The Lucky One

Sarah has been having a few troubles with her boyfriend, Josh, lately. She goes to her favourite cafe to get away from everyone, and meets the one and only...


9. Chapter 9


Author's Chapter Notes: This part is short!... Sarah wrote it..

Liam's P.O.V.

I felt really bad for Niall. And I can't even think of how bad Sarah's pain is right now. We all love her, but Niall loves her in a way that not one of us have seen him love a girl as much as he loves her.

He won't let go of her. Niall was driving and I was in the passenger's when my mobile rang. Louis. 

Louis: Hello ? Where are you!? 

Me: On our way to Mercy's hospital. 

Louis: Why the hell are you all the way out there!? 

Me: Sarah had something happen to her last night. She was in critical condition and they told us she need to go to Mercy's via Star-Flight. They couldn't tell us anymore than that.

Louis: Uh oh! How is Niall handling it?

Me: Not well... So why are you calling? 

Louis: You know the damn rumor about Zayn cheating on Perrie? Well he punched the wall, broke some fingers, and now were at our hospital.

Me: Who are you with?

Louis: Harry and Zayn. Harry is at the food court eating a taco . 

Me: Wonderful. Well, meet me at Mercy's. We've just pulled into the car park. Call you later.

Louis: Bye??? 

*call ended* 

Sarah's P.O.V.

I woke up with the doctors surrounding me. I finally had one cast off my arm from the fact that its been 6 weeks at the hospital and I was supposed to come home next week but that won't happen now! I'm not in the same room though, and these doctors look different. 

My stomach is still killing me, but not nearly as bad of pain as it was before.
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