Falling for you | Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber looks through some old photos to find some picture of his old best friend Mariah Johnson. She left him and their friendship behind when he started dating Selena Gomez; there you see what love what ruin. When Justin's tour goes to Miami he meets Mariah again, who pretends she doesn't know him, but admits at last. Mariah's old feelings for Justin starts growing again and he feels the same for her. So what happens when Selena chooses to come back to Justin and Mariah has to tell to choose?


15. Bye.


The sun was about to set which resulted in the whole sky turning different shades of purple and pink. Looking at the beautiful sky, breathing in Justin’s scent and feeling his fingers run through my hair was enough to make me fall asleep but I had to fight the urge to close my eyes. I couldn’t just go to sleep out here, on the beach I mean that would be so weird, wouldn’t it?

Justin: Tired baby?

Justin’s low raspy voice made echoes through my brain and it took me a while to actually figure out what he had said. He kept running his hand through my hair and lifted his other hand to place it on my cheek and brush his thumb across my lower lip. His warm touch made me wanna sleep even more.

Justin: Baby?
Mariah: Mhmm?
Justin: Tired?
Mariah: Mhmm…

he chuckled gently and sat up, I was still curled up in his arms. He got up on his legs and he took my hand to pull me up on my feet. He snaked his arm underneath my legs and the other around my shoulder so he could lift me up bridal style. He walked to the car and opened the door to put me on the backseat. Stupid little girl I was thinking that he’s be closing the door and drive home. He crawled up on top of me and closed the car door. He gently kissed my lips and I could his warm breath when he pulled away.

Mariah: Justin… We’re in a car…
Justin: I have tints baby

I felt his warm breath on my neck before he crashed his lips in contact with my skin. That boy was getting eager for me. He kept kissing my neck and gently sucking on it as his hands trialed around on my body ending on my thigh. Slowly Justin slid his hand further up my thigh pushing my dress further up with it. When he reached the top of my thigh and started caressing my inner thigh with his thumb, my feelings exploded. I grabbed his hair and pulled his head away from my neck. His breath was hard and he was getting slightly sweaty around his hairline. When I pulled him off my neck he just continued on my lips. He forced my lips apart with his tongue and stuck in down my throat. I felt like pushing him off, but then again I felt like pulling him closer. I felt my own desire for him grow as he started grinding against me but I know I had to take this to an end. I didn’t want to, but I had to.

Mariah: Justin, stop…

Justin pulled himself off me with a confused look in his eyes. The lust was still everywhere in his eyes but the confusion slowly took over.

Justin: What do mean stop?
Mariah: I mean stop Justin…

He leaned down to my ear and I concentrated on his breath and his voice

Justin: I know you want this baby, don’t tell me: stop

His desire had taken control over him. He was getting crazy. Maybe constantly teasing him was not that good of an idea? His thumb still caressing my inner thigh, driving me crazy that I couldn’t stop him and his lips covered mine to keep me from talking. This couldn’t happen, not here and not now. I put my hands on Justin’s chest and used all my strength to push him off me and flip us over. He smirked sexily at me and I rolled my eyes at him. I turned around and opened the car door to get out.

Mariah: You’re an ass Justin.

With that I slammed the door shut. I know he’s my boyfriend, but nobody tries to force me to something I don’t want to. I walked down the street beside the beach. A couple of minutes passed by before I Justin call my name and ask me to come back. I simply ignored him though it was hard and just kept walking, until I felt a pair of arms turning me around and I once again was staring into those deep hazel eyes. He moved his forehead close to mine and I could slightly feel his breath hitting my lips. I tried to take a step back but he follow me.

Justin: I’m sorry. I didn’t meant to..
Mariah: You’re still an ass…
Justin: I know. I’m an ass. But I’m an ass who loves you
Mariah: I love you too

I kissed his lips and we walked back to the car so we could drive back home and pack up since the billboard awards was tomorrow.


Mariah: Good luck baby!
Justin: Thanks babe

with that Justin ran to the stage to enter his position in the diamond shaped glass box on the stage where he was going to perform with his song “Take you”.

The performance started and Justin immediately let everything out and focused on what he was supposed to do. Moving his body along to every single beat of the song while his voice was heard through the speakers and the girls went crazy. His performance was like a routine to him. Every single step. Every single move. Even the way his facial expression changed seemed like a part of a routine. He finished his performance and everybody clapped. He came back to me backstage but passed right by me, what? I know he saw me cause he looked directly in my eyes! How could he just pass by like that? I’ll just have to find him. I found the dressing room he was supposed to be in and rushed the door open. He turned around to look at me with no shirt on and a smirk appeared on his face when he saw me and how I raised my brows.

Justin: Like what you see baby?
Mariah: I always do, but why did you just pass by me out there?
Justin: Well I am sweaty as hell, and I wouldn’t want you to hug a sweaty boy when you’re dressed up so glamorous boo?
Mariah: Oh, that’s makes sense…
Justin: What did you think? That I ignored you?

I nodded towards Justin and he walked over to me without touching me. He kissed my cheek and told that he’d get a shower so I could get my hug.

Justin got out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around him and he walked up to me. He placed his hands on my waist and kissed me. His hair was dripping down on my dress, so I pushed him a couple of inches away and told him that he was dripping all over my dress but he just laughed at me. He pulled me closer again and his towel fell to the floor. He glanced down himself and smirked sexily back at me.

Justin: Oops baby…  

He winked at me and smiled and I couldn’t help but laugh. He just stood there completely naked in front of me and trust me when I say keeping eyes contact was harder than keeping away from strawberries!

Justin: Baby I think my back hurts, would you pick up my towel for me?

He smirked at me and tried to look as innocent as possible, just didn’t really work that good for him. Keeping eye contact I bend down and picked up the towel to hand it to him. He wrapped it back around him and walked back to where his clothes hung so he could put something on.


Justin won two awards tonight. Top male artist and the Milestone award, so guess what? Justin of course got the amazing idea to throw a party, again. Justin has been partying, let’s just say a lot lately. Not that I have a problem with that I mean I like partying and having fun with all the girls, especially Justin’s dancer Eleysandra, me and her is pretty good friends you know, she was quite a lot the only I talked to on the tour. I turned to look around in the huge hotel room Justin had booked for our stay here in Vegas in order of the billboard awards. The music blasted loudly through the speakers as my drunken boyfriend passed by, his arm locked with Fredo. Yeah I don’t know what’s up with those guys when they get drunk but they act like gay couple sometimes.  A dark figure due to the lack of light walked towards me, but when I saw all the glittery stuff, I knew exactly who it was.

Eleysandra: Aye girl what’s u- wow- what’s up?

She was just about to trip over somebody’s foot as she was about to turn around and freak out until she noticed some tall, buff black guy. I guess she backed out

Mariah: Not much, you?
Eleysandra: Well obviously trembling down big ass dudes!  

She made a gesture towards the tall black guy with her head. We both laughed as some girl bumped into Eleysandra so she spilled her drink all over herself. You could see the what-in-the-holy-fucking-fuck expression in her eyes as she rolled them and turned around to face whoever just bumped into her, revealing some drunken chick looking like a prostitute.

Eleysandra: Excuse me? Whatcha doing, bumping into me and shit?

She immediately turned her bitchy attitude on. Oh this was going to be good. The chick just looked at her from top to toe with a drunken look in her eyes. Damn how she looked like a prostitute made me want to puke.

Eleysandra: I asked you some!
Chick: Well, sorry I guess

She raised a brow looking at Eleysandra as if she was some ratchet girl of a bitch.

Chick: But that shirt is probably from the thrift shop down town anyways…

She turned on her heels and Eleysandra turned around to look at me. She grabbed the bottle of vodka standing on the table behind her. She opened the bottle grabbing a hold on the chick’s hand before she poured the vodka all over her, ruining her hair, makeup and dress.

Chick: Oh god! What the fuck!?
Eleysandra: Oops. But I bet that dress was found in the trash anyways…

She fake smiled at her and I was just about to crack up. Some people around us started moving away as they heard Eleysandra’s comment for the chick.

Chick: no, I didn’t find it with you.

She glanced evilly at both me and Eleysandra. She just looked at the chick not knowing what to say, so she waited for her to spit out a comment she could right back at her.

Chick: You speechless fat ass?

Oh no she didn’t… Eleysandra looked all around her, with her arms straight out from her body. She looked like she was looking for someone, until she glanced back at the chick and pointed towards herself

Eleysandra: Oh you talking to me? Well at least I’ve got curves.

She gestured towards herself with her hands afterwards gesturing towards the girl with her hands while she looked at her in a bitchy way that could beat out Regina George from Mean Girls.

Eleysandra. Girl you waling ‘round lookin’ like a god damn ironing board!

Everybody around us let out loud “Oooooh”’s ass Eleysandra bitched the girl out. The girl looked insulted at Eleysandra making her smile in triumph.

Chick: Well… Uh… 

She stuttered because of the nervous pressure pressing on her from the crowd standing around us

Chick: At least I’m not ratchet!

Eleysandra slammed her hands onto her cheeks as she bent a little forward and her mouth shaped a perfect O. She stood back up putting her hands on her hips, leaving her weight on the right leg. Everyone waiting for her next move. About 5 seconds passed by before I cracked up of laughter, so typical Eleysandra.

Eleysandra: Hm… I don’t understand, don’t understand bitch! I don’t understand bitch, don’t understand

She just stood there doing the whole “I don’t understand bitch” dance. She was a genius when it came to bitching people out. The chick turned on her heels and walked away leaving Eleysandra in triumph, not her first and not her last.

Eleysandra’s favorite song started playing - Beyoncé Run the world. She grabbed a hold of my hand and pulled me with her to dance. Since Eleysandra was a dancer, it was no problem for her to move her body along with the beat of the music. Not that I had a problem with that but she made every move seem so easy and simple that I’m pretty sure even my grandpa would try is he saw how easily she did all the moves.

We danced along with the music for a while before I started wondering where Justin was. I started searching for him around the hotel suite but I couldn’t find him or Fredo anywhere. A boy came my way and I’d lie if I said he was ugly. He had enormous blue eyes and jet black hair. He was gorgeous.

Boy: What’s a girl like you doing alone in the hallway? Btw I’m Josh.
Mariah: Nothing in particular just looking fo-

He cut me off by pushing me against the wall and taking my hand. Due to the amount of alcohol pumping around in my veins I had a slow reaction to what happened and before I knew of it he pressed his lips against mine. I wanted to pull away, but he was too strong for me. I wanted to pull my head backwards but the wall was obviously on his side since it was placed where it was. God if you have to kill me anytime soon, then do it now. I was disgusted by the feeling of a stranger’s lips on mine. If I had been single, hell it might have turned out like a one night stand, but I have Justin and this is not turning anywhere- WHAT THE FUCK?!

I suddenly felt a pair of hands under my thighs lifting me up. I used all the power I had to try to push him away, but since he was holding me against the wall it was kinda hard. I felt my world crashing together inside my heart only hoping that he would realize that I didn’t want this or that Justin wouldn’t see. He’d hate me for doing this even though I actually didn’t do it. The next moment I felt myself falling to the ground and I realized Josh was lying on the floor, his hands covering his face. I looked up and saw Justin in  rage. Oh shit.  

Justin: Mariah what the fuck?!
Mariah: Justin I’m sorry it’s not what it looks like!
Justin: Oh so you weren’t just held against the wall locking lips with this piece of shit?!
Mariah: It’s not like that! I tried to pull him away!
Justin: Sure you did…
Mariah: Justin I-
Justin: Forget Mariah. I thought we’d be lasting long, but I guess not…

What was he saying? Why couldn’t he just listen to me? I felt the tears pressing against my eyes begging and praying that he wouldn’t say it. I had an ache in my whole body, but not physical. It was boiling up, sneaking in on me from behind as Justin’s words rang through the hallway and got stuck on replay inside my mind before he turned around with tears in his eyes and went inside to party along. I flew off the floor and spit Josh in the face before I rushed through the door and searched for the broken hearted Justin. After searching around for several minutes Eleysandra grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the crowd to ask me what the hell happened, so I told her. She seemed to understand and she looked at me with a hurt face expression as she caressed my cheek.

Eleysandra: Justin is in the bedroom. Talk to him.

She smiled gently at me and gestured her hand towards the room where I’d find Justin. I slowly opened the door and closed behind me seeing Justin out on the balcony with a be- that’s not a beer. Why does that matter anyways?

I walked out on the balcony, afraid to talk to Justin I gently placed my hand on his shoulder, but she shook it off in rage. Once again I felt the hurt grow inside me. I felt my heart break in pieces and it felt like I had scares all over my body.

Mariah: Justi-
Justin: Shut up Mariah. Leave me alone.
Mariah: But Justin-

He yelled at me, not even glancing at me once. He just yelled out in the pure air but I know he was talking to me, I mean he wouldn’t be talking to birds.

Afraid to even try, but too hurt to leave it I tried to grab a hold of his hand which was resting on the railing, but he immediately pulled in away harshly and I think it might have pushed him off the edge.

Mariah: Justin please let me explain!
Justin: NO! Just go to hell, stupid bitch.

Excuse me? WHAT?!

Well alright… if that’s where he wants me.

I walked straight back into the bedroom slamming the balcony door shut, not even earning a glance from Justin; I started packing up all the things I had brought. I knew that the rest of my stuff was at his house but there was no way in hell I was going anywhere near that place. When I was done packing up all my things I pulled my phone out of my clutch. I didn’t even doubt a second who to call.

Andrea: Hello?
Mariah: Pick up at the airport in 7 hours.
Andrea: Mariah what happened?
Mariah: I’ll explain later…
Andrea: Sure sweety, see you
Mariah: See you.

I walked out of the bedroom and slammed the door shut. Everybody turned to look at me with confusion filled in their faces. Honestly I didn’t have time for their bullshit now, and I didn’t have time for questions, but they kept looking at me like I was some alien. Twist was just about to say something when Za lifted his hand signaling him to keep quiet. Good idea. Their eyes on me made me crazy and ended up pushing me off the edge.

Mariah: the fuck ya’ll looking at huh?

I let go of my suit case and lifted my hands in confusion while I screamed at them. Everybody immediately turned their eyes off me but turned them right back when Eleysandra asked me where I was going and I had the perfect answer. I stood there for a couple of seconds letting go of my suitcase and slightly turning my upper body around so I was facing down the hall way with the door to the bedroom.

Eleysandra: Mariah? Where are you going?
Mariah: To hell!

I screamed in the direction of the bedroom door, only to receive an answer, great.

Justin: Good!

I rushed the suite door open and slammed it shut leaving a loud slam behind me as I walked out and headed to the street to find a cap.

Mariah: Airport, now.
Cap driver: Hey? Aren’t you Justin Bieber’s gir-
Mariah: I said, airport.

I turned my head in indifference and the cap driver seemed a bit insulted. The normal nice girl I am was gone. The only thing left of me right now was hurt and anger, but there was no way in hell he was going to know that I was hurt. No words were spoken all the way to the airport and when he stopped the cap I just gave him the money and demanded him to keep the change, I wasn’t in the mood for fumbling with coins and pennies.

I walked inside the airport rushing over to the desk where they sold the flight tickets.

Mariah: One ticket to Miami, Florida.

The lady handed me the ticket and I handed her the money, telling her to keep the change as well. There was no way in hell I was going to fumble with anything. I had through the security and headed towards the gate when I heard somebody squeal and scream my name; great… Always when I’m not in the mood for it.

Girl: Excuse me? Aren’t you Justin’s girlfriend?

I turned around to look at her, she was about 15. I decided to shrug the anger off while talking to her and seem as happy as possible. I smiled my realest fake smile at her and tried to be friendly

Mariah: To be honest? I’ll have to say I was his girlfriend…

Putting a certain pressure on the word was, to let her know that it was certainly no longer.

Girl: What? You broke up?! What happened?
Mariah: Yeah, uhm we did. And I don’t wanna talk about it really, so I’m just going back home now
Girl: Well I’m sorry about it, I was really shipping Jariah though
Mariah: You’ll be shipping something else one day

I winked at her and gave her a quick hug as I walked towards the gate and entered it. I entered the plane and sat down on my seat. A couple of people stared at me like I was familiar, no surprise though but I tried to hide my face as much as possible since I was definitely not in the mood for questions about of I wasn’t “That Bieber kid’s girl” cause I’m nobody’s.

The plane took off and I felt a certain need for Justin’s presence but shrugged it off.

Bye Justin.  


Jariah is done and Mariah headed back home, but what about Justin? Does he regret? and what is Mariah going to do now that Justin told her to "Go to hell"? Find out in the next chapter... ^.^ 

Thank you very much for reading this chapter! Everyone of you who read it from the start thank you if you're still reading it, haha. Thank you to all my new readers and fans ILY! 

So now let's get this story 1000 reads <3 

- Me<3

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