Love at the First Sigth

It was just a signing. But I had no idea about what could happen after that day. My life changed a lot. Also he changed me. I don't know ıf ıt's good or bad. But I know I love him. I lost soo much but I still have him and that's the only thing I'm caring now. We had so much pain. But even all the pain was nothing when there was our love.

-Bella Prize


30. What's going on (FINAL)


I ran to reach Bella but she was alredy far away from me. I didn't know where she was. I called her for million times. She didn't answered it. I was really worried about her. I knew that it was about Jessica. I went next to Jessica. "WHAT DID YOU SAID TO HER?" I shouted with anger. "Noting except the reality" she said. "WHAT DID YOU SAID TO HER" I shouted again. She just walked away. I was freaked out.


"Is there something wrong?" I said. I was still crying. "I didn't want to worry you but things had gone worst" she said. What could really happen that bad? "2 days ago some Directioners came to the house. They were all saying hates to you. Than police came and they were gone. But yesterday our dad came" she said. What? Why he turned back?  "What?" "Yeah he came and knocked the door. He was drunk. I slap the door to his face. He stayed there drunk for hours than got away" she said. "The worst is... Beth didn't turned back from school with her school bus. I called the school but they said she went back home. I couldn't find her anywhere. I called the police they're seaching for her" she said. I was shocked. If my dad kidnaped her, he was drunk. She could get hurt. No, don't think the worst. I thougth to myself. "What?" I was crying a lot. I couldn't move. I told her to call me if something happens and I said that I was returning earlier. I ended the call. I was crying a lot. I needed Harry more than anything at that second. I was scared and worried. It started to rain but I wasn't able to move.



Bella was lost. She didn't answered her phone or she didn't turned back to the hotel last nigth. I was freaked out and scared. We were all searching for her. I called the police. They were searching for her too.


The door bell rang. I answered it. It was my dad. I didn't want to call him dad. He grabed my arms at a socand and closed my mouth with a tigth rope. He took me to the car. He tigthed my eyes. Afterawhile the car stoped. We were at a barnyard. He took me inside a cottage. Beth was inside tigth to a chair. "Where is Bella?" he asked and opened my mouth. I started to shout. "There's nobody around here for miles, now answer me" he said. "She is not at the city or country" I said. I told him to let us go. "Really. You know, the truth is, I don' t need you two. I need Bella and her rich new boyfriend" he said. Than I started to shout. "Shut up" he said. I protested and tried to escape. After awhile he got really angry. Than he took out a gun. I heard a gun shut. I looked at my back. He shoot Beth. I started to cry. I tried to get up and help her put I was tied to the chair and the chair was tied to a big metal table. She was shouting and crying with pain. Than he shoot her once more. "Nooo" I shouted. He just laugth. I knew that he was drunk. Than I saw Beth closing her eyes. She stopped moving. Her chest wasn't going up and down. Than I heard 2 more gun shots...


I woke up. I was still sitting on a corner of a dark street in my dress. I must be fall asleep at there with all that emosions and worry. I got up. Than my phone rang. "Hello?" "Hello. Am I talking with Bella Prize?" a man said. "yes" "Mmm. I'm so sorry to give sad news but... We found your sisters Liz and Beth Prize at a cottage. They were shot by a gun" the man said. I felt my tears streaming down my cheeks. "What? Where are they now? Are they ok?" I said with worry. "Sorry but we lost them" the man said. I found my self on the ground again. They were dead. No! That can't be. I thougth to myself. I started to cry. "Ok I'm out of town but I'm turning back as fast as I can" I said. "ok and sorry" he said. I ended the call. I called Harry.


My phone rang. It was Bella! I was really worried about her. "Bella? Are you ok?" she was crying a lot. "Liz...and..Beth got shot... They are dead" she said, crying a lot. "What? Where are you?" I said. She told me whereshe was. I got my car keys and rushed to the car. I was driving as fast as I could. Suddenly a car appered infront of me. I turned the car as fast as I can but than the padels didn't work. The car wasn't stoping. Last thing I remember was the car rolling on the road...


My phone rang I answered it. "Hello who am I talking with?" the man asked. I whiped myItears. "Bella Prize" I said. "Ow. Ok. Do you know Harry Styles?" "Yeah. He is my boyfriend"  I said. "Oww. Ok. He had a really bad car accident and he is at hospital now" he said. What was going on? Liz and Beth were death and Harry was at hospital "What? Which hospital?" he gave me the adress. I got into the first taxi I found and went to the hospital. I called the boys and said them that Harry was at a hospital. I got to there. My dress was ruined. I looked like a mess but I didn't cared at that moment. I went to Harry's room. They didn't let me to see him. They said he was really bad injured. He had a really serious and bad accident. His injures were serious. I was crying. Everything happened at once. The other guys came after awhile. They were crying to when they heard about Harry's injures. There was no news about Harry all nigth. We stayed at there. We fall asleep on the chairs infront of his room.



I woke up. I was still in the same dress, I was mess with my mixed hair and ruined make up and dress.The others were awake. After awhile the nurse and the doctor came. They looked worried. "Is he ok? Is there any news?" I asked with worry. "Mmm. Yeah. There's some news. His injures were so bad and serious. We couldn't save him, sorry. We have lost him, I'm so sorry" he said. All the guys started to cry so much that I thougth they were going to faith. I found myself on my knees on the floor of the hospital, crying like I didn't cared anything. That couldn't be. He was gone. Forever. I thougth we were going to be together, forever. But now he was gone. He was never going to turn back. I couldn't look at the others but I knew they were crying more than they had cried in their whole life. I was broke, torn apart. That couldn't be real. It has to be nigthmare. When I woke up I was going to be laying on his chest. He was going to say me goodmoring and I was going to say moring and we were going to kiss. But no it wasn't a nigthmare. It was the reality. I love him. I love him more than anything. He was gone. My only true love was gone and I wasn't going to feel the same things to someone else than him. Our feelings where diffrent, special. I would never love someone else. I would never be able to find the same feelings. I love him. I love him in a special way. Our love was stronger than all the pains and other things. Suddenly all my momories about Harry were on my mind. I was crying. All those momories, they were special, emotional...


(Open the link and watch the video (taylor=bella) ı told you guys about the name stuff comment if you cant open the video) 





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