Falling for you | Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber looks through some old photos to find some picture of his old best friend Mariah Johnson. She left him and their friendship behind when he started dating Selena Gomez; there you see what love what ruin. When Justin's tour goes to Miami he meets Mariah again, who pretends she doesn't know him, but admits at last. Mariah's old feelings for Justin starts growing again and he feels the same for her. So what happens when Selena chooses to come back to Justin and Mariah has to tell to choose?


12. I need a moment


Alfredo: Ew Justin! I didn’t need to know that!

Why do I have a feeling I don’t want to know what that was about?

Anyways I just continued through the airport walking behind Justin and Fredo. There was a lot of lights flashing everywhere and I had got pretty used to it by now, after all I had been through this before I just chose to escape. Or something. Anyways we had to get going cause Justin has a show tomorrow in this tiny country named Denmark. I’m so stupid I thought it was the capital of Sweden until Justin told me otherwise. I can Justin and Fredo talking about something, but to judge from Fredo’s facial expressions, it’s not a conversation I want to be in…

Alfredo: JUSTIN!
Justin: Shhhhh!

Justin started laughing really hard and I was getting more curious about their conversation, but I know it would be best to just stay out of it. I have been texting Selena all day, just to make sure she’s okay after what happened last night. She tells me she’s okay, but writes on twitter that she’s not, so I’m confused? Maybe I should just forget about it and leave her alone?

Justin: Baby are you okay?

Oh gosh.  The sweet sound of finally hearing Justin call me baby and know that he’s mine is just making me smile. I feel like I have been waiting for so long to have this feeling, but really it’s just a couple of weeks cause like, I got over him didn’t I?

Mariah: I’m fine baby, just stuck in my own world…
Justin: Well we have to get on the plane baby
Mariah: I know, I’m coming.

Justin took my hand in his and we started walking towards the plane. As we were about to board the plane, there was this really mysterious man on the plane, but he was a part of the staff so I guess it was alright?

There was something really creepy about this man though. The way he looked at Justin as if he was going to try to kill him sometime soon scared the hell out of me. I didn’t know what there was bout him but he was not going anywhere near me that for sure. He creeped me out. Justin as usual had got the whole plane to us and his crew so we wouldn’t have to deal with fans and psycho people as he calls them. Not that he has a problem with the fans, but when you’re constantly having hundreds of girls running after you, screaming your name, then you at least want to be alone when you’re flying all around the world.

Justin: Baby give me your luggage
Mariah: I don’t have any baby. I’ve got it all in my suitcase
Justin: Oh so it’s only me carrying bunches of stuff with me?
Mariah: Basically…

Justin put his luggage in the cabinet above our seats in the plane and sat down as he sighed exhaustedly. Finally he could get some rest, or at least one hour of rest. I sat down next to him and he immediately laid down with his head on my lap as I ran my fingers through his hair and he fell asleep, just like on the plane to New York. It was just so different finally being able to say that he’s boyfriend, kinda weird though cause I’ve always been used to saying that he’s my best friend. Speaking of best friends, maybe I should like try to contact Andrea later and tell her, so she won’t be blowing up my phone when she finds out.

I take a look around in the empty airplane when my eyes fall on the mysterious man standing in the doorway. He’s looking at me. Weirdly. Like is he going to kill me or something? Well he’s probably just weird.


When we first arrived at the hotel in Denmark, the fans was everywhere, so Justin immediately chose another hotel, called them up and booked an entire floor for us and the crew. I guess he didn’t want the girls to be running all over the place trying to find him.

The hotel was great. It was beautiful and modern and then it had a really nice view over the city we were staying in, Copenhagen.


Back in Denmark, after two years. Wow. This place is always so calm, I thought until I saw the group girls outside the hotel I wanted to stay in, obviously no chance for that. I watched Mariah as she walked around in the room and unpacked. Damn I was going to regret this so damn much, but I just had some things that needed to be done.

Justin: Baby? Can you just hand me my black hoodie?
Mariah: Sure baby, where are you going?
Justin: Just you know, see the town.
Mariah: Great! I’ll just stay here and unpack baby
Justin: Alright baby, see you later

I kissed her on the lips and left. I was actually quite happy she didn’t leave with me, cause she was so not supposed to know any of this. She would be so hurt, I mean I don’t want to hurt her, but I just can’t help it…

As I walked through the streets with my hoodie pulled all the way across my face and with my shades on, I was lucky enough to not be recognized by anyone. I was supposed to meet Alfredo here because he had some contacts who had given him some information about this place. As I saw Fredo I headed towards him, he was also wearing that black hoodie and shades. This was so perfectly planned. Fredo showed the way like a navigator when he put his hand on my shoulder and pointed towards a man who had a cigarette between his lips. He took it out when he saw us and walked towards us. I did not know his name, neither did Fredo.

Man: Alfredo?
Alfredo: Yeah that’s me
Man: Justin I assume?
Justin: Yeh..

His English was weird. I assume he must have been a dane, it was kinda clear in his accent. He handed Fredo the little package and I handed him the money, actually I gave him more money than he had asked for but, it didn’t really affect me so I just told him to keep it all.

Alfredo: Man, Mariah is going to hate you if she finds out…
Justin: I know man, but I can’t think about that right now.

Yeah I know she was going to hate me, so I’d have to find a way so she wouldn’t notice. I mean it would be easier for me to just stop but I can’t.

We got unnoticed through the streets and back to the hotel where fans had started to show up, how do they find me? Honestly? We went in through the back door to prevent everything from creating chaos. Yeah me and the boys was going to have a sick night tonight, but we had to get Mariah out first, gosh that one killed me. I felt the pain in my heart when nobody else than Lil’ Za came through the door.

Za: Aye man! Tonight will be off the hook!
Justin: Yeah it’ll be! But I have to get Mariah out of the hotel room first you know…
Za: Why don’t you just tell her man? Much easier?
Justin: Za! She will kill me! She will hate me! She’ll leave if she gets to know!
Za: Aw she thinks you’re an angel? She wrong as hell…
Justin: Shut the fuck up..
Za: Swearing and shit, you being tough though? I’m messing with you!
Justin: I know man


The night passed by and it started getting dark outside, when Allison walked by, great timing.

Justin: Hey Allison!
Allison: Yeah Justin?
Justin: Why don’t you take Mariah out for dinner you know? Have a girl talk?
Allison: No boys? Deal… I’ll find her.

Allison went to find Mariah and I headed back to our hotel room.


Allison: Mariah!
Mariah: Oh hey Allison, what’s up?

She just smiled at me and wrapped her arm around mine as she pulled me out of the hotel. She kept talking about this amazing idea Justin had got by letting us go get dinner, just me and Allison. It was actually a good idea.

We walked through the streets and tried to find a place where we’d actually eat some dinner. Allison fell in love with this pizza bar where you could eat all the pizza you wanted for about 20 dollars. Cheap right?
We walked inside and got a table for two. A girl in the restaurant recognized me and asked me where Justin was so I told her he was at the hotel and that he would probably stay there all night. That was actually the only time we got disturbed. We got up and took some pizza but not too much cause we could just take some more if we felt like. Allison looked at me with a look in her I didn’t understand, was anything wrong?

Allison: What do you think Justin is doing?
Mariah: I don’t know, chilling on twitter?
Allison: I don’t think so, he’s hanging out with Za, so?

Za, oh yeah he’s here as well. I can’t help but get a little nervous. Not that I don’t like Za, he’s amazing and funny! But I know his type of person, and he’s not afraid to try a thing or two, that’s what scares me.

Mariah: You’re probably right..
Allison: Yeah, but don’t worry about him, he can take care of himself!
Mariah: I know besides, he’s not a boy anymore, he’s a man now.

Okay maybe he’s not, but he’s not 16 anymore.

I got this weird feeling of something being completely wrong when I entered the hotel. The feeling became worse as I got in the elevator and I didn’t doubt a second that something was completely wrong. Allison felt me tense up in the elevator and tried to calm me down. I chose to let it slip and tried to think of something else since I didn’t want to ruin anything.

Allison and I stepped out of the elevator and went our separate ways because her room was in the other end of the floor. Za’s hotel room was about two rooms away from me and Justin’s so I’d have to pass the door to Za’s room before I could get to me and Justin’s. As I passed the door, and unfamiliar smell stroke me. The smell was some sort of sweet but still I couldn’t recognize it from anywhere. I stepped all close to the door and realized that the smell came from in there. Were they mixing perfumes or some?
I slowly opened the door and to be honest I was quite nervous about what I would see on the other side of the door, but all I saw was a weak light from the living room, everything else was kind of dark, actually a lot. The smell was a lot stronger in here and I heard talking in the living room. It didn’t take me a second to recognize Justin’s voice. I walked further into to the hotel room, knowing that I shouldn’t be doing this. Even though it felt wrong, and I was kinda sneaking around in there, my jaw just dropped and my body died as I looked into the living room and saw what was happening. There was my little angelic boyfriend, who was always so kind and so nice. Always so responsible, and he was smoking weed, with Za.

Justin didn’t see me at first, neither did Za…

Za: Oh well Bieber, I told you she wasn’t going to- MARIAH?!

I felt the tears pressing against my eyes as I saw Za turning his head and turning Justin’s head as well. When Justin looked at me a tear ran down my face and I turned around quickly to run to our own room.

Justin: Fuck… Mariah come back! Wait!

As the tears streamed down my face because of the sight of my boyfriend smoking weed I heard him yell after me, telling me to stop but I just couldn’t. I ran into our hotel room and locked the door not thinking about the fact that he actually had a key as well. I threw myself on the bed and cried my eyes out. After a few minutes the door flew up and slammed shot. I felt a strong pair of arms around my body as Justin started begging me to let him explain, but?

Mariah: Explain what Justin? That you smoke weed? Behind my back?

The tears streamed down my face and the sobs interrupted my speaking while I tried to sound as confident as possible, but all I sounded like was a nerve wreck, and I hated that. I buried my face back in the bed and Justin tightened his grip around me as he kissed my head.

Justin: I’m so sorry baby. I should’ve told you…
Mariah: You know what? Yes, you should! But you obviously don’t trust me!
Justin: I do! But I didn’t want to hurt you! I’m sorry baby!
Mariah: Because letting me find out myself doesn’t hurt Justin…
Justin: Listen I’m sorry baby I really am!

I just couldn’t answer him. Too many tears, thoughts and frustrations. He started running his fingers through my hair, and it was actually calming me down, but I was not supposed to be calmed down!

Justin: Please baby, stop crying... I’ll do anything…
Mariah: Stop smoking weed…
Justin: Baby-
Mariah: That’s what I thought…

Justin once against held me tighter and pressed his lips onto my cheek. I heard him slightly sobbing and a tear hit my cheek as be begged me to let him explain, so I did.

Justin: Baby I’m sorry. It’s just, the pressure it, it’s so hard and so much is happening right now. I need something to calm myself down and, I guess the weed was what I found…  I didn’t tell you cause I know you wouldn’t feel good about it, and I didn’t want you to worry about it all the time, I’m sorry baby…

His apology was making me weak. Making me want to forgive him for not telling me right away and just let him hold me, but I had to think clearly before doing anything stupid…

Mariah: I need a moment Justin…
Justin: It’s alright baby, can I have a kiss? Then I’ll be back in a minute?
Mariah: Sure…

I turned around and instantly I felt his hands on my cheeks as he pulled my face to his and gently let his lips cover mine. He slightly pressed his lips harder against mine, but not too much and then he let my lips and my face, go. With that, he walked through the door.

Outside the room I could hear him kicking the walls and swearing and cursing at himself. He was really disappointed, I could tell clearly. I heard a door opening and Za’s voice filled the hallways, he just forgot that the doors weren’t soundproof.

Za: Aye man you coming back in or what?
Justin: Hell no!
Za: Chill man…
Justin: No, you chill! You and your stupid weed Za, god dammit!
Za: Aye man you bought it!
Justin: So?! Listen if I’m losing her because of this I swear I’ll never talk to you again…
Za: So it’s my fault now? Okay… Alright. I’ll leave then.

Everything was quiet for a moment, but I know Justin good enough to know that when he’s quiet, it’s because he regrets something he just said.

Justin: No, Za I’m sorry… I just, can’t live without her… 


Okay guys this was chapter 12. 
I hope you enjoyed it! I'm sorry for the long wait but I have been busy with a bunch of stuff since the exams started, booorriing! I know it's not the best chapter, but I swear everything is about to get good, like really. Mariah is about to make a mistake! 


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