Falling for you | Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber looks through some old photos to find some picture of his old best friend Mariah Johnson. She left him and their friendship behind when he started dating Selena Gomez; there you see what love what ruin. When Justin's tour goes to Miami he meets Mariah again, who pretends she doesn't know him, but admits at last. Mariah's old feelings for Justin starts growing again and he feels the same for her. So what happens when Selena chooses to come back to Justin and Mariah has to tell to choose?


2. Here we go again...


Justin: Hopped out of the bed, turn my swag on. Look into the mirror say-
Ryan: Whazzup, whazzup, whazzup yeah! No really what are you doing?
Justin: Getting ready for my date.
Ryan: We’re not going on a date tonight?

I burst into laughter! Typical Ryan. That’s why I love that man.

Justin: Not you Ryan! Mariah.
Ryan: Johnson? Your old best friend?
Justin: Yeah her.
Ryan: Damn, I didn’t know she lived in Miami?
Justin: Me neither!

So me and Ryan talk back and forth about how I found her and how I “accidently” made her admit that she did remember our friendship.  Ryan loved having her around! She was funny and her and Ryan were like brother and sister, so he was kind of sad that she left. I get out in my car when it’s 18.50pm it only takes like 10 minutes to get to her house from the hotel. Yeah you know I want to impress her and stuff so of course I’m driving my Ferrari 458 Italia or as Jimmy Fallon called it, The white bat mobile. I love Jimmy, now Justin stay focused! You’re picking up a girl in this car in about, now. I pull up in front of her house and go knock on the door. I feel my heart rise when the door handle is pulled down and she opens the door.

Justin: God damn you look amazing!


Justin: God damn you look amazing!
Mariah: Thank you Justin. You look handsome.

He really does. I mean 2 years ago he was a little cutie, like a little angel. But now? His style and looks completely changed! He looks more like a man now, it suits him. He takes my hand and lead me out to his car. Jesus Christ.

Mariah: There is no way that’s your car Justin.
Justin: It is my car.
Mariah: There is no way I’m driving in that car.
Justin: Technically I’m the one driving the car.
Mariah: There is no way you’re driving in that car.

He chuckles, but honestly that car is amazing. It looks like something he pulled out of mission impossible or something. Like a spy car. It’s awesome! Justin opens the door for me and I get in the car. This car is so completely amazing, there are leather seats inside it and it’s really comfortable.

Justin: Like my car?
Mariah: Justin this is amazing!
Justin: Is you think that’s amazing wait it starts driving.

Justin starts the car and start driving. The car drives like it had skates underneath it and the road was made of ice. It really drives amazingly. Most of cars are really noisy as well, but Justin’s car is not, it almost doesn’t make a sound. Justin stops in the drive in a McDonald’s, I love that kid.

Justin: You know I would take you somewhere fancy and stuff, but I really don’t want paparazzi to be all over the damn place.
Mariah: It’s alright Justin, McDonald’s is perfect. Just like the old times.

He smiles at me and we order. I thought we were having like big menu’s and stuff but Justin just order 2 McFlurries with smarties, which is fine with me, cause I’m not really hungry right now.  

Mariah: How do you know my favorite is smarties?
Justin: You’re my best friend. I know more about you than I know about myself.
Mariah: True story Justin. But I thought you would order like the whole place?
Justin: No, no, no, I don’t really feel hungry you know. Blame Ryan.
Mariah: He made lasagna?
Justin: Yup, and you know I have a weakness for Ryan’s lasagna.

We just laugh like we used to do in the old times. Sometimes I wish I had never left, but right now I just feel happy that he’s here with me again so everything can get back to normal. Justin and I finish our McFlurries somewhere in top of a hill with an incredible view all over Miami.

Justin: You promised to tell me why you pretended.

Oh yeah. I almost forgot, and I had hoped he would forget about it, things were just all good.

Mariah: Uhm yeah. You see, after I left 2 years ago I promised myself never to get anywhere near you again
Justin: Ouch. That one hurt.
Mariah: Justin? Please… Anyways then my friend Andrea came 2 days ago and freaked out because she had meet and greet tickets to your concert, so I went with her, but I never told her about the whole best friend thing between you and me. So we went, meet and greet started and stuff, so I told myself that I had to pretend because, as you know I really, really likes you back then and I just didn’t want to end up getting a rebuild friendship with you cause I’d just end up falling for you and you’d find another girl so I’d have to leave again.
Justin: Long story short?
Mariah: I was afraid of falling in love with you. Again.

He looks at me and asks me if being in love with him really was that bad? And yes it was. Have you ever been in love with a friend and then all of a sudden this friend just finds another girl, and he just won’t stop talking to you about how much he likes this girl? Yeah, that feeling was what I had. And it was because of that I left.

Mariah: Miami is really beautiful at night.
Justin: The world is beautiful at night Mariah…
Mariah: I haven’t seen the world. I took off before you headed to Europe…
Justin: You should’ve stayed…
Mariah: You know I couldn’t…
Justin: Why?
Mariah: Are you serious?
Justin: Listen I know you left because of me and Selena, but I just thought I meant more to you…
Mariah: Are you saying you didn’t mean anything to me?
Justin: It kind of felt that way since you just left…
Mariah: Alright Justin, that’s it.

And then I got out of the car and walked away. I just kept walking when I heard a car driving behind me, and then the car stopped. I heard Justin yelling after me, but I just can’t stand the thought that he thought he didn’t mean anything to me; I left because he meant too much to me.

Justin: Mariah stop!

He grabs my arm and turns me around.

Justin: Listen I’m sorry, that was stupid!
Mariah: Oh really?

He looks to the ground without saying anything so I pulls my arm out of his grip and start walking again, but in the same second he steps up in front of me and pushes me back until I hit his car. He looks at me and licks his lips in that sexy way he usually does. Now what?

Justin: Look Mariah, I’m really sorry! Please don’t go. I just found you after 2 years and-
Mariah: And you already screwed up. Again.
Justin: I know. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to lose you again.

I place my hand on his cheek and tell him that he never lost me, but that I just had to leave. Justin pulls me into a tight hug, I really missed his hugs. Hugging Justin is like hugging a big soft teddy bear, though now compared to before; he has a lot of more muscles.

Mariah: Looks like my soft teddy bear has been working out.
Justin: You don’t say so. I am much stronger now.
Mariah: Yeah, I kind of figured out since I can’t really breathe…
Justin: Oh I’m sorry. I just missed hugging you.

You’re crazy Bieber. But he really got a lot stronger. I place my hands on his upper arms and there is no doubt that it’s all muscles. I never in my dreams would’ve thought Justin would become so muscular, but he looks more than good when he is.

There is silence in the car for a while, when it suddenly hits me that Justin will have to back on tour.

Mariah: So, when are you going back on tour?
Justin: Uhm. Tomorrow
Mariah: WHAT?!
Justin: Mariah I-
Mariah: You tell me you missed me but you’re taking off tomorrow?!
Justin: Don’t make it sound like that! Just listen to me!
Mariah: Oh yeah listen to you telling me that you’re leaving at 6am so I won’t see you for another 2 years?
Justin: No! Listen to me saying that I want you to come with me!
Mariah: See! I won’t see you before- What?
Justin: Come with me.

I agree in coming with Justin on tour again and maybe this time I won’t have to leave in the middle of it. Justin tells me that he’s heading to New York tomorrow to host and join in Saturday Night Live, my favorite show, and the only show which is worth to watch. But as everyone knows, going on a 2 year tour means asking your parents and to my own luck Justin said he would talk to my mom about it because he missed her anyways, so we head home but before we get home, I would like to know how fast this car can drive

Mariah: How fast does this thing drive?
Justin: Fast enough Mariah…
Mariah: Show me how fast

I always loved speed, Justin knows that. He looks at me with a quite skeptic look on his face and then he turns the car. He takes me to a road a couple of miles outside Miami where there is no traffic. The road we are on is completely straight and it looks like it just continues into the pure nothing. Justin looks at me asking me if I am ready and I all have to say is that I was born ready. Justin quickly pushes the accelerator down and the car shoots forward. This car can really drive! We’re driving about a 100m/h and I feel the adrenalin rise inside of me as I realize the road is continuing up a mountain. We reach the top of the mountain in no time and I loved it.

Mariah: That was amazing! This thing is fast!
Justin: Do you want to steer?  
Mariah: What?
Justin: Yeah, come sit my lap. I’ll take care of the accelerator and the break and you’ll take the steering wheal

Is he honestly going to let me steer his car? I think he is. I crawl from the front passenger seat and sit on Justin’s lap. He puts his arms on my legs and whispers in my ear is I am ready and of course I say yes. Justin pushes the accelerator slowly and I turn the car. Justin moves his hands from my thighs and onto my hands where he tightens his grip and helps me control the car until we get gown from the mountain. When we reach the spot where the road becomes straight Justin whispers in my ear

Justin: Are you ready to do this?
Mariah: I was born ready.

A gentle chuckle escapes his lips as he moves his hands from mine and places them on my thighs again when he pushes the accelerator and the car start driving.  The feeling of steering a car while it drives this fast is amazing. The sound of the engine working on high pressure to keep the car driving is just amazing. The road ends soon and Justin stops the car in a rush while I turn the car so we’re basically kind of drifting. Justin opens the car door and I get out with Justin right behind me. When he’s out of the car I start freaking out while I jump around and scream like a little girl

Mariah: Justin that was amazing! Thank you!

I jump into Justin’s arms hugging him like crazy. He wraps his arms around me and carries me to other side of the car where he opens the door and put me in the car. Justin drives me home and as he promised we comes with me inside the house to talk to my mother. My mother freaks out when she sees Justin outside the door. They always had a really good relationship and it’s clear that she missed him a lot. She showers him with compliments and kisses him on the cheeks like a thousand times.

My mom: JUSTIN! You look so handsome! And you’ve grown so much!
Justin: it’s good to see you too Mrs. Johnson.

My mom and Justin head to the kitchen and I head to the living room, I am not exactly sure is I want to be in the kitchen when Justin asks my mom if I can go with him on tour. I turn the TV on to get my thoughts on something else and it works! Until I hear my mom screaming WHAT as if Justin told her I was pregnant…

My mom: On tour for 2 years!! Justin that’s a really long time!
Justin: I know Mrs. Johnson! But I really need Mariah by my side! Please…
My mom: Alright Justin. You can take her with you.

Oh my god! I rush off the couch and slam the door open to enter the kitchen as I run into my mother arms hugging her while I jump up and down like a crazy kid who just got a pony. I turn around and look at Justin who nearly has stars in the eyes. I run towards him, take his hand and pull him upstairs so I can pack my things. I’m basically running back and forth all around the house to find the things I’m going to need on the tour. Justin sits on my bed at laughs at me; I know Justin and he can’t take it serious when other people are in a rush, especially not me. Justin has seen me in a rush a kabillion times before and every time it happens he just burst into laughter, so I must be hilarious when I’m stressed.  

Mariah: Finally done!
Justin: And it took you what? Like 5 minutes?
Mariah: No an hour I think. 

He just shakes his head and whispers something that sounds like typical girls so I throw a pillow after him and he gets up off the bed and runs after me. He catches me right I reach the door handle and he starts tickling me while me forces me to the floor. When I’m all down on the floor he lays on top of me, but across me like, how can you describe it? We’re kind of forms a cross and I’m on the bottom. Justin is still tickling me and I can’t help but just laugh while I beg him to stop.

Justin: You done throwing things after me?
Mariah: YES! Just stop it Justin!
Justin: Hmmm… NO!

And then he continues. I use all my strength to try to move his hands, but it doesn’t really seem to work so the only this I can do is to just pull myself up my wrapping my arms around him, but instead of pulling myself up, I just pull him down. He moves his hands from my waist and places them on the floor next to my face as he slowly leans down above me moving closer and closer to my face while he stares directly into my eyes and all of sudden, the one thing that I has wished would happen for 3 years, happens.


So guys this was chapter two!
What happened?
What is the one thing Mariah has been wishing for?
What's going to happen on the tour?
Find out in chapter 3...

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