Love at the First Sigth

It was just a signing. But I had no idea about what could happen after that day. My life changed a lot. Also he changed me. I don't know ıf ıt's good or bad. But I know I love him. I lost soo much but I still have him and that's the only thing I'm caring now. We had so much pain. But even all the pain was nothing when there was our love.

-Bella Prize


22. What?


"Mmm. I thought it was hurting you when someone sits on your lap" Jesicca said. "Yeah but it's ok" Harry said. "If it hurts you I can get up" I said and got up but he held my hips and pulled to his lap again. "It's better when you sit" he said. I smiled and kissed him. Jessica was staring at us. She gave me an angry look. Harry putted his head to my neck and his face got lost in my hair. After a second I felt his kiss on my neck. Then he got away from my neck. After awhile a got a call from Liz. "I need to go" I said. Harry begged me to stay. "Maybe she really has to go" Jessica said. "I really need to go but I'm gonna come over tommorow ok?" I said. He finally agreed. I was afraid to leave him alone with Jessica but I trusted him, not Jessica. I got home. Liz was cooking. I helped her. We spend the day together with Liz and Beth.



I got dressed.  Then I got into a cab and went to Harry's house. I rang the door bell. Jessica answered it. I was shocked when I saw her. She was with her underwears, there was just a blouse on her and it wasn't closed. "Hey" she said. Than Harry came after a second. He was shirtless and he was trying to close his pants. What? What did happen last nigth when I wasn't here? I trusted him but... This time it was not a figth. Did just cheat on me last nigth? And with Jessica? Harry just looked an Jessica first than he stared at me for awhile. I was shocked. I felt 1 or 2 tears streaming down my face. Jessica gave me a look. I started to cry and ran away. I heard Harry shouting "Bella" behind me. I ran away as fast as I can. I just ran for the rest of the street than at the end of the street I found a dark corner. I sat there on the ground crying.


"Jessica! Go and wear something on you" I said. "But I..." I cutted her off. "GO AND WEAR SOMETHING" I shouted at her with anger. I knew what did Bella thougth but it wasn't like that. I didn't know why Jessica was with her underwear when she was answering the door. But I was at shower and I just came out. So I was shirtless, trying to close my pants. I knew what did she understood. I putted a tshirt on as fast as I can. Than I got out of the house. I toured all the street. She was gonna. I couldn't found her. I called her but she wasn't answering. I called her again every second.


I was crying. Harry wasn't stoping to call. I called Kate. "Kate... I... Harry... And he...just" I wasn't able to speak. "Ok calm down. Take deep breath and talk" she said. "Harry cheated on me" I said hardly. "Ok wait. I'm coming over. I think Mark will want to come too" she said. "What? Mark? Didn't he mived to US last year?" I was still crying. "Yeah but he's back. He said that he saw the news about you and Harry" she said. "Ok. Both of you can come over" I said and got into the first taxi I saw. I got to home and rush to my room. Liz and Beth wasn't at home. I layed to my bed and cried.



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