Falling for you | Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber looks through some old photos to find some picture of his old best friend Mariah Johnson. She left him and their friendship behind when he started dating Selena Gomez; there you see what love what ruin. When Justin's tour goes to Miami he meets Mariah again, who pretends she doesn't know him, but admits at last. Mariah's old feelings for Justin starts growing again and he feels the same for her. So what happens when Selena chooses to come back to Justin and Mariah has to tell to choose?


3. I can't do this to her again!


Oh my god, the alarm clock is already ringing? Like what time is it, 05.40am? Jesus! I almost forgot!

I rush out of my bed and head to Mariah’s house; I am supposed to pick her up in 20 minutes. When I reach her house and her mom opens the door, she tells me that Mariah is still asleep. I make my way to her room as memories from last night start playing inside my head like a video stuck on replay. I slowly open the door and there she is, she looks like an angel when she just lies there and sleep. Usually I would’ve have woken her up in a rush, but I don’t want to scare her. I sit on the edge of her bed while I run my fingers through her blond hair when her clear blue eyes suddenly are staring at me.

Mariah: Time to go?
Justin: Yeah, I know it’s early but…
Mariah: Please? Just 5 more minutes?
Justin: No Mariah, get up

I wink at her and she pulls herself up to sit in front of me in the bed. Her hand sends a warm feeling through my body as she touches my cheek and bites her lower lip. After last night I’ve found her lips irresistible. Yes I kissed her last night and it was probably a mistake cause I don’t want to ruin our friendship again, but I can’t help so I slowly lean forward to kiss her, unfortunately she pulls away. Damn.

Mariah: Justin no. I don’t want to lose our friendship because of this.
Justin: You’re right, I’m sorry Mariah.
Mariah: Don’t apologize, it’s alright.

Her hand is still on my cheek so I turn my head a slight bit and kiss the palm of her hand. I know it isn’t right, I know I shouldn’t do it but I just missed her so much.

We walk downstairs, Mariah says goodbye to her mom and we get out in the car. Of course I help her with her luggage, like a real best friend would do. In the car towards the hotel they start playing Taylor Swift’s song, trouble. Mariah obviously knows the song since she sings a lot with it. I know it’s weird but it just cuts like knife when she sings along and the song goes like: I knew you were trouble when you walked in, so shame on me now. I made her feel like she was nothing to me back then; I didn’t do anything except for talking about how much I liked Selena. I actually paid so much attention to Selena that I didn’t even realize that my best friend liked me.

When we finally reach the hotel we have to get right over in another car which is going to take us to the airport so we can go to New York.

Luckily the airport is quite empty by this time, so we won’t have any trouble getting through the gate. You know that’s one of the many downsides about being famous, you can’t go anywhere without someone following you everywhere or someone sticking their cameras all up in your face destroying your eyes with all those ridiculous flashes. That’s the part I hate about being famous to be honest. Though right in the middle of my hate to paparazzi, Mariah’s sweet angel voice interrupts my thinking and breaks me out of my hate

Mariah: Aren’t there usually more people where you are?
Justin: Yeah, but it’s early in the morning, so…
Mariah: Should I be thankful that it’s early in the morning then?
Justin: I don’t know, you’ve experienced my fans plenty of times before
Mariah: Oh yeah, that’s right.

But my fans have changed a lot since the My World tour. They’re a lot crazier now, like really! Or some of my fans are, others are the same as always.

We get safely through the gates and into the plane, but of course it’s a private jet, why am I saying this like she has never been on one before? I’m always traveling by private jets?

Mariah makes her way immediately towards a seat where she almost falls asleep, but keeps herself awake. I take a seat next to her and wrap my one arm around her shoulder. She rests her head on my shoulder and I rest my head on hers. Damn we probably look like a couple like right now, which only reminds me of Selena. I’ve got to stop thinking about her! This reminds me, that I have to perform on SNL tonight with my new single, Nothing Like Us which is basically dedicated to her…

*PLING* and then we’re allowed to take off our seat belts. Mariah starts walking around on the airplane to check it out. I hope she likes it; I’d love to impress her. And right now I sound like someone who’s just in love, but I’m not. I just like to impress girls you know, I am a boy and I’m 18 so I guess impressing girls is just what I do. Suddenly I hear a door open and Mariah comes out of the bathroom dressed from head to toe in her skinny jeans and tight shirt, god damn she looks good. She makes her way towards the mini bar on the plane, to my luck the mini bar stands on the floor so when we bends over to open the door to the bar, I get a good look at her ass. I’ll never get tired of that sight. Though I got pretty surprised that I just busted myself in saying something I probably should’ve kept to myself!

Justin: Damn! That ass Mariah!
Mariah: Excuse me sir? But are you looking at my ass?
Justin: Indeed!

She looks at me with that oh c’mon Justin face. I have quite a tendency to make her look at me like that, either way, I like it when she looks at me like that, it makes me feel like a badass breaking all the rules.  I just can’t stop looking at her ass. I’ve got to get my shit together!
Mariah takes a seat on the couch in front of the TV and I walk over to her and sit next to her, she looks a thousand times better now than before!

Mariah: Oh look what came my way? Sir Looking at my ass.
Justin: Is that me?
Mariah: Yup, that’s you Biebz
Justin: Well is it my fault that- Alright just forget it… I’ll shut up now.
Mariah: Good idea Justin.

Now why is there never anything worth watching on a plane? Not that there is normally on places that are not planes, but it’s much worse up here and because of that I start a conversation with Mariah. All this conversation is about is basically what she has been up to the past couple of years and then what I have been up to. Not that I’ve been doing something the rest of the world doesn’t know about but, yeah. I remember back in 2010 when me and Mariah were like twins, every time we’d watch TV, she’d be sitting on the couch and I’d be using her lap as a pillow, so I lie down and place my head on her lap just like I would’ve done 3 years ago.

It feels good, to feel this close to Mariah again. I feel her hand on my head as she starts to run her fingers through my hair and I slowly fall asleep.


Justin falls asleep with his head on my lap while I run my fingers through his hair. He looks so calmed when he sleeps, he’s so fragile. He might look tough to everyone around this world, but he’s really fragile, all the hate did this to him. Feeling this close to Justin once again is like a dream come true. Even though I never told anyone about it and even though I pretended I don’t know Justin, it was always one of my biggest dreams to become his best friend again. I know I said I hoped he wouldn’t recognize me that night, but somewhere deep inside my heart, we both now that I did want him to see me.

Justin: For how long did I sleep?
Mariah: 3 hours..
Justin: Seriously?!
Mariah: No silly, 20 minutes.
Justin: Oh alright!
Mariah: You are very flawless when you sleep.

He turns his head and look into my eyes, still with his head on my lap. A gentle smirk is formed on his lips as he slightly closes his eyes and a chuckle leaves his lips.

Justin: Just like you Mariah.
Mariah: You’re such a little prince charming Justin
Justin: Yeah, it’s great having you back.
Mariah: It’s good to be back.

As Justin just lies there and looks up at me, he wraps his one arm around my waist in a slight clumsy way, but you go try to wrap your arm around someone while you’re lying with your head on their lap. He’s so sweet like that, in his own clumsy way.

We finally land in New York and of course paparazzi are everywhere taking pictures of us. I’m looking forward to see the headlines tomorrow in all the magazines. We head directly to SNL’s studio where Justin is supposed to host, perform and join the sketches.  

As we arrived at the SNL’s studios Justin and the rest of the actors started practicing all the sketches one last time. Kenan made his way towards me and started at conversation with me.

Kenan: So? Who are you young lady?
Mariah: I am Mariah, Justin’s best friend.
Kenan: Oh yeah that’s true! The girl who left three years ago right?
Mariah: Is that how people remember me?
Kenan: I guess so, since no one ever saw again after you ran away

He winks at me at return to the rehearsals. They even asked me if I wanted to watch while they rehearsed, but I’d rather see the show tonight than have a sneak peak.


Now tonight’s show was really awesome! I was almost dying of laughter in the “glice” sketch, and Justin clearly was as well. Though the sweetest thing I have ever seen, was the sketch where Justin was supposed to look like a nerd and he then he lisped as well. So cute! Though Justin Bieber’s sexy valentine’s message was funny as well. Justin comes out from the back stage doors and enter the car, I burst into laughter when I see him.

Justin: What’s wrong?
Mariah: I never thought I was going to see you like a nerd! And then lisping? Jesus Justin.

He starts laughing with me and we just laugh for what seems like hours, but really it’s just a few minutes. The limo drives us to the hotel Justin is staying in, or we are staying in. Justin did ask me to share his room with him, but I said no. I’d rather have my own room you know. I think I have shared way too many rooms with Justin, and besides, we were 16 back then, but not anymore. We’re older now and I bet Justin’s way of thinking has changed a lot, like anyone would ever believe that what Justin said as a 16 year old was still his opinion. You know? He always that sex was a part of marriage? I don’t believe he sees it that way anymore.

Justin: Are you sure you want to sleep all alone in that big hotel room?
Mariah: Justin, go to your own room now! You’re sleeping right there on the other side of the wall!
Justin: Alright alright, I’ll go in now then.
Mariah: Thank you! Goodnight Justin
Justin: Goodnight shawty.

Shawty, I haven’t heard him say that in years. I actually thought he had stopped saying it, I guess I was wrong. He used to always call me shawty, but that all stopped when Selena came into his life. I don’t blame her though, he treated her like princess.

I make my way to the bathroom to take a shower, but before I do that I take off my clothes and take a look at myself in the mirror. I hate my body, every part of it. I haven’t been confident since I left Justin, since I saw him with Selena. Everybody had always told me that I had a beautiful body and all those kind of things, but they don’t see it like I do. When I’m finished in the shower I put on my pajamas; some usual grey sweats and a black tank top. My hair is decently dry, so I open the door to the balcony and walked outside to have a look at the beautiful New York at night. Wow, the city that never sleeps. It’s really beautiful.

Justin: It’s beautiful isn’t it?

I hear his low hoarse voice whisper in my ear as his arms are suddenly around my waist. I must have forgotten to lock the door. I hear his calm breath next to my ear when it hits me that actually haven’t responded to his question.

Mariah: Yeah, very. I always thought people just exaggerated when they described New York.
Justin: I always thought people exaggerated when they said they saw an angel on earth,

What is he going to say now? I bet it’s something really flirty or something like that.

Justin: But then I saw you 3 years ago…
Mariah: Justin stop it. You’re only saying that to make me feel better

A light chuckle escaped his lips as he tightened his grip around my waist and lifted me a few inches off the ground but he quickly puts me back down.

Justin: You’ve lost weight. A lot.
Mariah: Why do you care?
Justin: Why did you lose weight?
Mariah: For no particular reason…

For no particular reason have I chosen not to tell him why. He’s just go all crazy and be you should eat some more!…  Justin loosens his arms from my waist and turns me around. He has his hands on my hips and I start to feel his breath clearly in my face. He’s moving closer. Soon enough the tip of his nose is touching mine, but he doesn’t move any closer than that and I’m too paralyzed to move anywhere. I feel his hands move around my waist to my back as his hands fall in place by the dimples on the bottom of my spine. He pulls me a slight bit closer and I suddenly bust myself in moving my hands towards him, placing them on his chest. I can feel his calm heartbeat pounding through his chest and I can feel his still calm breath on my face.

Justin: Do you feel uncomfortable?
Mariah: No…
Justin: Do you want me to let go?
Mariah: No…
Justin: Do you want me to take a step back?
Mariah: No…
Justin: Do you want me to back to my own room?
Mariah: No…

I know that it’s wrong to act like this with Justin, we should be playing video games or something alike it, not stand on a balcony in New York acting like a couple and stuff. But somehow he has just always had this certain spell on me. I can’t resist him, and I have never been able too. I have been afraid that I’d fall in love with Justin once again when we’d start hanging out again, but now I have come to the conclusion that here is no again, cause I never fell out of love with him.
I have my eyes slightly closed but I am still able to see that Justin is licking his lips and as a reflex and respond to Justin’s lip licking, I bite my bottom lip.

Justin: Mariah?
Mariah: Yeah?
Justin: You have no idea how fucking attractive you are…

Justin’s compliment is on relay in my mind. He thinks I’m attractive? Me? I am his best friend, we shouldn’t be doing this, he knows that as well, but I just can’t keep myself off of him!

Mariah: You think I am attractive? Really?

Justin slowly pulls his face a tiny bit away from mine as he plants a gentle kiss on my cheek and place his mouth beside my ear

Justin: More than you would ever know. I can’t keep my eyes off you Mariah…

His hoarse low whisper does something to me that I can’t explain. He doesn’t say anything for about 15 seconds and then he continues his sentence

Justin: Mariah, all the things I could do to you, I can’t even explain. But I should take it slow

I feel his soft cheeks gently rubbing against mine as he moves his mouth from me ear. I clench my hands on Justin’s chest to get a hold on his T-shirt. Justin places his nose on mine once again and I turn my glare towards his soft beautiful lips, he pulls them apart, turns his head a slight bit and once again covers my lips with his, just like he did last night at my house, but this time it’s more intimate, more intense. He keeps kissing me in a regular way, so this is no make out scene at all, just romantic innocent, intense kisses.


Her lips on my lips, that’s a very merry Christmas. No I’m just kidding.
I never thought I get to feel her lips on mine ever again after she rejected me, but it seems to me like she still has feelings for me and I can’t deny it, I have feelings for her too and I am pretty sure she knows by now, but I don’t want the rest of the crew or anyone to find out about this, so we’ve got to keep it as a secret. Wait? Keep what as a secret? We don’t have any relationship going on? Do we? Well maybe we do, we have our little flirt here, our little secret love.

I pull away from her delicious lips and kiss her cheek as I open my eyes and stare directly into hers.

Justin: I should go back to my room.
Mariah: You defiantly should. Goodnight Justin.
Justin: Goodnight shawty.

I wink at her and make my way towards my room, making sure that no one saw my walking out of hers. As I lie in my bed, thinking about what just happened; a certain joy starts growing inside me, no Justin! Clear your thoughts! You can’t do this to her again…


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