The Lucky One

Sarah has been having a few troubles with her boyfriend, Josh, lately. She goes to her favourite cafe to get away from everyone, and meets the one and only...


6. Chapter 6


Author's Chapter Notes: I wrote this part!!! Hope it's not bad! :D

Niall's P.O.V.

We ran into the room, literally, crashing through the door sprinting to see her lying in bed, looking miserable. I still don't know why she jumped in front of that bus instead of letting me get hurt. She didn't deserve that, I did. That's why I was going to do it.

Harry's P.O.V.

Niall looked crushed. He ran right over to her, and knelt down and grabbed her hand. I haven't seen him like this since he had to leave his mum for 6 months to go on tour. At least me and the other lads were able to go home for a a couple of days in between because we had some shows in England, but Niall didn't have time to stop home. This seems worse, though. I don't think anyone knows why she got hit except her and Niall, and only Niall now because she apparently lost her memory. 

Now he's crying and blaming this whole thing on himself, kind of muttering things to himself. The rest of us know not to bother him, because he's already in some state of mind, and he's best left alone right now. 

"Niall, mate, we're going to go get some dinner, we haven't eaten since morning, you want to come?" Louis spoke nervously.

"No, I'm, I'm, good, thanks." Niall stuttered.
We left him alone at that point.

Sarah's P.O.V. 

My whole body is in horrible pain. Both of my legs are in casts, and my whole torso is wrapped up, and it kills when I breath. My left wrist seems to be bandaged up, and my right arm is in a sling. Some cute kid in a striped shirt, said to the blonde boy who was knelt down, holding my hand and crying, said, 

"Niall, mate, we're going to go get some dinner, we haven't eaten since morning, you want to come?"

Then, the blonde kid responded, somewhat stuttering, "No, I'm, I'm, good, thanks."

Do I even know these people? Why am I in so much pain? My whole body hurts. What did I do? Ugh, I just want to fall onto a soft pillow and sleep for the rest of my life. 

This kills. 

When the other four cute guys left, I was left with the cutest of them all whose name is apparently Niall? Hmm strange name...

"Umm, Niall, is it? Yeah. Why am I here? And why is my whole body practically in a cast?" I asked 'Niall.'

"Yeah, it's Niall." He says, smiling, wiping a tear rolling down his cheek. 

"You were, uh wow this is harder than I thought. You um, you were in an accident. Um this bus, uh, it hit you, because you um, you pushed me out of the way, because uh I was gonna get hit, but you um you saved me, so um thanks."

Every time he said 'um' or 'uh' he kept choking on his tears. 

"Why'd I save you?"

He kind of chuckled I suppose.

"Hah, I don't know. I was going to ask you, but you don't actually remember..."

"But... I don't know you, so why would I save you?"

His faint smile quickly turned into a frown.

"Wait? *Sniffle* You don't, you don't know who I am?"

"No... Should I?"

"Hah, *Sniffle* No, Naw I guess not...." He got up and went to sit on the chair in the corner. 

He started hitting himself in the head muttering things that I couldn't hear. I just let him be. Maybe he had Schizophrenia, who knows? He gets back up, and comes back over to me. 

"Hey, Sarah, I'll be back. I promise. You get better soon." He smiles, kissing my hand that wasn't in a cast.

He left the room, walking out the door, he turned back and smiled at me, another tear rolling down his cheek.

Niall's P.O.V.

I had to think of a way to re-gain Sarah's memory. I know deep down inside if her, there was a reason that she saved me, and I need to know why she did. It's now 11.49 PM, and I've been pacing back and forth in my room for hours, thinking of how to get the Sarah I know, back. I haven't eaten since morning, but Sarah's more important to me right now. The boys were at a secret signing that only like 50 people went to, and apparently they were done now.

Liam comes in with some big book in his hands, 

"Hey Niall some girl made this scrapbook for you, and she wanted me to give it to you." 

"Thanks mate. Can you just set it on the bed?" 

He set it on the bed, and awkwardly left. I paced a few minutes longer, and sat down, and looked at the scrapbook. There were pictures in their of me and the boys from X factor until now. At the end, it was pictures of her and us... apparently she's met us before? I looked at the pictures, and finally remembered her!!! Her name was Jessie!! That was a cute idea!!


Wait!!!! That's it!!!! That's how I'm going to regain Sarah's memory!!! Thank you Jessie!! She put her Twitter in here, so I decided to Tweet her, thanking her.

@NiallOfficial: Thanks a ton to @JessieGirl95 for the scrapbook!! I honestly do remember meeting you the first time! Sorry I couldn't be there today, but your gift truly meant a lot! Thanks babe! Much love xx

I went to the craft store a few minutes down the road and grabbed all the needed supplies, and right when I got back, I started constructing what was going to be the best scrapbook EVER!!
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