The Lucky One

Sarah has been having a few troubles with her boyfriend, Josh, lately. She goes to her favourite cafe to get away from everyone, and meets the one and only...


4. Chapter 4


Author's Chapter Notes: Hi Hi!!! :D I promise this will get better, so keep reading!!! .Xx I did write this part, though! Not the other author! And this part is longer! :D

You all went to lunch, at Nando's, and Simon and Sarah were sitting next to each other, but he seemed angry. He kept looking at you and the boys and then whispering something.

Sarah's P.O.V.

Uncle Simon was embarrassing me. We went out to lunch, and he sat right next to me. Of course. After we ordered, he kept telling me that he knew Niall fancied me. He wouldn't shut up about how right when he saw me walk into Starbucks, he knew I was the one. He was talking about it to the boys this morning before I woke up apparently, and they told Simon. 

Simon kept saying that he warned me about Josh, and that I would get hurt. He said that if I were to date Niall, all hell would break loose. Not because Niall would hurt me. He wouldn't. But because all the 'Directioners'. I know that all the true Directioners would stay with me if we DID date, and the fans would send me hate. There would be nothing I could do about it.

I told Simon that I could take hate and criticism. I told him that I liked Niall, for Niall. Not the fact that he was in One Direction. I knew him on the X Factor. I was there to watch all of the boys' auditions. Before Niall even got through to the judge's house, or even to the second round(Thanks K.P.) I liked him. He was so cheeky, although he had never seen me before yesterday.

We all ordered our food, and we all gave a tip, because the service was excellent. Niall and I talked during lunch after Simon was done giving me yet again, another lecture. We walked out holding hands, I think neither of us realizing it, it just happening. Of course, the second we walked out of the door, the paps just flew right in.
After pushing our way through the paparazzi, we finally got to the car(SUV), then headed home. I took a nap after watching a movie with Niall and the boys, and I fell asleep in his lap. 

When I woke up, it was 6.30 PM, almost dinner time!! Niall was sleeping, so I decided to be nice, and make him something..... Okay, I just ordered pizza -because I'm no chef- and a lot of it!! About 45 minutes later, the pizza showed up, and me and Niall went into his room to eat. I got on my mobile, and checked my twitter, as usual, like every night. 

Last time I checked, I had 439 followers. Now, I have 4,693. I looked at who they were, and they were all directioners, or fans. How did they find my Twitter? I checked my mentions, and just about burst into tears. I threw the piece of pizza on the plate, and ran onto the bed, off of the couch. 

Niall: Babe, what's wrong??

Me: Niall, there were death threats on there. One after another!! There's only 4 thousand followers, and over 5 thousand death threats! Why do these people want to kill me? What did I do wrong?

I barely got that out after a few breaths of stuttering, and crying. 

Niall: I'll take care of it. Don't you worry about this, and don't say anything on Twitter. 

He went to grab his mobile, and then came back on the bed and rubbed my back. I wrapped my arms around him feeling safe, and content. 

Me: Niall, what if someone tries to hurt me, or ki-

Niall: NO! They won't do that! I won't let it happen!!

He grabbed his mobile and started typing something, but I didn't look, because that would be rude. He did something, took a deep breath, then closed his phone. 

Twenty seconds later, my phone buzzed. 

Twitter: 'Mentioned by: @NiallOfficial: Listen guys you all need to stop...' Is all I got without unlocking my mobile and opening it completely. I went to Niall's Twitter and looked at his latest tweet.

@NiallOfficial: Listen guys you all need to stop sending death threats to the important people in my life. She never did anything to make you hate her, so don't. I love you @SarahP .Xx

You didn't know how to react. You wrapped your arms around him, squeezing him tighter, with a tear streaming down your face.

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