The Lucky One

Sarah has been having a few troubles with her boyfriend, Josh, lately. She goes to her favourite cafe to get away from everyone, and meets the one and only...


2. Chapter 2

Five minutes earlier:

Starbuck's worker's P.O.V.

It's a really slow night, and only a few people have been coming in lately, so the owner decides to leave me with the locking up. We don't close until a bit after midnight, but I still have to stay here.

Finally! A customer!! 

A person who looked like a male came walking through the door with their hood up, and I couldn't see anything more than blue eyes through the thick sweatshirt that was tied around his face. 

He comes in and sounds Irish when he orders. He orders a chocolate frappe and a chocolate muffin, then goes to sit on a squishy chair in the corner. He looked like he was about to pull his hood down when the bells on top of the door jingled. Another customer!! It was a girl in a long white coat, skinny jeans, a scarf and very cute boots - if you ask me. 

She came in and ordered the same thing the other person did. Weird. I asked her how she was, because it's part of my job to do that, and she said bad. She told me her boyfriend of two and a half years just broke up with her over text. 

She didn't show that she really cared much about it though. Maybe she was in shock. I gave her her order, and she went to sit on the other side of the cafe from that man, and was on her phone when I saw him walk through the door. 

"OH MY GOD!" I screamed when I realized it was him. 

The other two looked in my direction.


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