Love at the First Sigth

It was just a signing. But I had no idea about what could happen after that day. My life changed a lot. Also he changed me. I don't know ıf ıt's good or bad. But I know I love him. I lost soo much but I still have him and that's the only thing I'm caring now. We had so much pain. But even all the pain was nothing when there was our love.

-Bella Prize


6. Movie nigth


I got to the mall. Kate was waiting for me. I hadn't seen her for 2 months. She was at U.S. We hugged each other. "How was you holiday?" I asked. "Great, how was your 1D signing haa?" she asked. I smiled. "Ohh, yeah thats a bit strange" I said. "Tell me". "Ok". I told her everything. "You're just making it all up, don't you?" she said. I laughted. "No, as I said. He kissed me today afternoon. Also I became his girlfriend like 15 mins before you called" I said. But she didn't belived in me. "Ok, wait" I said. I picked up my phone and called Harry. He answered the phone. "Hi, babe" he said. "Hi" I said. "Can you talk with my bestfriend, she's over here and she doesn't belives that you're my boyfriend" he laughted. I gave the phone to Kate. She talked 2 minutes with Harry, than gave the phone to me. "I think she belives now" he said. "Yeah, I think soo" I said. "I gotta go, babe. I have a meeting with manament,bye" "Bye" I said and closed the phone. I looked at Kate. She was just shocked.


I closed the phone. The boys were next to me. "Who were you talking with?" Zayn asked. Louis smiled because he was the only one knows about Bella. " A girl called Bella" I said. "Nooo. Not again. Please said that it's not a girl that ou're just gonna date for 3 days and break up" Liam said. I smiled. "No this time she's my girlfriend and I wanna last it long" I said. "Yay finally Harry's gonna have a long relanship" Niall said. I laughted. We got into the meeting room. "Alright boys, I have a announcement" Simon said. We staired at each other. "2 months later, you're going to U.S for 3 months" Simon said. The boys looked ok. Louis got used to leave Elenor but he still misses her. Also same for Zayn. But I just started to date with Bella. Leaving her 2 months later for 3 months. I didn't wanted that but I had to.


I got home after shopping with Kate. I leaved my bags at entence. I got to my room and changed.ı putted on a pink tshirt which was writing love on it and white jeans. I took and outted on the forever dirdctioner braclet which was on my make-up table. My phone rang. It was Harry. I answered it. "Hey" he said. "Hey" I replayed. "We're gonna have a movie night with boys. Elenor and Perrie is coming too. Do you wanna join so you can meet the boys" he said. "Ok. When?" I asked. "You can come 1 hour later ok?" he asked. "Yeah sure bye" "bye" I closed the phone. I did my make up and went down staires. "I going out" I said to Liz. "Where?" she asked. "Movie night with Harry and the boys, I can be late" I said. "Ok" she said. "Have a good time" Beth shouted. "Thank you"I said. I got out of the house. I got into a taxi. It was not very far. I got out of the car. It was a huge villa. Not very big suprise, I thought. I rang the bell.


The bell rang. I opened the door. It was Bella. I hugged her. "Hello to you" she said. "Hi" I said and invited he inside. "Soo you and Louis, living here together?" I asked. "Yeah" he said. I nodded. We walked to the living room. "Hey guys, this is my girl friend, Bella" he said. Louis came to me first and said "Nice to meet you, take care of my pumpkin" he said. Than Zayn"Hi" he said. "Hi" I replayed. Than Niall came to me and said, hi. For last Liam came "Nice to meet you" he said and shook my hand. I smiled "Nice to meet you too" I said. There were two girls sitting on the sofa, Elenor and Perrie. "Nice to meet" you they said. "Nice to meet you too" I said. Harry sat down on one the sofas and called me next to him. I sat next to him. He putted his arms around me. I got closer to his chest. My head was near his cheek. He putted his head on mine. And rubbed my arm. "What are we watching?" Perrie asked. "Paranormal activty 1,2,3 and 4. We're doing a maraton" Niall said. I really liked scary movies but I could get scared easyly. I was glad that Harry wa holding me. Louis putted the movie on amd sat next to Elenor. We stared to watch the movie We were as 3 girls always closing our eyes by hugging our boyfriends at the most scary scenes. Everybody stared to fall asleep one by one after first 2 movies. Also I fall asleep on Harry's chest.


Bella fall asleep in my arm. After she slept I closed the tv and caried her to my bedroom to her to sleep comfortable. I laid her to my bed and I laid to the couch next to the bed. I fall asleep after awhile.After midnigth, I woke up. I saw Bella shaking and crying in her sleep. I went next to her and tired to wake her up. She didn't. After awhile she woke up. "Hey are you ok? You were having a nightmare I think" I said. She nodded. She was so cute when shewas sleepy. "Are you ok?" I asked. "Better" she whipered. I smiled. "Do you want me to stay with you?" I asked. She nodded. I lais next to her. We both fall asleep while cuddling.


I woke up with a glass of water pouren over me. I screamed. As Harry did. We were both wet "Wake up love bird it's nearly afternoon. Even Zayn woke up" Louis screamed. Harry got up and started to chase Louis. I got up and cheked the time. It was nearly 12.30. Harry came next to me and kissed me. I smiled at him. He smiled back. "Sorry, I gotta go. My sister will get mad" I said. "Your sister? What about you parents" he said. "Nothing" I said.


She was saying nothing but there was something. I could understand it from he voice and face. "You know you can tell me everything. I'll keep your secrets. I'm your boyfriend. Soo please tell me" I said. She closed the door of my bedroom. She sat next to me on the bed. "My mother died when I was 10, my little sister was just new born, she even doewn't remembers her. When I was 12 my father was got lost in himself. Then he got addicted to alchol. When I was 15 he left us" she started to cry. I hugged her tight. "My older sister Liz. She started to take care of us when she was 17. It was really bad. Now I'm going to high school by scolarship aslo Beth is like that. And Liz can't go to univercity. She has to work. Also I have part time job at autume and winter. I have nothing exept Beth, Liz and you" she was crying a lot. "It's ok. Look as you said, you have your sisters and me. You have people that carries about you, come on let me give you a ride to your house" I said. She nodded. I took her to her house. I kissed her before she got into the house. She kissed me back.


Now there was no secrets. He knewed everything about my life. He was so sentible. He suppoted me. I had a great boyfriend. And I thought I loved him. But it was too early for that. But couldn't stoped thinking of it.




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