Lies and Love

Haley is an average girl but she gets bullied and doesn't like 1D but when her sister makes her go will she get kidnapped with her 4 best friends will they fall in love or will they escape? (I don't hate one direction just my friends wanted me to right about it it's my first time so don't hate :))


9. hate and someone I don't want to see

Haley's P.O.V

               Niall left after he asked my name he went over to his fans and started signing autographs when I looked around the room I saw Sammy looking at me giving me a death glare I quickly got my friends and asked if we could go home. "why?" they all said with confusion. "Sammy is here and who knows what she will do. They all nodded and just before I walked out the door a hand grabbed me and pulled me back but my response was kicking them in the nuts. I quickly turned around and on the floor  layed Niall. "are you Okay!?!?!". " Yeah I'm fine" he said I helped him up. "Why did you do that?" he asked  "I'm really sorry I didn't know it was you okay it's just a bad reflex." I said trying not to laugh "well I have to go but will I see you again?" "yeah you will see me real soon" he said with a grin. I started to get freaked out but I didn't show it.


Hey guys what do you think Niall means by I will see you real soon well tell me what you think will happy xoxo Haley :) 

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