Falling for you | Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber looks through some old photos to find some picture of his old best friend Mariah Johnson. She left him and their friendship behind when he started dating Selena Gomez; there you see what love what ruin. When Justin's tour goes to Miami he meets Mariah again, who pretends she doesn't know him, but admits at last. Mariah's old feelings for Justin starts growing again and he feels the same for her. So what happens when Selena chooses to come back to Justin and Mariah has to tell to choose?


5. Goodnight my love


Justin: Mariah stop!

I rushed after her but she ran into her own room. Damn it! I knocked on the door several times asking her to please open the door and after about 10 minutes, she did. She looked at me with tears forming in her eyes and I pulled her into a hug. She was still only in her underwear, but I didn’t really care. She pulled me inside the room and let go of me as she turned her back to me and put her face in her hands. Her beautiful blond hair was cascading like a waterfall down her back and I couldn’t help but reach out and touch it. When my hand touched her back and her hair, she tensed up. Not a single one of her muscles were relaxing. The poor girl in so insecure, and she has always been.

Justin: It’s alright Mariah. I promise.

My voice was nothing but an insecure whisper, because I knew that what I had just promised her would be alright, maybe wasn’t alright at all.

Mariah: How can you just say it’s alright?

She turned around and faced me with a sad look on her face which was mixed with anger

Mariah: It’s not alright Justin!
Justin: No I know. But come on Mariah, maybe the security cameras has captured the night on tape…

The thought of the fact I maybe, and just maybe, was about to see myself completely drunk in bed with my best friend. Great job Bieber! You fucked things up for the 2nd time!

I put my arm around Mariah’s shoulder after she put a shirt and some sweats on and then we headed to the reception, maybe she would let us check the security cameras to find out what happened. When we came down in the reception a lady instantly asked if she could help us. She looked young, and yes she could indeed help us. I asked her if we could check the cameras because Mariah’s phone was gone so we just needed to see if anyone had been in the room, or if she had thrown it away. Yeah yeah, I know it was a lie, but I couldn’t just say that we needed to check the security cameras because we were to god damn drunk last night to even remember if we did it or not. The lady didn’t hesitate; she just opened the door to a little room where there was a lot of screens, one for each camera in the hotel. We found the camera that belonged to our room and coiled back the video until the timer on it said 01.46am and we both appeared on the screen and stumbled through the door.

On the captured video, my arm was wrapped around Mariah’s waist as we busted the door open. She obviously got drunk too, but how? I don’t know whatever. There was no sound on the tape, but I wasn’t really interested in hearing the things I said and Mariah surely wasn’t interested in hearing anything either. The video shocked me a lot. I had actually kind of that something would have happened last night, but it didn’t. We just slept, but of course I had my arms wrapped around her. I could see how she started to relax when she realized that nothing had happened.

Justin: See, I told you nothing happened!
Mariah: Yeah I know. I should’ve trusted you, sorry JB

We headed straight back to get dressed; I chose to go shopping with Mariah as an apology for getting her drunk last night and giving her something near a heart attack today  


Alright, so nothing happened last night, luckily! I would’ve buried myself alive if anything had happened. I mean, no I am not a virgin but with my best friend? Who is also the first boy I was ever in love with? No! That’s just so wrong. It was nice of him though, asking me to go shopping with him as an apology, I’ve always liked the way Justin always tried to apologize by buying me stuff even though I never ask him to buy anything. I just go shopping with him to get him outside and at least feel a little normal.

There aren’t really too many people in the streets here in England or Ireland; I actually don’t know anything about where we are. But the streets are quite empty, or not but it’s nothing compared to New York! Justin takes me from store to store and find loads of cute things he wants me to try on, but I say no to each and every single thing he picks out, cause I know that if I try it on and it fits or I say I like it, then he’ll run all the way to the cashier and buy it for me without asking.

Justin: Why won’t you just try it! I know you want to!
Mariah: I don’t want to try it Justin…
Justin: You’re lying! You love it, I know you and I know your style!
Mariah: Alright, alright! But I don’t want you to buy it for me, that’s why!
Justin:  Okay, what if I promise you I won’t buy it for you. Will you try it then?

I roll my eyes at him and he hands me the dress he picked out. It’s really beautiful and tight. It’s black and white quite casual, just how I like them. I get the dress on and step out of the dressing room. When Justin looks up from his phone his jaw drops and his eyes are wide open. It looks like he’s going to say something but no words comes out of his mouth. He drops his phone on the floor and he’s out of his trance, he picks it up and looks straight back at me. I turn around just so can see it all the way around.

Mariah: What do you think?

He clears his throat and shakes his head for a second like he’s trying to wake up after a nightmare.

Justin: You. Look. Amazing.


And there she is in the beautiful, tight dress in front of me. It fits her perfectly. It shows off all her curves and I realize that her body actually is really hot.

Mariah: What do you think?

I shake my head just to recover after this amazing shock and the fact that her curves are actually sexier than I thought. She had curves 2 years ago, but now? Damn, I’d tap that ass…

Justin: You. Look. Amazing.

And then she giggles, oh her sweet giggle. The dress shows off her long beautiful legs, I can’t seem to get my eyes off her, and all I hear is her sweet giggle. She has always been insecure, and she still is. She looks to the floor smiling at the ground and then she walks back in to the dressing room. She carefully steps out again, this time with her normal clothes on. Not that she doesn’t look in that as well, cause she does! Every inch of her body is worth a million dollars, and more. That’s about how good she looks. Damn JB, you should’ve never gotten in a relationship with Selena. Look at what you missed out on. I can hear my subconscious loudly inside my head, and I know my subconscious is right with every word “he” says. She puts the dress back to where I found it and we leave the store.


I hut the dress back and me and Justin leave the store. Now as everybody knows, Justin loves everything that does not belong in the category of “healthy”, therefor he figured we should get some ice cream. We find this cute little place where there aren’t really any people  so we get in and get some ice cream. Justin knows he doesn’t have to ask me what I want; he knows exactly what I want; chocolate ice cream, strawberry ice cream and whipped cream. Yum.

Justin: Here you go shawty
Mariah: Are you ever going to stop calling me that?
Justin: I could call you sexy? Or baby? Or babe? Or lovely? Or sweetie? Or -
Mariah: Alright now just stop, shawty is fine then.
Justin: Yeah that’s what I thought. Btw you’ve got some whipped cream on your nose.
Mariah: No way! You’re just joking like you always do JB.

He looks at his ice waffle and I get back to eating my ice cream. I know he’s just joking around again. I look up from my ice cream as Justin quietly says my name and he wipes to fingers across my nose - Oh no he didn’t?

Justin: Well, looks me like I’m joking this time shawty…  

He pulls his shoulders at burst into laughter. Oh you’ll get this right back Bieber. I get up from our table to get some napkins when I see a spray doze or something like that with whipped cream in it, standing on the counter. I use my ninja trick to get the whipped cream without Justin noticing. I head back to the table and Justin was lying across the table because he was still laughing so hard. I step up behind him to poke him on the shoulder; he lifts his head from the table and looks at me with a wide smile on his face. Before gets the chance to protect himself I spray the whipped cream all over his face and run out of the store with Justin right behind me.

Justin: MARIAH!

With Justin right behind me we ran through the streets making everybody turn their heads to find out what the hell was going on. I ran towards the center of the town where a big fountain in the middle was. I was so close to get myself safe but with an instant Justin wrapped his arms around me and lifted me over his shoulder.

Mariah: Justin put me down!
Justin: No way in hell! You’re going to pay for this!

I could nearly feel the smile on his as I realized he was heading forwards the fountain. Oh no, he’s not going to throw in there is he? Before I get time to think or speak Justin steps up to stand in the fountain and he puts me down. There is water shooting and flying around everywhere and we’re both soaked within seconds. I see a few people filming us; they might have finally noticed that it’s actually Justin Bieber.

We kept walking around for hours until our clothes got dry. I asked Justin several times why we didn’t just come home and put on some new clothes, but he insisted on staying outside. As we walk through the streets with only the streets lights to light up the street. It’s really beautiful, but still a little cold even though we’re wearing jackets.


The streets are peaceful; no one is out here except for me and Mariah. She runs around like a little excited girl pretending she’s a fairy or something like that. I always feel so normal around her, like I was never famous, like I don’t have fans. Like I never moved from Stratford, like she never left. I can’t help but laugh at her while she holds on to a lamppost while she spins around it. I pull out my phone and take a picture of her, you can easily tell it’s her on the picture but the best thing is that she didn’t notice. I take couple more, just to have her on my phone. I take the best picture -the first one - and upload to instagram

“@justinbieber: This girl is the reason why I smile. Love come and go but best friends are here to stay. You guys will never realize how important she is to me. She’s like my medication when I feel bad, she’s my respirator and I’m just so afraid to lose now that I finally got her back…”

Most of people might think it’s Selena, but it’s not and it will never be. Me and Selena is over and we’ll never be together again.  We-eeeeeeeh are never ever ever getting back togeth- okay stop.

 I can’t get the picture of us kissing in New York out of my head and I can’t stop thinking about how stupid I was last night! I finally got to sleep with her beside me, and then I was too drunk to even remember it, I swear to god, I’ll never get drunk again! Yeah right Justin. Keep dreaming. Thank you to my subconscious…

Justin: Mariah, c’mon we have to go home, we’re leaving tomorrow
Mariah: Yeah, and it’s getting pretty late…

We head back home to the hotel and say our goodbyes in front of our hotel suites. When I get in my room a big shopping bag is standing on the table with my credit card beside it - Cody. I had told Cody to do buy the dress I found for Mariah earlier. She said she didn’t want me to buy it, so I made Cody do it for me. And yes I am speaking of Cody Simpson, he’s opening for me on believe tour with Carly Rae Jepsen. I dial Cody’s number and press call.

Cody: Hey Justin, what’s up.
Justin: Hey man, just wanted to thank you for buying the dress for me!
Cody: Oh yeah! Did I get the right one?
Justin: You sure did! Right size and everything! You’ll be my private ninja shopper!
Cody: I sure will, secretly employed so nobody finds out!

We start laughing and Cody seriously has the funniest laugh ever, so I just start laughing harder. A couple of minutes pass by like this until we calm down again.

Cody: Oh Jesus man. But I don’t get it, why did you buy it for her?
Justin: So she could start cutting in it… So she could wear it eventually?
Cody: I know, but when should she wear a dress like that? It’s a party dress?
Justin: Cody… When is my birthday?
Cody: March 1st? Why- Oh… Now I get it!
Justin: Yeah, but I’ll see you tomorrow Cody, night.
Cody: Night man.

We hung up and I started staring at the dress I had Cody buying for me. I imagined Mariah in it one more time, just like in the store. She was gorgeous, had she always been or is it just the dirty part of my mind who isn’t able to resist her? I guess my mind is playing tricks with me, since the only thing that appears in front of my eyes when I close them, is her. I had dreams about her before I found her in Miami, but I thought they would stop when I found her. I guess my mind doesn’t agree with that. I get up off my bed and sneak out of the hotel room to stop in front of Mariah’s door. I knock gently on it and open the door, she’s already sleeping, but why isn’t the door locked? I took the key from the table so I could lock the door after myself. I stepped up beside her bed and kissed her on the cheek while I let my fingers stroke her hair.

Justin: Goodnight shawty

My voice is only a whisper as I slowly and soundless close the door and lock it to push the key in under the door. Goodnight my love. 


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