Falling for you | Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber looks through some old photos to find some picture of his old best friend Mariah Johnson. She left him and their friendship behind when he started dating Selena Gomez; there you see what love what ruin. When Justin's tour goes to Miami he meets Mariah again, who pretends she doesn't know him, but admits at last. Mariah's old feelings for Justin starts growing again and he feels the same for her. So what happens when Selena chooses to come back to Justin and Mariah has to tell to choose?


11. Jelena/Jariah


Selena: Hey Justin…
Justin: Selly?
Selena: Yeah…
Justin: It’s really you!

I walked towards her to hug her and lift her off of the ground. It was like the moment I saw her all my feelings for her came back. Not that I wanted them to but I just couldn’t help it. She held on to me tight as I spun her around and she giggled. It felt like I had hugged her for hours, a feeling I had been longing to feel since she left me. While Mariah went to the bathroom I asked Selena if she would like to go have dinner with me and Mariah, she said yes and I was beyond happy.


Justin seemed very happy that I brought him Selena. The spark he used to have in his eyes had returned. I came out of the bathroom and Justin and Selena was talking, something about dinner.

Justin: Mariah! Selena is having dinner with us tonight! Isn’t that great?

Yeah it was great. More than great! Justin was happy, the spark in his eyes was back but still I just didn’t feel the excitement. I really wanted to go have dinner with Justin, more than anything and I had been looking forward to today, but now that Justin asked Selena to go with us, my heart dropped. I don’t know why I mean my love for Justin had disappeared right? Or had it?

Mariah: Oh that’s amazing, but you know what I actually don’t feel well so you two can go alone…

Okay I lied. But only a little bit? Okay a lot. I totally lied. I lied to Justin and Selena cause I felt perfectly fine, more than that, I had actually never felt better. Justin looked at me weirdly and so did Selena. She chose to state that I had been feeling fine all day, but I shrugged it off and told her that maybe I was some kind of allergic to the detergent they used at the hotel cause I was feeling really dizzy. Lies, lies, lies. But they sucked it all up. About half an hour later Selena and Justin left and once again I was sitting in my room, alone. I felt like I had a stone in my heart, or maybe a knife would be a better description? No, the stone is fine for now.

I went out on the balcony to look at the beautiful night sky that Justin had shown me several times, but it was like something was missing. My favorite star of them all, the only one of them who wasn’t in the sky. It was the star who was usually standing behind me when I was out here with his arms around me. I wrapped my arms around myself and started to feel lonely. Doubt filled my heart as I thought of Justin and Selena. I thought everything would get better if Justin got Selena back in his life? Well he does seem to feel better, but me? What about me? I feel like I’m hurt. Again.

I heard my phone inside the hotel room so I walked in and picked it up. When I looked at the clock I realized that I had been standing out there alone for 2 hours. My phone had been saying sounds because Justin tweeted me… Oh god…

@Justinbieber: Thank you @MariahJohnson for bringing me back my boo. #Thankfull #Blessed.

Beneath the tweet there was a picture of Justin and Selena. On the picture he was kissing her cheek and I felt like someone was holding a gun towards my forehead. What in the holy world have I done to myself.

I threw my phone across the room and it probably broke but I didn’t care. I was hurt, sad, angry. No I was furious. But it was my own fault. I had got myself into this. I should’ve never said yes to go with Justin on this tour. I knew I would fall in love with him again. But wait? He did tell me that he loves me, but now this? What was that all about? Getting into my - Oh hell no!

If I wasn’t furious before I was now. I actually considered packing up and leave, but I couldn’t. I had promised Justin to stay and never leave him no matter what. But I can’t believe that he told me he loved me and treated me like a princess only to forget about me when Selena was back in the picture. It’s not her fault, but I should’ve known that her presence would make him forget about me, ignore me. Only give her love and only smile when he’s around her. I should’ve known that, and I can’t do anything about it cause at the end of the day he will always just love her more.

I had no idea how to handle this. I couldn’t call Andrea and tell her about it, I just couldn’t cause she would freak out, get on a plane and fly here only to beat the crap out of him and shoot her. I had lost my mind. I didn’t know what I was doing but I had to find a way to make this unbearable pain go away. I looked out to the bathroom and saw that the lights was still on, carefully I walked out there and started rushing the drawers and cabinets open to try to find something, I don’t know what but something. I opened the cabinet above the sink and found some pills, don’t know what the hell it was. I read on the package of the pills and it said Donormyl. I know what this is, its sleeping pills. I took a bunch of them and swallowed them without looking at the warnings and within a few minutes everything turned black.


Fredo: MARIAH! Mariah open the door!  

I heard Alfredo knock and go crazy on my door while he was screaming and shouting something I actually didn’t hear. I stood up and I was still dizzy from the sleeping pills. I opened the door and Alfredo rushed inside my room and starting talking about why it took me so long to open the god damn door and that he thought something happened to me. I was disorientated and didn’t know what was going on and I was tired at the same time. Fredo kept talking to me while he held me up, cause he could see that I was dizzy and that I’d fall if he didn’t hold on to me. He kept screaming and shouting up in my face and I just about had had enough…

Mariah: Fredo shut the fuck up! I’m alright! See?!
Fredo: You’re dizzy! You slept for 16 hours! What happened?
Mariah: Nothing happened!
Fredo: You never sleep for more than 9 hours?
Mariah: And so?

Fredo rolled his eyes at me but I didn’t care as long as he would stop yelling at me.

Mariah: Where’s Justin?
Fredo: With Selena…

Alfredo didn’t look happy by the thought of Justin being with Selena. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that Selena and Justin were happy and that they might end up together again, but that he was so freaking afraid that I would leave again cause me and Fredo had an amazing friendship and me and Justin had as well. He told me that Justin would get a stressed out nervous breakdown if I left again. But I had promised that I’d stay, so I would! Wouldn’t I?

A couple of minutes later I heard Selena’s laughter in the hall way outside the room, and Justin as well. I rushed to the bathroom where I quickly threw some water in my face cause I was afraid that they would come in here. And they did.

Justin: Fredo? Hey where’s Mariah? Can you tell her to get in my room, like now?

Shit? Now what? Why would he wanna talk to me? I came out of the bathroom and Fredo knew that I had heard what Justin said so I just quickly went out and knocked on Justin’s door. Justin opened the door and hugged me, Selena did the same. Justin took a few steps back from me and put his arm around Selena, what the hell? Justin kept smiling at me like he was waiting for me to say something, but what? I didn’t even have anything to say…

Justin: So?
Mariah: What?
Justin: Selena and I are back together! Isn’t it great?

He looked at her and she kissed his lips. That’s when the knife was pushed through my heart. I just fake smiled and tried to hold my tears back while I told them about how perfect it was for them to finally be together again and how happy I felt for them, when really all I felt was emptiness. They kept hugging and kissing each other like I wasn’t even there and I silently walked out of the room with tears in my eyes. As I closed the door to my own room behind me and realized that Alfredo was no longer here, the tears started flowing down my cheeks like never before. If I thought it hurt the first time, then I should’ve known that the second time would be worse. I went on to twitter and saw a lot of tweets about me, Justin and Selena

@4evahbeliebuuur769: @justinbieber I hope you realize that you’re hurting her again…

@PrayForAvalanna00: Oh crap. Jelena is on again, what about Jariah? Huh?...

@IamthatgirlJustin: I support #Jelena, but @justinbieber, @mariahjohnson is not gonna come running back if she leaves again… #Justsaying.

@BiebersgirluntilIdie1256: Jelena? What?! I thought Jariah was next?... #confusedmuch

I kind of smiled at some of the tweets but again tears started flowing down my cheeks. The beliebers had given me and Justin our own celebrity couple name? I guess so, Jariah… I decided to tweet something out to the beliebers to get their confusion away, I knew this tweet would hurt, but I had to do it.

@mariahjohnson: I see your tweeta about “Jariah”, haha. Whoever came up with that is funny. Me and Justin will never be together, we’re just friends. #supportJelena

I got a lot of replies and RT’s, and my Direct Messages on twitter went crazy as well. One message thought caught my sight and made all the others blurry…

You knew it’d end like this didn’t you?

She was right whoever she was. I did know that this would happen…

Yes, I did. But I thought maybe I could handle it this time… I was wrong…

Not many moments after I replied to her, I noticed that she was tagged me in one of her tweets.

@SupportMariahJohnson: @justinbieber I thought you said she meant everything to you & now this?

The tweet literally made me cry my eyes out, and I guess Justin must’ve seen it since I heard a loud knock on my door and Justin’s voice outside. He told me to open the door, but I ignored him and went out of the balcony to study the beautiful sight of London while the sun was going down. I closed the balcony door behind me so I wouldn’t have to listen to Justin banging on the door and tell me to open it. Justin finally stopped begging me to open the door and seconds later I heard the balcony door in Justin’s suite open. I hid behind the curtains on the outside of the balcony and I could hear Justin talking to Selena about how sorry he was if I was hurt, cause I seemed hurt. He told her that he felt bad for hurting me. She kept asking him if he had feelings for me and I just waited for his answer to either hit her or me like brick being thrown at your face…

Justin: … No…

I got hit with the brick. The tears streamed down my face and I realized that I actually did love him. I decided to find a way to get this out of my head, but to start out with I just wanted to shrug this whole thing off. I recovered myself by putting on some makeup and make me look absolutely like nothing was wrong, I had chosen not to go see Justin perform today and since it was already pretty late and Justin was late for his show, I headed straight to the club where Tay’s after party was held. The after party hadn’t even started yet but the club was full and people were drunk all over the place. I headed straight to the bar in my sorrow not giving 3 fucks about anyone’s opinion or comments about me being Justin Bieber’s best friend and why I wasn’t at the arena to him perform.

Mariah: Just give me something please…

That was all I managed to tell the bartender and she quickly made me a mojito. I thanked her and we started talking. I didn’t tell her anything about who I was since she didn’t seem to know I just told her what I was doing there. I made her make me plenty of mojitos and other drinks through the hours until I finally decided to leave since I knew it was about time that Justin and the rest of the crew would arrive. I stumbled all drunk through the doors and down the street. I couldn’t really help stumbling a little bit around and I fell to the ground somewhere in a dead end where no one could see me and I started crying. First time ever that I’m drunk on my own and I feel like this. As I sat on the ground crying I felt a hand on my shoulder and someone saying my name in a hurt way, but it wasn’t Justin. I turned my head up to see Fredo standing there, obviously they had been walking straight pass the dead end and he was the only one to notice me. He lifted me off the ground while I cried and he carried me home. When we got to hotel and he got me inside my suite, he placed me on the bed and I was still crying. I could tell he was hurted by seeing me like this. He sat down in the bed and let his hand stroke my hair.

Fredo: Mariah, how drunk are you on a scale 1-10?
Mariah: About 6… Most of it is just sorrow…
Fredo: Do you wanna talk about it?
Mariah: No. I just wanna lie here and die…
Fredo: You’re not dying.
Mariah: No, but I want to…
Fredo: Why didn’t you tell him how you feel?
Mariah: I did… And he felt the same. Until I brought Selena…

Fredo left me alone in my suite so I just get my thoughts together and I fell asleep.


2 months. 2 freaking crappy months, that’s for how long I have been feeling like this now. The boy I love is loving another girl again, the same girl as last time. I’m only staying here because I need Justin in my life. But every time they kiss, every time they hug, just when they touch each other my heart drops. I have become a world champion in faking smiles. Right now we’re in Norway and tomorrow night is the last out of 3 shows here and then we’re heading to this small country, Denmark I think.

Anyways back to “Jelena”. They were driving me crazy with all their lovely dovely crap. And yes I know I’m only calling it crap because I’m hurt. I just want to be her. I sit in my room every night and cry while I look at the stars and try to remind myself of the fact that Justin is happy. I have been taking quite a few overdoses of different types of pills as well just to calm my feelings. I was really close to start cutting one night in Germany, but I didn’t do it.


Do you know the feeling of being completely happy, just with the wrong person?

Yeah I know what you think, don’t mess Jelena up Justin… Well I love Selena, no doubt I really do. But something happened one night and I just can’t seem to live with myself. I had finally got myself together to talk to Mariah about me and Selena but she seemed so distant. I could see the tears flow in her eyes as she tried to tell me that she was fine with it. I wanted to wrap my arms around her and hold her tight, but I knew that I couldn’t. I just sat there and stared out in the white air as I felt her lips on my cheek and one of her tears touched my face

Mariah: I love you Justin. You know that… And I thought you loved me too, but I guess not.

And then she left.

Ever since that night, every time I have kissed Selena I’ve been seeing Mariah in front of my eyes and I’ve been imagining her lips. It was like I only loved Selena when I imagined her being Mariah.

Selena: Are you ready babe?
Justin: Yeah I’ll be right there…

Me and Selena was heading to a restaurant here in Norway since it was our last day here, okay we had tomorrow as well, but that was show day. I had picked out some really fancy restaurant cause I just love to impress and trust me Selena seemed quite impressed when she saw the restaurant, good job Bieber. We got inside at got our table, I had made sure that we’d get high class dinner as always and I had even got us some wine. The wine came in fast and Selena raised her glass up.

Selena: Cheers baby, for a fantastic relationship which will last forever!

I was almost choked in my own breath as she spoke the words. I can’t do this. I know I can’t I don’t love her, yes I do but I love Mariah more! Justin don’t leave her like this… But if I don’t leave her now, when will I? I won’t. I’m so sorry about this Selena…

Justin: Selena?
Selena: Yeah baby?
Justin: I’m sorry but… It’s over, I can’t do this!

She didn’t even get to say a word before I rushed out of the restaurant and texted her to get a flight home. I rushed to my car and drove back to the hotel as fast as I could. When I got there I just stopped the car in the middle of everything and ran through the lobby, the hall ways and stopped in front of Mariah’s door. Without thinking I just opened it and rushed in. She was on the balcony just like she’d always be in London and I rushed towards her. She turned around immediately and I cupped her face in my hands and smacked my lips onto hers. She tried to push me away but I wrapped my arms around her and kept kissing her until she relaxed. I pulled my lips of hers but kept our foreheads in touch. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me quickly in confusion.

Mariah: Justin, what are you doing?
Justin: I messed up. I’m sorry. Me and Selena are over…

She pushed me off her in an instant and looked even more hurt than before…

Mariah: So you come running back to me because Selena dumped you?!
Justin: No Mari-
Mariah: I’m not playing your games Justin!
Justin: Ma-
Mariah: Just cut it out! Gosh you’re so stupid! Idiot!

She immediately calmed down and I stepped closer to her and started rubbing the back of my neck with my left hand

Justin: I love you Mariah…

I looked to the floor and closed my eyes but instantly felt a smooth pair of lips on mine. She kissed me passionately and wrapped her arms around my neck again. I starting carrying her and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I walked inside and placed her on the bed, myself on top of her while I kept kissing her and ran my fingers through her hair. I rolled over so she was on top and I pushed a piece of hair behind her ear as she looked directly into my eyes with sincere love.

Now’s the time, this is it.

Justin: Mariah, will you be my girlfriend?

She kissed me and said yes. Now normally any other couple would’ve gone way too far, but me I pulled out my phone and went on twitter to do nothing but “fangirling”

@Justinbieber: I broke up with Selena to get the girl of my dreams. Don’t hate me…

My beliebers knows me way too well, and I think something alike every mention I got said “Jaria”.

Me and Mariah just lied there in her bed and within no time, she had fallen asleep with her head on my chest. My little angel

@Justinbieber: @mariahjohnson I love you with all my heart. Goodnight my love 




So, Jelena? Jariah? Seems to me like Jelena is out and Jariah is in! 

Btw all the twitter names are just someone I made up, so if they actually exist then i'm sorry i guess for usin them without permission! 

So, what do you think about Jariah? 

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