The Lucky One

Sarah has been having a few troubles with her boyfriend, Josh, lately. She goes to her favourite cafe to get away from everyone, and meets the one and only...


10. Chapter 10


Author's Chapter Notes: :D I wrote this part!! It is so realistic!! .Xx

Sarah's P.O.V.

"Doctor, why am I here?" I ask, forcefully sucking in air through my clenched teeth, grabbing my stomach, "and why does my stomach hurt so bad?" I winced. 

"You needed to come here last night by Star-Flight. You were in critical condition. You have a stomach ulcer, and if not treated soon, you will bleed internally, and that is fatal. We gave you Prednisone to try to stop it from growing."

"You what?? Prednisone? No no no no no!!! I'm highly allergic to that!! When I was a few years old, I had horrible allergies which led to breathing problems, and they prescribed that to me. The next day, I was temporarily paralyzed for a week."

"We just thought since you were a female, you weren't allergic. It's rare for people, especially females to be allergic to that." 

He ran over to the phone, and picked up a line. I heard a voice on the loud speaker above me, and it was him.

"Dr. Schiaparelli, we need AV testing pronto. Room 482. Blood testing paralysis. Conceivable that patient is temporarily paralyzed. Quick!" 

The man at the phone spoke into the loud speaker travelling via wires through the hospital ceilings. Another doctor then hooked up all these wires all around my body, and put something into my arm wheres my elbow bends. I then heard beeping, and I take it it was my blood pressure.

A few minutes later, a man walks in with a cart full of things. He first took a really big needle out, and rolled me over onto my stomach which hurt, and I winced. 

"Shh, babe you're going to have to calm down and relax or else this will hurt more than it needs to."

I relaxed my whole body, but I still had my fists clenched at my sides because of the pain. 

"Honey, you need to relax your whole body including your hands." He spoke gently.

I relaxed my fists, and the man undid the Velcro on the back of the hospitals gown that now covered nothing. Luckily I was face down, so they couldn't see anything but my knickers. 

He wiped down my back with a cold wipe that sent chills through my body. Then I felt a sharp pain in my back right below my left shoulder blade, and next to my spinal cord. It tightened all of the muscles, and my back cramped up, and then relaxed by itself. 

I couldn't feel anything on the left side of my body.

"Now, you won't be able to move the left side of your body, and we also need to test to see what type blood you have, and then you need a CT scan."

He rolled me back over after putting the two Velcro strips together again. He then stuck yet again another needle in the crook of my elbow, pulling the syringe every few seconds. 

I watched as thick, red liquid traveled up the tube. He kept doing that until it was full of my blood, and then put gauze on the part of my skin that he punctured. 

Three different doctors then wheeled me down the hall into an elevator, a man pressing a button, making us travel higher, a beep going after every floor.

We finally got to the floor that he pressed. "Surgery FL" is what the button said. 

We got out and traveled down a corridor with the same structure we were in a few moments ago. 

We went about halfway down the corridor, then turned a corners walking a couple rooms down, the I was brought into this weird room with red lights. 

I was wheeled over, and then three people picked me up, supporting my whole body. They brought me over to a big machine that seemed to be off. 

They put me on a bed that seemed to be connected to the big machine. Then a man did something on the computer connected to it. I heard a big rumble, then I started to move.

"Now Ms. Evans, you will need to stay relaxed for this to work. Stay as still as possible."

I took in a very deep breath and closed my eyes. I was very claustrophobic, and they were putting my through this big tube. 

I didn't like that. I tried to stay as calm as possible, and then I got fully in the tube, and all these red lights were all over my body, and it was so weird.

I eventually was done with that after a half hour. I was wheeled back down the corridor, turned the corner, then into the elevator, down about 4 floors, to my room. I was greeted in the room by Niall and Liam. 

"Finally you're here!!" 

Niall exclaimed as he jumped up out of the chair in the corner of the room.

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