Falling for you | Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber looks through some old photos to find some picture of his old best friend Mariah Johnson. She left him and their friendship behind when he started dating Selena Gomez; there you see what love what ruin. When Justin's tour goes to Miami he meets Mariah again, who pretends she doesn't know him, but admits at last. Mariah's old feelings for Justin starts growing again and he feels the same for her. So what happens when Selena chooses to come back to Justin and Mariah has to tell to choose?


18. Just a dream



Alfredo: Justin, Justin wake up man.. Justin?

I woke up in a instant and searched around in the room to find my lovely Mariah, but she was no whereto be found. I don't understand, she was here..

Justin: Aw man... She was right here...
Alfredo: Who?
Justin: Mariah... I had a dream that she was my one less lonely girl, but it just seemed so real bro. Alfredo: Aye Justin, she's not coming back if you're just going to sit here and pretend she is.

Alfredo was right, sitting here waiting for her wouldn't get her back in my arms, but I tried calling her and she doesn't want to talk to me at all. Just as I sat there in my own regret and miserableness, my phone started ringing. I recognized the caller ID in no time and picked up the phone quickly.

Justin: Mariah, I'm so sorry just ple-
Mariah: Cut it out Justin. Delete the video from instagram, I don't want your beliebers to see how miserable you are, especially not when they blame me for putting you through all this. I'm not a part of your life anymore Justin, you threw me out, remember? And I know that now you beg me to come back, but this was the last chance Justin, and you blew it. Yeah I saw that you realized that what happened wasn't my fault, but I couldn't care less right now, as I said, I'm not a part of your life anymore.
Justin: You could be a part of again...
Mariah: No Justin, no I couldn't cause... I... I don't have any feelings for you anymore.

A tear slowly rolled down my cheek. She sounded so sincere in her words, I couldn't do anything but try so hard not to believe her, but it was so hard when she seemed to say it so easily. I looked down at my phone, the screen had turned black after I hung up, and I could see my own tear stained face in the reflection of the glass. I actually hurt, to see what she had done to me. I used to be ignoring feelings like these but she just had a such influence on me and my life that she burned into my heart and left scars when she left. I layed back down in the bed and pulled the covers over me as the tears started streaming down my face one by one. The hotel room door opened and closed slowly as Alfredo left the room to let me be by myself, which was certainly the only thing I needed right now, to be alone in my own misery while the girl I loved would probably be walking around surrounded by guys who probably thought that they could treat her better than I could...

and then it hit me. I had to prove them wrong, I had to prove her wrong, I had to prove the world wrong and show them that falling for Mariah was the best thing I had ever done. I was going to show her that she could be safe with me but that I needed another chance with her. I hurt her too many times, and I was going to make it up to her, whether she wanted me to or not.



Andrea: Come on Mariah you can't sit in your car all day long...

Oh you bet I can.

I had decided to go back to school and live normally, but unfortunately it wasn't quite like I expected when I walked in, cause everybody knew that I was the ex girlfriend of Justin Bieber, so of course they kept asking me questions about him and all the popular girls suddenly wanted to hang out with me.

Of course the over bitch was the worst one. Tiffany. I know, real bitch name. So yeah, everybody wanted a piece of the Biebz and the only way they could get that, was to get a piece of me...

Tiffany: Mariah, I really hope you are okay I mean being dumped by the worlds biggest star in front of the world... Ouch.

She hovered with every single pitch of her voice to try to break my in the middle of the school. We had our fights, me and Tiffany, and up to now, she had always won, but it was about to change.

Mariah: Yeah, that hurt a lot, except that wasn't what happened.
Tiffany: What happened then Mariah, tell us.
Mariah: That's not your business. Justin's life and what happened between me and Justin is never ever going to be a part of your ever lasting knowledge.

I turned my back at the crow who was still dumbstruck by my answer. I had never been strong enough to be independent but if there was one thing that fame had told me, then it was that you can't trust nobody except for those who had been there from the very beginning, and with some information, not even those. I had never been confident, but when it came tome and Justin's privacy, I had to stand with my head held high. I had learned to be strong from the fame that hunted Justin and I everyday and I had become a lot more mysterious, even Andrea had told me that she didn't feel like she knew me any longer and I'm sorry to admit it, but she probably didn't know me anymore...

About 3 days ago, I told Justin that I n longer had feelings for him... That was the biggest lie I had ever told anyone and it actually surprised me that I was able to sound that confident. My brain wanted to tell him that I was over him, that I didn't love him anymore while my heart wanted to tell him how much I missed him and how much I loved him... How much I wanted him back, but I couldn't do that to myself.

Since my mom didn't know I was home yet, she got quite a heart attack when I opened the front door and tumbled through it and threw my bag on the floor.

Laura (mom): Honey? What are you doing home? I thought you were on tour with Justin?
Mariah: Mom, how come you as the only person on earth don't watch the news?
Laura: I just haven't had time, what happened honey?
Mariah: I don't want to talk about it...

I dragged my hurt body and my empty heart into the kitchen where my mom stood with open arms to give me a hug, assuring me that everything was going to be okay as only a mom can do it.

The night passed by, me and my mom had ordered some pizza and we just sat in our PJ's in the living room on the couch and watched chick flicks. This was just something I did with my mom whenever either I was hurt or she was. We had this friendish kind of relationship, which many people didn't understand but that was just how we were. I turned to my mom and places my pizza back on the table, I had to tell her what happened between me and Justin.

Mariah: Mom?
Laura: Yes sweety?
Mariah: Me and Justin broke up...
Laura: Oh baby!

She pulled me into a tight hug and comforted me as my eyes started watering from the picture that started going through my head.

Mariah: Some boy forced me against the wall and kissed me, I tried to stop him but he was too strong and then Justin came out... He thought that I kissed him, and I tried to explain.. -

My voice cracked up. It was almost like I could hear Justin screaming and yelling at me again, telling me to go to hell and leave him alone. I started crying hard and remembered all the calls and voicemails I had gotten from Justin. A part of me regretted not picking up, another part of me regretted even wondering if I should pick up. It was about 3 days ago I talked to Justin, I missed his voice but I couldn't call him cause I knew where it would end if I did.

Laura: Go to sleep honey, stay home from school tomorrow and we'll do something together okay? We can stay home and bake some cookies an stuff all day if you want to, I know I'm on a diet but my daughter's happiness means more to me than my body does.

I nodded against her shoulder and dragged my sleepy body to bed after I had said goodnight to her. I think some time with my mom was just what I needed, we could spend the day talking about what had happened between me and Justin and what she had been doing here at home.

For some weird reason I grabbed my phone and my headphones, plugged them into my ears and started "Fairytale" by Justin and Jaden smith. I immediately changed my mind and started "Irreplaceable" by Beyoncé.

"So don't you ever for a second get to thinking, you're irreplaceable"


Mariah: MOM! Where is the chocolate?
Laura: In the fridge honey!
Mariah: Who puts chocolate in the fridge mom!

I started laughing hard at my mom. Nobody seriously puts chocolate in the fridge, but my mom has always been weird. me and my mom was about to bake some chocolate chip cookies, my favorite and she knew it. My mom looked out of the window in the kitchen, but I didn't really think further about it.

Laura: Honey can you go upstairs for a second just to see if the measuring cup is up there?
Mariah: uhm.. Sure?

I walked upstairs while I thought about why in the world the measuring cup would be doing up stairs. I also kept thinking about why she sounded so concerned about me being in the kitchen. I only opened the door to her bedroom before I heard the front door opened and stopped dead in my track to try to figure out who was there, but I couldn't hear anything of the conversation except for my mom's quiet mumbling. After searching through the rooms concluding that the measuring cup was not up here, I made my way slowly down the stairs and saw my mom closing the door with a bouquet of red roses in her hands, did she have a boyfriend that she didn't want me to know about?

Mariah: Mom? Who are they from?
Laura: There is no name on them honey...
Mariah: Weird...

Me and my mom started baking the cookies once again, but my mind was focused on the flowers. Who would send flowers for me and my mom anonymously? It just didn't make sense...

Laura: So.. If Justin asked for forgiveness, would you take him back?

I hesitated with my answer, cause I would but then again I wouldn't.

Mariah: Well... Maybe... Yes? No... I don't know mom
Laura: That's fine too I mean, you don't want to go back to a failure, do you?
Mariah: No, I don't but.. It would take every inch of the power in my body to reject him...
Laura: You love him, don't you?
Mariah: ... Yeah.... I still love him...

Putting the pressure on the "still" she instantly knew that I never stopped loving him, not even the first time I left him and pushed his presence away from me...

Laura: Oh crap. We don't have any milk... You know what honey, I'll just go to the grocery store and get some milk, okay?

I nodded and she kissed my cheek before she left. I turned around with my back facing the kitchen window and my front was facing the little island in the kitchen where the bouquet of flowers was standing in the vase. My eyes noticed something white in the middle of the bouquet, the edges of it was a golden color. These flowers had never been sent anonymously...

I walked towards them and pulled out the card to read it...

"Dear Mariah.
I know that you don't care about what I say and what I tell you, but I'm sorry. The reason that you left, the blame is on me and I know that for a fact. I know for a fact that I love you, and I know you used to love me back. I know your heart is not mine anymore, but I will do anything to get you back. If you'd let me inside of your world, there'll be one less lonely girl.. - Justin"

Quoting his own lyrics, how corny is that? Typical Justin to be old school corny when it comes to girls.

Laura: I'm back honey!

I put the card down in an instant and pretended that I never even knew it was there, maybe she'd mention it herself, or maybe not.


7pm at night and I was eating cookies with my mom in the living room when it knocked on the door once again and my mom went out to open it. I sat on the couch with my hands in my lap and my head down when someone sat at the other end of the couch, but it was not my mom

Laura: I'm going to Anna's house for the night, so you two can stay here and figure things out. don't mess up my house. You two love each other, so you should figure this out.

She left quickly and he scooted closer to me. He reached out nervously for my hand but I pulled it away and turned my head away from him, I couldn't see why we had to figure things out.

Justin: Mariah... Please...

He put his hand on my thigh and kissed my shoulder carefully. I felt a tear slide down my cheek and he removed it with his thumb when I finally looked at him. Hurt and regret was everywhere in his face and his eyes was watery and red, I could tell he had been crying minutes before he went over here. I slowly lifted my hand and placed it on his cheek as he closed his eyes and put his hand over mine to make sure I wouldn't move it. he started crying softly and sobbed a little too. I felt like my heart was breaking. Never in my life had I seen him like this, and the fact that it was all my fault made it worse.

Justin: Please baby...

There was certain beg in his voice that was too much for me to handle. he made it sound like he would die without me, and I couldn't quite handle that.

Mariah: Stop crying Justin.. Please...
Justin: Kiss me.
Mariah: Justi-
Justin: Kiss me now or I will kiss you.

I didn't get to say another words before he cupped my face in his hands and smacked his lips onto mine. I'd be lying if I say I hadn't been missing his eager kisses, but he was so rough and he wouldn't let me breathe, so I pushed his face away from mine and he instantly looked scared.

Mariah: I have to breathe you know...

He carefully kissed me again and smiled into the kiss. I grabbed his shirt and layed down on the couch, pulled him on top of me and wrapped my legs around him. I wanted him, and I could tell he wanted my too, so I started kissing his neck and he breathed heavily while he pressed his body against mine.


Oh lord, what is about to happen?
Will Mariah and Justin get back together?
What will the beliebers say if they do? Uh oh...


So guys, I hope you liked this! This story... is..... coming to an end...

BUT!!!! I have something new and fresh coming up for you guys, so stay tuned to this story for even more information about my little "new and fresh" cause you never know what it can be!

Hugs and kisses, I love you! Don't forget to type a comment, like, favorite and become a fan because it would mean the world to me!

- Me <3

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