Falling for you | Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber looks through some old photos to find some picture of his old best friend Mariah Johnson. She left him and their friendship behind when he started dating Selena Gomez; there you see what love what ruin. When Justin's tour goes to Miami he meets Mariah again, who pretends she doesn't know him, but admits at last. Mariah's old feelings for Justin starts growing again and he feels the same for her. So what happens when Selena chooses to come back to Justin and Mariah has to tell to choose?


4. Belive tour heads to Europe


I woke up with this feeling inside that made me happy. It made me jump out of bed and brush my teeth for no particular reason. After brushing my teeth I went out of the hotel room, and without noticing I found myself knocking on Mariah’s door. What am I doing? She opened the door and she was still in her pajamas, which made my heart skip a beat. She looked good in her pajamas, she looked peaceful after all, she just woke up. Actually I think I woke her up.

Justin: Did I wake you up?
Mariah: Yeah… Kind of… Why are you all dressed up already?
Justin: Don’t know.  Should I go back and let you sleep?
Mariah: No, I’m already awake. Besides, we need to talk.


I have to talk to Justin about what happened last night. He’s amazing and everything, but I can’t do this. I can’t let myself fall once more, only to get hurt. I open the door to let Justin in but as soon as I told him we had to talk his face starting looking worried. I guess I’ll have to start the conversation, cause he doesn’t look like anyone who would like to talk right now.

Mariah: Justin? Do you know what this is about?
Justin: I kinda have an idea you know…
Mariah: Justin, we both know that what happened last night was wrong and I don’t want it to happen again
Justin: Well I want to happen again?
Mariah: But it’s not happening again Justin…
Justin: Why not? Wait, don’t even answer. You probably think I’ll hurt you again.
Mariah:  Good guess. Besides I came to be your FRIEND and not a single tad more!

Justin looked to the floor as if what I just said had hurted him. Maybe he liked me now? Do I want to take the chance? Yes. Should I take the chance? No. Therefore, I won’t do it. I sit on the floor in front of the bed, in front of Justin. I take his hands in mine and look in to his eyes, forcing myself not to give in to his beautiful eyes, begging me to come closer.

Mariah: Justin, you know it wouldn’t work.

She nods gently facing the floor, not even glancing at me. He gets up off the bed and walks out in silence. It hurts me that I had to reject him like that especially now that he finally likes me and we could end up together, but it’s too much of a risk to take for me. Before I know of it, I run out of the hotel room to catch Justin before he enters his own room. I wrap my arms around his neck hugging him tightly and whispers in his ear that we’ll always be friends. He tightens his grip around my waist as he kisses me on the cheek and tells me it’s alright. I feel a wet stain on my cheek beside my eye as I realize that the tear didn’t come from my own eye, was Justin crying? I pulled out of the hug to see several tears leaving Justin’s eyes and I wiped them away with my thumb and smiled at him, to my luck he smiled back and entered his room without me. I went back to get ready myself.

Today I wasn’t really going to make a show out of myself, so I just picked out a pair of low waisted jeans which were slightly ripped across the thighs and a slightly short loose shirt which was low in the back. I chose to straighten my hair and apply a little bit of makeup, just the usual, some blush, lip gloss and a bit of mascara.

A couple of hours went by with doing nothing but just walking around in New York. New York is beautiful in the day light, but it’s always so busy. There’s always a cap somewhere near you and there is always someone hurrying. We head back to the hotel within a short a while, as Justin suddenly remembers that we actually have to go to Europe in a shirt while, which he clearly forgot to tell me. I rush around, again, inside my room just to try to collect all my stuff. I have a lot I am girl.

Justin: Mariah! Get ready we’re leaving!

Justin rushes into my room to pick up my luggage and run away. I pick up my last suitcase and run out of the hotel room. When I get out of the hotel, paparazzi are everywhere as always, but Kenny makes them move so I can get into the car. Justin is already in the car and he’s just waiting for me. It’s van, so there’s plenty of space in there.


Justin first concert is tonight in Ireland, in Dublin I think but I’m not quite sure. He has tight schedule, and I don’t want to mess it up. Justin’s rehearsals was almost done and I was just standing like an idiot of a fan just singing along to every single song while I looked at his every move. He is really a lot better now than he was back then, I mean he was good back then, but he has a lot more experience now.

 There is no doubt, when Justin is on that stage, he owns it. He belongs on that stage. To me seeing Justin up there is just like seeing a white version of Michael Jackson. Not by the songs, not by the moves, not by the behavior. But by the way he makes every move look unexpected, how he always gives his everything on stage, how he has his own little rituals on that stage. How he is completely himself. In 1994 a star was born, in 2009 the star was found. Justin - just like Michael - is one in a million.

Mariah: Justin, you own that stage!
Justin: Thanks. I feel like I live my life up there…
Mariah: You do Justin… But do you know who you remind me of when you’re on the stage?
Justin: No who? My dad?
Mariah: No silly! Michael… Michael Jackson.
Justin: Oh c’mon Mariah…
Mariah: No I’m serious! You’re one in a million Justin, just like him. Trust me.

I turn away from Justin to get something to drink in the café and he doesn’t follow me. Now have you ever thought of the fact, that the year Michael Jackson died, was the year Scooter found Justin? And the year Justin released his single One Time? Maybe it’s true what they say. When one person dies, another person is “born” to take their place on earth. Michael dies, Justin becomes a star. Suspicious huh?

I suddenly feel two arms wrapped around me in a friendly way, which can only mean Justin.

Justin: Can I have some of your slush ice?
Mariah: Sure!

I hand him my slush ice and he drinks almost half of it.


Justin is in the middle of his concert when Allison takes my hand and tells me that I get to choose the OLLG tonight. To me it’s quite an honor to choose the OLLG. It’s like making sure that some girl’s dream is coming true. I make my way around the audience when only one girl gets my attention, I make my way towards her and poke her on the shoulder, she looks at me in a weird way and I forget that it’s usually Allison’s job to do this. I move closer to her ear as Justin’s voice is blasting through the speakers to rhythm of One Less Lonely Girl.

Mariah: Do you wanna be the One Less Lonely Girl?
Girl: OMG YES!

She starts hugging me and starts crying of happiness. I take her hand and pull her backstage. She nearly can’t breathe, so I pull her into a hug telling her it’s okay. The doors open and I push her on stage.

When she comes back to the backstage section tears is everywhere on her face and she breathing so fast she’s almost fainting because her brain doesn’t get enough oxygen, so I choose to talk to her like normally.

Mariah: Hey! How was it?
Girl: Amazing oh my god! Thank you!
Mariah: No problem, just breathe please!

She slowly starts breathing normally as she cries even more. She wraps her arms around me and bury her hard in my shoulder

Girl: Thank you so much! You’re an angel!
Mariah: No I’m not really.
Girl: To me you are!
Mariah: Well thank you. So tell me, is he just as cute up close?
Girl: Oh my Jesus Christ yes! He’s so beautiful and flawless!

Tears start running down her cheeks again as she tries to catch her breath. She lifts her head and look at me like she knows me from somewhere

Girl: Wait? You seem familiar… Have I seen you before?
Mariah: Probably… I am Mariah Johnson, Justin’s old best friend
Girl: OH MY GOSH! Mariah I knew it was you! You’ve become so beautiful!
Girl: Thanks girl!

I hug her tightly and show her the way back to where she was standing before. She asked me to follow her on Twitter, so I just logged on to twitter typed her twitter name and pressed the follow button. To me it wasn’t really anything to start following a new person, but to her it might mean a lot since I am close friend of Justin’s.

When Justin finally finishes the concert he runs out and hugs me. He’s really sweaty but it’s alright. He did a great job tonight. Justin walks to the dressing room to take quick shower and put on some other clothes. Now Justin back then was always just in video game mood after a concert. He just wanted to absolutely nothing, so this really shocked me, a lot!

Justin: PARTEEEEEY TIIIIIIME! Aye guys, let’s find a club or some’

My eyes were literally wide open. Justin? Party? Whaaaaat?

Mariah: Party? Aren’t you exhausted after the show?
Justin: Yeah a little, but I’m still HYPE! So let’s party girl! And you’re coming with us!”
Mariah: I am?
Justin: Yeaaaah girl!
Mariah: You’ll have to force me to come with you…  

Justin ran towards me and lifted my up over his shoulders and carried me to the car. Him and Fredo found a night club somewhere, wherever we were cause I honestly didn’t know. He parked the car and went in through the back doors. Normally we would have taken the front doors, but the owner of the club saw Justin and made us walk through the back doors because he didn’t want any trouble in the line.

The music was blasting through my ears and the bass was pounding through my body as we made our way through the club to find a table in the corner of the club. Justin was wearing sun glasses, because if the lights and because of the fact that he didn’t want to be recognized.  

We got a few drinks, or I got a few drinks. Justin and Alfredo got a lot of drinks and I’m actually quite I have never seen Justin this drunk. Cause he really is drunk as fuck right now. He got up from the table and went to the dance floor with Alfredo where they danced with some random girls who never realized who they were dancing with, while I was sitting by the table. I wasn’t really in the mood for dancing or partying, I was just tired as hell, but Justin dragged me to this stupid club.

Soon enough I saw Justin glance at me while he was dancing with that stranger of a girl. He pushed her away from him and he made his way towards me. He was standing on front of me handing his hand out for me to take it and come dance with him. Justin not like clumsy and stuff when he’s drunk, he just doesn’t have control over his actions.

Justin: Come dance with me Mariah!
Mariah: No way. I’ll stay here.
Justin: Fine then

Just as I thought he was going back to the dance floor, he lifted me off the chair to let himself sit on it, and place me back on his lap. He wrapped his arms around my waist while my back was facing his front. I felt his breath close to my neck as he started kissing it. God damn it would that kid ever leave me alone, and understand the meaning of just being friends?

I felt his grip getting tighter and his kisses on my neck became more intense as he slightly let his tongue slip out and licked my neck without anyone noticing.

Mariah: Justin you’re drunk. Go home.
Justin: No, I’m just having fun…
Mariah: Kissing my neck ain’t funny Justin!
Justin: No, that’s just for pleasure baby

He licked my earlobe and I swear I could kill him. Yes, it felt good, but I didn’t want him to. Couldn’t he see that this would end up in chaos? He probably could, but for sure he couldn’t see it clearly will all the alcohol mixed up in his blood.


I woke up with an intense headache. Damn it! I shouldn’t have been drinking that much last night. It was just about now I realized that I wasn’t alone in my bed, so I looked to the side, only to find the sleeping beauty next to me; Mariah. What was she doing in my bed? Had she been sleeping here? What happened? Man, I’m sorry for my thoughts, but I banged her and I don’t remember, I’ll kill myself.

Justin: Time to wake up Aurora…
Mariah: Mmm, who the hell is Aurora?
Justin: The sleeping beauty silly!
Mariah: Yeah what about her?
Justin: She in my bed.

And with that Mariah woke up in a rush and jumped out of the bed with her eyes wide open while she had her hands on her head.

Mariah: What happened? What am I doing here

It was about now I realized that she was standing right there, only in her underwear, distracting me and taking my breath away.

Justin: I’m asking the same question babe…
Mariah: Oh no… What happened last night Justin?
Justin: I don’t remember, but what if uuhm…

I looked into her eyes and she knew everything about what I was about to say. She rushed out of the hotel room with a scared look on her face, afraid of what had happened during the night…


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