Love at the First Sigth

It was just a signing. But I had no idea about what could happen after that day. My life changed a lot. Also he changed me. I don't know ıf ıt's good or bad. But I know I love him. I lost soo much but I still have him and that's the only thing I'm caring now. We had so much pain. But even all the pain was nothing when there was our love.

-Bella Prize


20. Jessica Black



Hey. I'm Jessica. My friends call me Jess. I was always at the top since I was a little child. I was the most popular girl of the school always. I have blue eyes and long, blonde hair. I always get what I want. There's no-one to stop me to get it. If someone get on my way, it means they are gonna get hurt. I'll make them to have a big pain and I'll gonna hurt them alot. Soo don't try to stop me, getting what I want.



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