Love at the First Sigth

It was just a signing. But I had no idea about what could happen after that day. My life changed a lot. Also he changed me. I don't know ıf ıt's good or bad. But I know I love him. I lost soo much but I still have him and that's the only thing I'm caring now. We had so much pain. But even all the pain was nothing when there was our love.

-Bella Prize


12. With justin


I was crying. I really didn't want to break up with her. It really hurt me. But it was the best for her, she had cuts. I didn't want her to get hurt. I was crying a lot. Louis was out woth Elenor. We had 1 week off. I planed to spent it with Bella but now all of my plans chaged. I wanted her happeness. That was all. I didn't want something soo hard to get. But after she got hates it was so hard to get. She jad cuts, because of me. If I wasn't in her life she was happy and alright, without any cuts. I was crying, crying and crying. I couldn't stop it. After awhile I lost my control. I got up and started to hit the tables, broke some glass and shout. I had lost control of my anger. I was angry woth myself. I was bunching the tables and walls. Someone quickly opened the house door. It was Louis. He was paniced. I knew it wa because of th voices of me he heard. I sat to floor and started to cry. Je ran next to me and hugged. "Hey, what's the problem?" he asked. "Louis, Bella couldn't handle the hates. She cutted her wrists" I said. "Oh my god. What? Where's she now?" he asked. "That's the worst part. For her healt we had to broke up. But I knew shewas not going to say yes of if I dump her for the hates so I acted like a real jerk. Than I saw a picture of her and Justin kissing on TV. She explained me everything. She told me Justin kissed her. I belived and trusted her but I kept figthing. Finally she dumped me and walked away. It was the best for her. But I'm not felling alright, Lou" I said. I was crying. "Is her happeness and her health the most important thing for you?" he asked. I nodded. "I don't know that it was right or wrong. She is not happy now, I think. But she's gonna be happy or healty" He said. I cried more than half a hour.


I wasn't able to go to school. I lost Harry. What can be worst. Liz and Beth were out together. I went down to kitchen. I cutted my wrist again. I couldn't belive I was doing that. But just I couldn't handle it more. I opened my tweeter. And I send a tweet.

We broke up with Harry. So now you can be happy and stop the hates. He is free

After 10 minutes people started to send me masseges that saying they were happy thay we broke up. They hadn't got an idea about what I felt. I cleaned the bloods. I ran to my bedroom and started to cry. I called Kate and told her everything. She came over to support me. Liz and Beth were back home. I told Liz the whole story. She supported me a lot. It was getting late. Kate had to leave. After Kate leaved I slept. I was really sad and tried.



Justin called and invited me to a cafe. I changed and we met there. We chated for awhile and started to walk. He wa trying his best to make me feel better and forget about Harry. I forgot about my cuts and rolled my tshirts sleevs up. Justin saw the cuts. He was shocked. "Why did you do this?" he asked. "It was first from the hates than for Harry" I said. He hugged me . "Don't ever do that again. You're to special and perfect for having cuts" he was so sweet. I nodded. "Bella. If you want too. When you're ready... Please can go out with me?" he asked. Since I broke up with Harry, Justin was the best for me. "Ofcourse. Time is not importent. If you want, we can start to go out now" I said. "Really. Thanks. And I would really like that" he said and kissed me. It was his second time kissing me. It was a good kiss but I hadn't feel like felt with Harry. Harry's kiss was special. Why I was thinking Harry. He was not my boyfriend. My boyfriend was Justin. He held my hand and we walked together.



After a week everybody knew that I was dating with Justin. I was still getting hates because of that but they were less and they were not that much rude. I was not sad. But I wasn't really happy. I wasn't feeling the same with Justin. I missed the feeling I had with Harry. But now I really hated him. He treated me really bad. He was rude. He changed a lot.



I couldn't handle it anymore. I knew she was dating with Justin. I was soo sad about it. She was dating with Justin for 1 month. I called Bella to say sorry. She opened the phone. "Hello" she said. "Bella. It's me Harry. I'm soo sorry about what I did to you really. Please forgive me. Please return to me" I begged. "Harry. Soory but I can't. I'm with Justin. After what you did I can't forgive you. I could but it past 1 month. If you really wanted me back you called me last month" she said and ended the call. I started to cry.


Harry called me. He called me after a month. Justin said me he loved me for a few times. I never answered it back. I just smiled at him. Because I didn't love him. I loved Harry. Now I didn't know what I was feeling for Harry but, I knew I didn't love Justin. I just liked him. He was not doing special thing for me like Harry. Harry always suprised me. It didn't  matters that if don't wanted . Justin was just taking me to dinner or for a walk. This was the way we spent our time. Today we were going to have lunch. I changed and met with Justin. 



I called Bella nearly everyday. Most of the time she didn't answered. But when she answered, she just told me not to call again. I was so desprate. But I had a plan. I thought she was going to like it. Boys were helping me to orgineze it. We were planing it for 3 weeks. Today was the day it was ready, finally.


Justin was a good boyfriend. But not the best. But, I was always comparing him with Harry. And Harry was a great boyfriend. I had to stop thinking about him. Liz and Kate didn't supported me to go out with Justin. They were at Harry's site. Harry called me everyday. I didn't answered him or just told him not to call. Today I was going to meet with Kate. I got ready. 


I was going to meet with Bella today. I changed. My phone rang. I answered it. It was Harry. "If you're calling for Bella, she's not here" I said. "Noo. I'm not calling for her" he said. He told me everything about his suprise. "Wow, Harry. She can't say no to something like that. Ok I'll bring her to covent garden at 13.00. It's 2 hours later, isn't it?" I said. "Yeah and thanks a lot" "You welcome. I hope it will work out" I said and ended the call. I went to the cafe that I was going to meet with Bella. We sat for 1 and a half hour. Than I asked her for going to covent garden. She agreed.


We got to the Covent Garden. It was really crowded. It was like 10 times more crowded than normal. Kate dragged me somewhere. As I saw where she dragged me I started to understood the things.





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