Falling for you | Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber looks through some old photos to find some picture of his old best friend Mariah Johnson. She left him and their friendship behind when he started dating Selena Gomez; there you see what love what ruin. When Justin's tour goes to Miami he meets Mariah again, who pretends she doesn't know him, but admits at last. Mariah's old feelings for Justin starts growing again and he feels the same for her. So what happens when Selena chooses to come back to Justin and Mariah has to tell to choose?


9. Justin's birthday (part 2)

The dress is beautiful, and he did spend his money buying it for me or should I rather say spend Cody’s money buying it for me. Justin looked at me with his puppy eyes and kept begging me to wear the god damn dress for his birthday party as gift. After a long discussion about Justin buying me this even though I told him not to, I agree in wearing the dress but only because it’s his birthday. He kisses me on the cheek and walk out of the room. Damn it Mariah, what are you doing? I’m falling for Justin more and more, especially after last night with Justin confessing his love for me and stuff. It was so sweet like my heart completely melted! When I got the dress on I took a picture in the mirror and sent it to Andrea who instantly called me after receiving the photo

Andrea: Oh my god! You look so amazing! I miss you like crazy!
Mariah: Relax An! I’ll see you in 20 minutes anyways!

Justin pretty much invited Andrea to his birthday, only so I’d have a friend around me so I wasn’t totally surrounded by strangers.

Andrea: Yes I know! But I haven’t seen you in-
Mariah: About 3 weeks?
Andrea: That’s a long time!
Mariah: Sure is girl
Andrea: So? How goes with that sexy piece of ass?
Mariah: Justin? Oh he’s fine I think
Andrea: Some girls at the school are convinced that you’re together…
Mariah: They’re wrong. We’re not.

*Knock knock*

Speaking of the sun…

Justin: Mariah are you ready to go?
Mariah: Yeah sure. See you in minute Andrea!
Justin: Was it Andrea on the phone?
Mariah: Yeah. By the way she likes the dress
Justin: She’s not the one wearing it though…  Anyways we gotta get going

Justin pulls me closer by my hips and bended his head down until his forehead touched mine. He slowly turned his face and bended his head further down until his lips found mine. I couldn’t help but kiss Justin back even though…

Pull out of the kiss…
This is wrong…
He’s your best friend! Not your boyfriend…
Stop it, he’ll never be yours…
He’s playing you…
He didn’t mean anything…
He hurted you…
Get yourself together Mariah! Wake up…
What makes you think he wants you?..
Give it up already…
You had your chance but you blew it and ran away…
He’s just trying to get over Selena…

Even though my subconscious was talking loudly inside my head, telling me why I should pull away. No matter how much I wanted to end the kiss, and end every thought I ever had about me and Justin being together, my heart just wouldn’t let me leave. Trust me! I try and try but my obsession won’t let me leave. When Justin “finally” pulls his lips away from mine he takes my hand and pull me out of the hotel room and close the door. He puts the keycard to my room in his pocket and tells me better hold it for me so I don’t lose it somewhere in the club. Fredo, Cody and Ryan were waiting in the car when we got there and their eyes flew wide open when they saw me there in the tight short dress with my perfectly straight hair and my heels. I got in the car and sat on the backseat of the van we were driving in when I say Cody whispering in Fredo’s ear out of the corner of my eye. I felt eyes on the all the time until the car started driving and the boys started talking about a bunch of stuff. I didn’t really bother to listen to what they said cause I knew they were talking about getting wasted, again. Not Cody though, he’s too young. The only thing I can of is what is going to happen tonight, drunk people and music everywhere. Justin’s old friends just as new friends. Half part of them will probably recognize me and start asking me questions about why I left and blah, blah, blah…

In the middle of my thinking I feel a hand on the bottom part of my thigh but I don’t care finding out whose hand it is right now, too much thinking is going on in my head when I hear a whisper in my ear

Justin: Baby, why are you not saying anything?

His hoarse whisper fills my ear like a symphony and I just feel like asking him to keep talking.

Mariah: Don’t have anything to say…
Justin: Let me give you something to talk about then

Justin started licking my earlobe and kissing my neck while nobody else was watching as he moved his hand further up my thigh. Uh-uh Bieber, no! I placed my hand on his and turned my head towards him which made him stop his little flirty games

Mariah: Justin, no.
Justin: Aw baby come on, just a little kiss?
Mariah: I think you can find plenty of other girls who would like to kiss you
Justin: You don’t want to kiss me?

I quickly pecked Justin’s lips and started whispering in his ear

Mariah: There you have your kiss sir.

I kissed his cheek and pulled my face away from his. Oh yeah I definitely chose to tease Justin tonight. It’s his birthday and he’s not going to get what he wants. I’ll be going from wanting him like crazy to avoiding him all night long, I’ll drive him crazy. For once in my life, I actually feel like letting go and just have fun. When we arrive at the night club, plenty of paparazzi are waiting for us to get out of the car. The door is opened at the lights start flashing like crazy. The cameras er everywhere and everyone are fighting to get a picture of Justin but he covers his face with his hands and the sand colored cardigan he’s wearing. When we finally get through the paparazzi crowd and inside the club everyone is in there. It doesn’t take Andrea one second to recognize me, or rather Justin.

Andrea: MARIAH!!!!!
Mariah: Andrea! Oh my god I missed you so much!

She hugs me tightly and she asks me where Justin is, cause she wants to say happy birthday to him of course. I point in the direction of Justin and she pulls me with her towards him. I introduce Andrea to Justin when we reach him and he’s just standing there smiling with a glass of Champaign in his hand. He asks me and Andrea if we would like some Champaign; of course Andrea is too star struck to say anything so I just say yes for both me and her. When Justin returns with our Champaign he places his left hand around my waist and pull me a little closer to him

Mariah: Cheers! And happy birthday Justin!
Andrea: Happy birthday!
Justin: Thanks girls

We take a sip of the Champaign and Justin kisses my cheek. He turned around to face Fredo and let go of my waist. Andrea is pretty much freaking out right now and she’s in full party mode! So we finish our Champaign and head to the dance floor. Right now the song Fuck U betta by Neon Hitch is blasting through the speakers and me and Andrea instantly start moving our bodies to the rhythm of the song. The dance floor is full and me and Andrea are about in the middle of it. How in the world do Justin know all these people? I start to think that he just invited random people from the streets. When the song stops Justin gets up on the “scene” where his DJ Tay, has all his things and where he decides what songs are playing. Justin grabs the mike and he’s just about to say something when Ryan, his swagger coach pushes him down from the stage, and starts his speech

Ryan: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear- No not really I can’t sing so. Justin, today you’re a man! I hope you have a great night with all your friends! BRING THE CAKE IN!

Ryan points towards a door where too cooks come out with a huge beautiful cake. It crisp white and there’s a Justin Bieber barbie doll on it, dressed in white and then the actual cake is the wings that Justin goes on stage for the believe tour with. It’s beautiful. When Justin cut out a piece for himself and the rest of the guests around him, not including me cause Justin has this thing that he always has to smash the cake in my face, and I don’t have time or profits for that right now.

Andrea: Are you sure you don’t want any cake?
Mariah: Yes. Justin will just smash it all over my face!
Andrea: No he won’t!
Mariah: Yes, he will! Trust me!
Justin: Who will do what?

Of course Justin has to sneak in on me and Andrea and give me a heart attack. Oh god, he has a piece of cake in his hand, oh no.

Mariah: Justin, get that piece of cake away from me!
Justin: Oh c’mon, I’m not even allowed to eat my birthday cake anymore?
Mariah: I know you Justin, and you’re not going to eat it!
Justin: Tonight, I actually am. You want some?
Mariah: No thank you!
Andrea: C’mon Mariah! Just have some cake and have fun!
Justin: Andrea is right, have some.
Mariah: Alright, but only a little bit!

Justin takes his fork and get some cake on to it and put it in my mouth. The cake tastes like heaven! I don’t know what the hell is in it, but it’s good. Really good.

Justin: So?
Mariah: It tastes amazing!
Justin: You’ve got some cake right there

Justin lifts his hand to my face and runs his thumb across my lower lip to remove some cake from my face. He winks at me and then turn around and walk towards Fredo who seems to have bought all the alcohol in the bar at the club, oh dear in 30 minutes those two will more than completely wasted. Me and Andrea heads back to the dance floor where we came from and just freak out moving our bodies to the music.

About an hour later me and Andrea are in the middle of a break cause we’ve been dancing so much. Right now we’re just drinking mojito’s and talk by one of the tables in here. I don’t understand how some of these people can just keep dancing! I seem to have lost all my energy and feel like going home when…


I hear the sound of Justin’s new single Lolly blast through the speakers. We head to the dance floor in an instant and start dancing as if we were going to die tomorrow. In the middle of me and Andrea’s dancing I feel a set of hands on my waist and a hoarse halfway drunken whisper in my ear that sings along to the lyrics

Justin: She says she love my lolly, she love my lollipop

And then a couple of seconds later Justin’s part starts. He whispers the whole thing in my ear while we dance.  Don’t know how I manage to not turn around and drag him towards some sort of room cause he is just that sexy but something holds me back from doing it, maybe the fact that he’s still my best friend. Justin still has his hands on my hips as he pulls me backwards, closer to him. Now if I can possibly get any closer to him it has to be if you take my clothes off me that’s how close Justin is holding me right now. Wait a second, where is Andrea?

Mariah: Justin I’ll be back in a minute I have to find Andrea!
Justin: No baby, don’t go. She’s fine
Mariah: How do you know?
Justin: She’s sitting on that couch with Ryan

He pointed towards a couch where truly, Andrea was talking to Ryan you know Justin’s best friend Ryan, not Ryan Good. Justin turns me around and smashes his lips onto mine and his tongue forces my lips apart. The passionate kiss is driving me crazy. A part of me knows that Justin really has feelings for me, but another part of me still hates him for hurting me 2 years ago. He pulls his lips off mine and places them right next to my ear where he gently starts biting my earlobe and whispers in my ear

Justin: We should leave this party baby…
Mariah: For what reason would you leave your own party?
Justin: To go home and cuddle with you baby.
Mariah: Justin you’re such a flirt…
Justin: I know, so come with me
Mariah: You’re drunk.
Justin: No I’m not. By the way, it wasn’t a question.

With that Justin carried me up off the dance floor and pushed through all the drunken people. He walked over to Alfredo to tell him that we were going home because I was tired. He’s really good at excuses; I’m not tired at all, but what so ever. When Justin went outside the paparazzi was still there and the lights started flashing again and all the questions filled my ears

Are you guys dating?
Justin is that your girlfriend?
Is that Mariah Johnson?
Justin why are you carrying her?
Is it true that you guys hooked up 3 days ago?
Is she pregnant?

All those questions. I don’t know how Justin handles this every day. I really don’t. Justin get me in the car, his own actually but he has so many so I don’t even bother finding out which one it is. He enters the driver’s seat and start the car so he can drive away, but some stupid ass paparazzi guy steps up in front of the car so Justin is about an inch away from him, he could’ve run him over! The paparazzi start hitting the car and yell a bunch of shit after Justin while the lights are still flashing. Justin rolls the window down to tell him to move and when he does the nastiest things are being said to him

Why are you even famous?
You don’t have any talent.
The beliebers are only with you because they feel sorry.
You’re an idiot.
Justin you’re ugly.

None of the statements seem to touch him, he just continues to ask the guy to move until…

Paparazzi: You can’t even drive a fucking car. You’re ugly and so are your siblings and the rest of your family!

Justin stops dead in his track. He rolls the window back up and Justin stare at the steering wheel in the car while the lights flash. Due to all the lights it’s almost impossible to see anything clearly. I crawl halfway across the car to wrap my arm around Justin when I notice that several tears are streaming down his face only followed by more tears. Alright that’s it. I get out of the car and all the papz start taking pictures of me as I walk towards the paparazzi who said that to Justin.

Mariah: Excuse me, that did you say to him?
Papz: His siblings are ugly. And so are you so slutty bitch.

Bad idea sir.

Mariah: Alright listen up you little piece of fat crap. You don’t motherfucking ever say anything like that to Justin again or I will personally shove your camera up your freaking fat ass and shove somebody else’s camera down your throat understood?! You fucking ruin lives you piece of crap! I should slap you so hard right now, but I won’t, cause my hand is way too fabulous to touch your face. Now leave Justin the fuck alone, leave his beliebers alone and get yourself a life.

I got back in the car and told Justin to drive away.

Justin stopped the car somewhere near a park and pulled to the side. He buried his face in his hands and started crying again. It was like having a knife through my heart to see him cry. I crawled across the car again and removed Justin’s hands from his face and allowed myself access to sit on Justin’s lap while facing him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me as he tightened his grip around me and let his tears fall down while he listened to my heartbeat. I kissed his hair and started running my fingers up and down his neck

Mariah: It’s alright Justin. It’s alright…  


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