Love at the First Sigth

It was just a signing. But I had no idea about what could happen after that day. My life changed a lot. Also he changed me. I don't know ıf ıt's good or bad. But I know I love him. I lost soo much but I still have him and that's the only thing I'm caring now. We had so much pain. But even all the pain was nothing when there was our love.

-Bella Prize


16. Please be ok...


I woke up and got to tue living room. Louis was talking to someone on the phone, worried. After he finished the call. "Is there something wrong?" I asked. "Hmm... Harry, it's just... Ok, Harry. The producters called me and said that, we'll go to a tour for 6 months after 2 weeks" he said. What? I only had 2 weeks and than I was away for 6 months.


I woke up and changed. My phone rang. It was Harry. He asked me that if we could meet. I said yes, ofcourse. I told Liz where I was going than I got out of the house. I went to the cafe that I was goining to meet Harry. He was already there. "Hey" I said and hugged him. "Hey" he said. He looked sad. "Is there a problem?" I asked. He pointed the table with his head. We sat down. He moved his chair closer to mine and hold my hand. "Hmm... Bella I gotta tell you something" he said. What was going on? "Alrigth"  "The producers called Louis today and they told him that... 2 weeks later we're going on a tour for 6 months" he said. What? He was leaving, for 6 months!! I felt the tears that were streaming down my face. He hugged me. I could saw his tears. "I really don't wanna leave but I have to, sorry" he said. "It's ok. I'm gonna miss you a lot" I said. "I'm gonna miss you too" he said. We sat at the cafe for 1 hour than we went to his house. We watched movie together. It was getting late when he drove me home. I got into the house and rushed to my room. I layed to my bad and started to cry because of his leaving. I couldn't belive that. Last time he was gone for 3 months and it was like a year. Now 6 months... What I was going to do? Liz came in and asked me why I was crying. I told her about One Direction's tour. She tryed to calm me down but it wasn't working. After awhile she went to help Beth about getting ready to sleep. I fall asleep while I was crying.



Ofcourse, I spend the whole week with Bella. Today we were going to the forest that we called our place. I was waiting for Bella infront of her door. She came with her short and tshirt. I drove to there. Finally we got there. We sattled down everything. "Wanna swim?" I asked. "I really don't wanna get wet" she said. "Pleassse!!!" I said. "No" "Pleasse!!" I said again. She wasn't accepting. I pointed the lake with my head. "No" she said. "C'mon, let's just sit near the lake" I offered. "Ok, but promise not to throw me to the water" she said. "I promise" we went near the water. We sat down. I putted my arms around her, she got closer to my chest. She looked beautiful. I kissed her forhead. We just sat there for a hour, just hugging, kissing and a little talking. "Let's go and eat something, I'm hungry" I said. She smiled and nodded. We sat down to the place where we settled our picnik. We eat our sandwichs. "Now, please let's swim" I said. She didn't wanted again. "Ok, If you don't swim, it means you don't love me" I said. "I hate when you use that" she said.


Harry took out his shirt and I took out my cloths too. I was just with my bikini. "No throwing this time" I said. He nodded and jumped into the water. I smile and jumped too. He swam to me. He kissed me and lifted me. I just smiled and kissed him. "I love you" he said. "I love you" I said back and kissed him. We swam for half a hour. Finally I got out from the water. Also he did. I wear my tshirt and short. We layed down to the grass and cuddled. He pulled me closer to him. I was laying on his bare chest, as last time. We stayed there till nigth. Than he drove me home. We said bye to each other and I got inside.



Today was our last day. Harry was leaving tommorow. I was really sad. I was going to miss him a lot. I chaged. Than I went to eat my breakfast with Beth and Liz. After breakfast I got a call from Harry. "Hey" I said. "Hi, Tonigth Elenor, Louis, Perrie, Zayn, Niall, Liam and me our going out for dinner for our last nigth. As long as Zayn and Louis's girlfriends are coming you can come to if you want" he said. "Ofcourse. I wasn't thinking to spent your last nigth without you, alone" I said. "Ok, I'll pick you up at 20.00" he said. I said ok and ended the call.



I was ready for the dinner. I wore a creme colored dress which had a black ribbon belt. Ofcourse I was never taking of the braclet and the neckles Harry gave me. I had golden-creme high heels. Door bell rang. It was Harry. I went out and got into his car. "You look beautiful tonigth" he said. I smlied and thanked him. We got to the restaurant. A waitres showed us our table. The other were already there. We said Hi to everybody and sat to our places. We ordered our meals. We chated while we were eating. Suddenly a smoke smell covered all the room. After awhile waitres told everybody to get out of the restaurant, there was a fire and it was near our place. Everybody started to run. Harry hold me next to him. We lost the others. Suddenly fire growed a lot. It covered the room. We were at the middle of it. People were still trying to get out. Harry and I was trying to find the exit. Harry was always protecting me. Finaly we found one. We were the last ones at the building. Harry told me to run. I ran to the exit and got out. I thougth Harry was just behinde me but he didn't got out. What was going on? He wasn't out. I tryed to get in to find him. Door wasn't opening. It was the reason that he couldn't get out. The all building was on fire and he was inside. I wa paniced and I was trying to get in. Finally firefigthers came and pulled me away from the door. They tryed to stop the fire. It was really hard. I saw the other guys at the yard. I ran to them. I was crying. "Harry's still inside. The door was locked. He couldn't got out" the boys were shocked. I was crying a lot. Everybody was shocked and crying. Louis wanted to get in, as I did. But the boys hold him. Elenor tryed to calm him down. Everything was mixed up. I sat on my knees, to the floor crying. Elenor was calming Louis and Perrie was with Zayn. Liam and Niall came next to me. Everyone was crying. I was dying inside. History was repeating. It was nearly the same of what happened Drake. I loved Harry more than him. Harry was really importent to me. And he was inside of that building on fire. I was crying on the floor. Niall and Liam was hugging me but I couldn't think anything else than Harry. It was not going to happen the same with Drake to him. I wanted to think that but I couldn't. The paparazis came to the place. They were taking pictures of us crying and recording new about, that Harry was inside. After a while, crying Directioners showed up at the place. Finally firefigthers took Harry out. He was faithed or... I didn't want to think about the other idea. The Directioners clapped at the first bit than they saw him and thougt the same 2 ideas. They putted him to a stretcher. Me, Elenor, Perrie and all the boys ran to him. I hold his hand but the than they took him to the amblance. I was crying a lot. We all got into 2 cars(Zayn and Louis's) and drove to the hospital. We all were crying. We asked to the nurche where was Harry. She showed us the room that they putted him. We were all sitting and crying infront of his rooms door. Doctors were inside. They didn't let us to see him. I felt really guilty about it. He made me get out first so, beacause of that he stucked inside. Finally the doctor got out after a hour. "How is he?" Louis asked. "He's ok. He woke up. But he's not himself yet. He's always repeating the same name, Bella. Which of you is Bell?" he asked "Me" I said crying. "He really needs to see you, only you but" he said. I nodded. I got into his room. His eyes were half closed and he was repeating my name. I went next to him and hold his hand. "Hey,I'm here. Harry. It's ok. Look I'm just next to you" I said, crying. He opened his eyes. He looked at me. He seemed happy. He smiled. I smiled him back. "Hey, look I'm here, Ok" he nodded. "The boys, Elenore and Perrie are here to, outside. They're worried about you as I'm" I said. "I...." he was speaking really hard. "I... you" he said hardly. "I love you" I said back. He had some caples sticked to his chest and plastic pipes at his nose, to help breathing I guess. I sat to the chair next to him. "I guess the tour is canceled for awhile" I said. I was still crying. He nodded. I never let his hand go. I was always smiling while he was looking at me. "Can... You.. S... tay... Here... To.." he asked, hardly. I nodded and told him not to talk. Than the others got in. They stayed for awhile and left. We all were happy to see him alive. I really didn't want to think what happened if he died. I stayed with him at the hospital that nigth. We just sitted there and watched tv. We never stoped holding hand. I didn't let him to talk because it was hurting him. After awhile he fall asleep. I knew that he was really tired. I layed to the extra bed and fall asleep too.


I woke up and changed. I opened the TV. I started to watch some magazine show. Suddenly they started to talk about Harry and Bella. They said that Harry was at hospital because of a fire started at the restaurant last nigth. I called Bella an asked about it. It was true. He was at hospital and Bella was staying with him. I asked the adress of the hospital to visit. It wasn't really far. I got out and took a taxi to the hospital. 


Harry was still asleep. I was really greatful that he was alrigth. I got out from the room and closed the door. Suddenly Harry's sister and mom showed up. "Where is he? Is he ok?" his mom asked. "Yes, he's ok. He woke up last nigth. He's sleeping now" I said. They seemed so relaxed. I asked them if they wanted to see him, but they didn't want to wake him up soo they wanted to wait till he was awake.


I woke up. My all body was hurting. I remember that I was stucked in the middle of the fire. I faithed. Then I think firefigthers took me out. I faithed because of the smoke. I had woke up when they took me out but I couldn't open my eyes clearly. But I remembered seeing the other and Bella, she was holding my hand. Last nigth she was here but where was she now? "Bella" I said. I was able to talk more clear than last nigth. "Bella?" I said again. Than the door opened. It was her and she had my mom and Gemma with her. "Hey, look who is here" Bella said and came next to me. She kissed my forhead. I smiled. "Hey, How are you?" Gemma asked. "Fine, not that bad" I said. Bella told me not to talk. "It's ok. It doesn't hurts that much" I said. "Thanks god you're feeling fine" my mom said. I smiled. After awhile Kate showed up. "Hey, how are you?" she asked. "Better, thanks" I said. They all stayed for awhile than leaved. "Do you need anything?" Bella asked. I nodded. "What?" she asked. I pointed my lips. She came closer and kissed me. "I'm feeling better now" I said. She pulled a chair and sat next to me. Every hour doctors and nurses were coming to check me. And Bella was going to stay with me. I told her she didn't need to but she wanted it, I wanted her to stay too.




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