Lies and Love

Haley is an average girl but she gets bullied and doesn't like 1D but when her sister makes her go will she get kidnapped with her 4 best friends will they fall in love or will they escape? (I don't hate one direction just my friends wanted me to right about it it's my first time so don't hate :))


4. Getting ready!

                         Haley's P.O.V

                     The girls all got ready Alyssa wore and t-shirt that said One direction fan for life and some ripped jeans and some toms. faith wore a bright pink belly shirt that showed her belly ring and some light blue shorts. Hailey wore a tight tight shirt that her boobs were hanging out and ripped jeans that looked like Alyssa's. Then Alexis wore a flower shirt with lace at the top and dark blue shorts with little ripples in it. They all looked amazing, But all I had one was jeans and a t-shirt and no make up. They all looked at me like what the fuck are you wearing. I broke the silence and said "is there something wrong?' I asked  "there is definitely something Wrong!" They all said at once. Hailey and Faith went through my clothes and Alexis and Alyssa  dragged me into the bathroom and started curling my hair when they were done with that they did my make up to!! They put black eyeliner on the bottom and tops of my eyes and mascara and they were really long it looked like I had fake eye lashes on but no they were real. Then a little blush and they were done. I got dressed very carefully because they would freak out if I did. I wore a colorful hanging over the shoulder shirt and some white short shorts. when I looked in the mirror I looked amazing! I didn't look like me at all. I didn't want to show how amazing I looked and I rolled my eyes and walked off. I put cow boy boots on so I still had a little country in me. We walked out and got in my truck its my baby. Before I started the engine Faith put something around my neck.. It was a V.I.P pass for back stage "you didn't tell me you had V.I.P passes!" I said angrily. "It was a surprise"  She said. We sat in silence most of the way until Hailey turned on the radio and just my luck One direction was playing What Makes You Beautiful. It started getting annoying so I changed the channel to 103.7 My country channel and Blown Away By Carrie Underwood and I started singing." She locked herself in the cellar listened to the screaming of the wind some people call it taking shelter she called it sweet revenge shatter all the windows till its all blown away" Alexis stopped me there and said "I didn't know you could sing like that!!!'. 'That's because you've never heard me sing' I mumbled . It was awkward the rest of the way.  


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