doesn't like 1D but when her sister makes her go will she get kidnapped with her 4 best friends will they fall in love or will they escape? (I don't hate one direction just my friends wanted me to right about it it's my first time so don't hate :))


16. seeing Harry

Emily's P.O.V

                          Today was Saturday so me and Rose had to go to dance I teach hip hop, gymnastics, and Jazz for the older kids like 14-16 group age. For today was just hip-hop and the song for our dance is Hall Of Fame I picked that song because I believe that all my girls can on the hall of fame some day. Today when we were practicing someone came in that looked like someone I knew but I only got a glance at the person so when we were done I went over to the parents because I had to give them forms for their costumes and when I went to go see who it was I all most screamed right in front of me was Harry the one that beat me and whipped me in the face which is still there but I cover it up. "excuse me sir but who are you with?" I asked playing cool. "I am here with Abby one of  the moms" he said back I am really glad he didn't remember me thank god. I wanted to slap him so bad but I would get fired and I didn't want that to happen.

              I slowly turned around and started to walk off but he grabbed me by the arm and asked me "don't I know you from somewhere?" "No now let go before I get you kicked out of here" I said with fear. He let go but looked at me confused trying to remember me I quickly walked off to Rose's studio she was done with her class so that was good. "Rose don't freak out but Harry is here he doesn't remember me but I think he slowly will" She just froze and didn't do anything. "now we are going to go home well to our dorm and never speak of this again we don't want him remembering us do you?" she just nodded her head and followed me out the door but Harry pulled me back again "hey do you want to go get some coffee some time?" "sorry I have a boyfriend but thanks anyway" and I yanked my arm out of his grip and fasted walked to my car were Rose was already at. ~skip awkward car ride~.

               When we got to the dorm I got a text from my boyfriend yes I wasn't lying  when I said I had one and his name is Justin. I told him about the kidnapping thing and he is really protective about it.


Justin- Hey babe whats up?

Me- Nothing but today I ran into Harry but he didn't recognize me so that's good  I guess but I think he tried to ask me out but I told him I had a boyfriend and ran off

Justin- Do you need me to come over track him down and beat the shit out of him?!?

Me- No that's okay maybe next time LOL but I got to go bye love you :)

Justin- Bye love you too :)     

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