Falling for you | Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber looks through some old photos to find some picture of his old best friend Mariah Johnson. She left him and their friendship behind when he started dating Selena Gomez; there you see what love what ruin. When Justin's tour goes to Miami he meets Mariah again, who pretends she doesn't know him, but admits at last. Mariah's old feelings for Justin starts growing again and he feels the same for her. So what happens when Selena chooses to come back to Justin and Mariah has to tell to choose?


6. Almost confessing


Alfredo: Aye! Wake up man! You have a show tonight!
Justin: Urgh, let me sleep bro..
Alfredo: No way man! -Hey, what’s that?!

Alfredo pointed towards the dress that hung on the wardrobe door. The beautiful black and white, simple but yet still so pretty tight dress that fitted Mariah so perfectly, the picture of her in the dress last night appears in front of my eyes once more as Alfredo snaps me out of my day dream

Alfredo: Aye man! Wake up; the hell is wrong with you?
Justin:  Nothing man, what did you say?
Alfredo: I said what’s up with the dress? Whose is for?
Justin: Cody... It’s for Mariah Fredo
Alfredo: Bro you’ve gone crazy. She’s your best friend!
Justin: So?
Alfredo: Man you made out with her at that party 2 days ago

Wait what? I made out with her? Well that must’ve been hell of a great ma- Justin! Shut up! I have to get my thoughts back on track, and I know it! But she’s just so sexy and her lips are so smooth like, everybody knows that I kissed her before! Or at least you guys do, the crew doesn’t, nobody does except for me and Mariah. Luckily. Alfredo slaps me silly and tells me to get ready for the rehearsals which start in 10 minutes. I get myself ready, nothing fancy - wait? I don’t own anything that’s not fancy so that was not true. But you know it’s just the usual, a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, alright I’m wearing a tank top under it as well, but only because it’s kind of cold.

I got to the arena and started my rehearsals as my eyes traveled along in the arena, not really knowing what I was searching for. Moving along with every song I am supposed to perform at the show, doing it perfectly until her face showed up in the middle of the arena and I stopped dead in my track.

Alfredo: Aye man! What are you doing?

I didn’t reply. I just took off the mic that was wrapped around my face and jumped down from the stage running towards her. Mariah. I wrapped my arms around and lifted her couple of inches off of the ground while I tightened my grip around her waist. She chuckled lightly into my neck when I lifted her up and spun her around. I’m pretty sure we might have been looking like some kind of couple. I put my arm around her waist and we walked towards the stage when Alfredo started complaining about me leaving the stage to hug some girl, he didn’t mean to offend her. I know why he’s so hard on me, cause he knows that Mariah has this certain ability to disturb me and make me do whatever she wants me to. I got Mariah a chair and placed it in the middle of the arena right in front of the stage, I wanted her to watch me finish my rehearsals. The melody starts for my song Die In Your Arms and I can’t stop looking at her while I sing. I feel like this song pretty much describes how I feel about her. I really wish I could die in her arms, if I had to die…


While Justin made his every move perfectly and hit every note perfectly while he sung his song, he looked directly into my eyes. I felt like he had put a spell on me. Just as I thought he could not keep my eyes on him for one more second, his stare buries itself deeper into my eyes as he sings along with the words:

Justin: Basically I’m staying here; I can’t live without my baby! Loving you is so damn for me.

He’s right. Loving him is so easy for me, but him loving me is so hard. I know that it’s meant the other way, but let’s be honest. I’ve already been in love with Justin once in my life, so it’s just a tad easier for me to fall in love with him again, than it is for him to fall in love with me for the first time. I don’t even know why I fell for him, I mean there is a lot of guys just like him, I guess I just spend too much time with that boy back then. Not that we spend less time now, which is the only thing that scares me…

Mariah: Wooo! That was awesome Justin!

Justin just finished his rehearsals for today. He was really good, more than that. He walks towards me and he’s just about to hug me, when I raise my hands and push him away

Mariah: Go take a shower first! I don’t want to shower twice today!
Justin: Awe c’mon Mariah! Just a little hug! It’s not that bad!
Mariah: Justin, go take a shower and you can have a hug!
Justin: Whatever you want shawty, but I know you think I’m sexy!
Mariah: Yeah right Justin. Leave! Your shower is calling for you

Justin left to the dressing room in the arena, which luckily has a shower in its “possession”. I must admit though, Justin is sexy when he’s sweaty, but I’m not interesting in smelling like Justin’s sweat. It took Justin about 10 minutes to get out of the dressing room, now looking fresh and clean, just the way I like it. His light blue jeans and white V-neck T-shirt could have killed me right there…

Justin: So? Can I have my hug?
Mariah: Sure Justin!

I put my arms around his neck and he pulls me close into his arms while he presses himself against me and tightens his grip. He smells so good, something expensive I guess, what else would it be?

Mariah: You smell really nice!
Justin: Clive Christian No.1 baby. World’s most expensive fragrance for men!

Typical Justin, or wait? I never knew Justin like this. When I first met Justin and he became famous, he didn’t have access to his own money, he has now. He can buy whatever he wants, which is quite obvious when the boy is driving in a Ferrari 458 Italia. Justin changed a lot. Not in a bad way! At all! He’s still the same goofy Justin he has always been, it’s just weird to me that he has all of these money now, that he can buy anything he wants to without even thinking about becoming broke.

Justin: What are you thinking about?
Mariah: What? I’m not thinking?
Justin: Don’t lie to me. I know you, and you’re thinking about something!
Mariah: Let’s not talk about that now…

I don’t want to talk to Justin about how I’m scared of falling in love with him again. I don’t want to talk to him about how he always fools me and make me think that he loves me, when I know that he doesn’t.

No matter what happens, Justin will always be the first boy I ever loved and the first boy who broke my heart.


Justin: But man, she’s so sweet!
Alfredo: Look man, I know. But you’ve got to focus! She’s just a girl!
Justin: No she’s not! She’s my best friend!
Alfredo: I know! But you waste your time on her!

I looked at Alfredo with a death glare, which for sure could’ve killed him!

Alfredo: I didn’t mean it like that man, I’m sorry. I just want this tour to be amazing, for you.
Justin: Get out man… I need a couple of minutes…

Alfredo sure hurt me there… You waste your time on her. Somewhat it might be true and I know that. I hurt her, and now I have invited her right back into my life, only so my dreams about her would disappear, which didn’t happen. Now I just feel like I need her. She keeps me humble. So I’m not sure she’s that much a waste of time. She reminds me of who I really am, which is somehow now the world famous pop star Justin Bieber! But the little regular kid who had a dream, Justin Bieber.


I was on my way to my own room at the hotel in England, and yes I finally figured out that we are in England, but we have been in Ireland. It’s so confusing. Alfredo walk out of Justin’s room with a sad look on his face while he mumbles something I don’t know what is. Alfredo lifts his head and looks at me in a surprised way

Alfredo: Mariah, I messed up…
Mariah: What are you talking about?
Alfredo: Please just go talk to Justin, I’m begging you!
Mariah: Sure Fredo, what’s up?
Alfredo: Just talk to him, and thank you

Wow, Alfredo is really acting weird? He said he messed up? What did he mess up? I do as Alfredo asked me to do and walk towards Justin’s door. I hear Justin mumbling inside, so I choose to gently knock on the door

Mariah: Justin? Justin open the door.
Justin: NO!
Mariah: Justin relax, it’s me Mariah…
Justin: Shit! Wait up I’ll be right there!

About 30 seconds pass by until Justin opens the door in a rush and stand there in the opening while he tries to look like a hot mess. Not working today. I could see Justin’s eyes were red and puffy and there were wet stains on his shirt. Oh my little baby… I pulled him in to a hug and he pulled me in to the room closing the door behind us. When the door was closed I heard gentle sobs from Justin as he pulled me closer and tightened his grip around my waist. I felt his warm tears being pressed against my neck where he had buried his face. I place my hand on the back of head and kiss his hair as I press his head further in to my neck making him feel safe.

Mariah: What’s up with you Justin?
Justin: Alfredo said I was wasting my time on you…
Mariah: Aren’t I the who’s supposed to be crying then?

Justin pulls out of the hug and sits on the bed in his hotel room. The same bed that gave me a heart attack yesterday. He takes my hand and pulls me close to him until I’m standing directly in front of him. He let’s go of my hands, places his hands on my waist and buries his head in my stomach while his tears stream down his face. Alfredo’s words must’ve hurted him more than anything. Or maybe he’s just overreacting.

Justin: You won’t leave will you? Please don’t
Mariah: Why would I do that Justin?

His sobs were heart breaking. I would never leave. I just got him back in my life after all these years. He ducked fingers into my skin through my shirt as if he was begging me not to leave, ever.

I stayed with Justin for hours. Cody was in here about 2 hours ago to tell us that they were going to get some dinner, but Justin said he wanted to stay home. Seems to me like Alfredo saying that Justin was wasting his time on me, wasn’t the only thing that Justin was hurted by. Justin told me a long story about how the break up with Selena really had hurted him, and then at the same time all the rumors that kept going about him… The current rumor was about that Justin should’ve raped a 13 year old girl here in London… The clocked reached midnight and Justin had been sleeping for about 1 hour; he needed that sleep after all this crying for 5 hours! I got up off the bed at headed towards the balcony in Justin’s room. The stars were lighting up the world with the moon and it was really beautiful, like really


I slowly opened my eyes when I realized that Mariah wasn’t beside me anymore. I sat up in my bed only in my jeans since I had taken my shirt off, showing off my chest and 8 pack. Not bragging at all, pfff… It doesn’t take long before I can see clearly and all I see is Mariah out on the balcony with her head in the sky. I get up off the bed at walk slowly towards her, trying not to make too much noise. I know she can feel my presence by the way she suddenly tightens up, so I place my hands on her waist and kiss the back of her head, with that she relaxes once again. She places her hands over mine which is gently wrapped around her waist. I breathe in her scent kiss her cheek.

Mariah: Isn’t it beautiful Justin?
Justin: I have seen much more beautiful things, beyond gorgeous things actually

I whisper in her ear with a raspy voice and I know she confused by answer

Mariah: Really? Where?
Justin: Yeah right here…
Mariah: Wow, what have you seen that is more beautiful than this? What can possibly be?
Justin: I have seen this little special thing. It bring a smile on my face every day, I love it…
Mariah: What is it?

I start to hesitate, should I tell her, that she makes me smile every day? Will she think I love her then, or should I say will she know? Cause I do love her, but I already broke her heart once, can’t do it again. I know that! I shouldn’t tell her… Yes I should… But I won’t do it… Get your ass together Justin! Tell her!

I take a deep, deep breath and tighten my grip around her to make sure she doesn’t run away from me in 3 seconds

Justin: It’s you… 


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