Lies and Love

Haley is an average girl but she gets bullied and doesn't like 1D but when her sister makes her go will she get kidnapped with her 4 best friends will they fall in love or will they escape? (I don't hate one direction just my friends wanted me to right about it it's my first time so don't hate :))


15. collage

Haley's P.O.V

3 years later

                       we all changed are names our hair color and even our eye color because we were freaked out to much. My name is Emily now I have black  hair and I have a curly perm and my eyes are now brown. Alexis's name is Rose her hair is Blonde and has straight hair and her eye color is green. Faith's name is Daisy her hair is Red and her eye color is blue. Alyssa's name is now Andy. She has more of a light colored brown and she has bangs and her eye color is a combination between brown, gold, and green.

                     Me and  Rose go to singing collage and Daisy and Andy go to the university or art. Rose and I are in a duet together and  we are sing The A Team. I start out then its her turn and then that goes on then we both sing together at the end. I really like it and I can't wait until we get to sing it at nationals. We both practice that song all the time in our dorm room. Me and her don't really do anything but sing well I teach dance and so does she we do everything together but we never get bored of each other because we are really good friends. Me and her go to dance on Saturdays and Sundays because we have collage on Monday Tuesday and Thursday our only days off is Wens day and Friday. All of us girls meet up around 1:00 pm on Fridays and do stuff together and Wensday is just a lazy day and all we do is  sleep basically.



I know it's a short chapter but I'm tired so see you soon xoxo Haley :)    

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