Love at the First Sigth

It was just a signing. But I had no idea about what could happen after that day. My life changed a lot. Also he changed me. I don't know ıf ıt's good or bad. But I know I love him. I lost soo much but I still have him and that's the only thing I'm caring now. We had so much pain. But even all the pain was nothing when there was our love.

-Bella Prize


13. I want you back


There was a big stage setted up in the middle of the empty place. There were soo much people aeound the stage. Some body guards took me from Kate and made me sit on a chair which was infront of the metal gate that avoids the fans jumping on the stage. I look at the crowd. Some of them were wearing specail tshorts and some of them had posters. I understood everything. They were Directioners. I tried to leave but the guards didn't let me. I sat back to my place. Suddenly music started to play. Than the boy got on the stage. They were singing Heart attack.
Harry was singing to me. I didn't even looked at the stage. Than they sang I would. Than Magic. That song reminded me my birthday. I started to look at the stage. Then they sang Nobody compares. After that I loved you first.That song affected on me. I was just looking at Harry. Than the sang They don't know about us. Than Still the one.After that they started to sing slow song. First, Little Things.Then Change my mind.
When they were singing Little Things it I felt a tear streaming down my face. Then Last first kiss.I really started to cry. Also I could see the tears on Harry's face. Than Truly, madly, deeply. I was crying, but it was all because I understood that I still loved Harry. Then they sang Irresistible. I was crying a lot. Also Harry was crying on the stage while singing. Than Summer Love. And for the last, they sang Over Again. I was crying a lot. After the song finished Harry starte to talk. "Bella, you know I really love you. I really love you. I love everything about you. Your laugh, your smile, even everything you don't love about yourself. In my eyes everything about you is perfect. Do you uderstand that?" I was crying a lot. Also he was crying like me. "I acted like a jerk because you were getting hurt. I knew that you weren't say yes to broke up because of the hates you're getting, I made you to broke up with me. It was for your health. I trusthed and belived in you when you explained me about Justin. I just did it for you. I love you soo much. I don't need other thing or other girl as long as I have you. You're the only thing I need to be happy. Please understand this. I love you. I really love you. I did the biggest mistake of my life. Please forgive me. I promise I'll never let you get hurt again. I love you more than anything" he said. I was soo happy. I didn't know what I feel actually but, I only knew that I loved Harry with all my heart. I steped to the stage and kissed him softly. We both were crying. The boys and the crowed cheered. They were not haters. "I love you" I whispered. "I love you too" he said back. I hugged him. He kissed me everybody cheered again. "Thank you all for being here. It was not a real concert and everybody was welcome. But thank you all for coming. Everybody one more time for Bella and Harry" Liam said. Everybody cheer. I hugged and thanked each of the boys. I was soo happy. After there we went to Harry's house. We were just cuddling and watching TV without talking. Harry got up and took a box out from a drover. He opened the box. He gave it to me. "It's yours" he said. It was my braclet. He kept it. "Thank you" I said. He putted it on my wrist. Than he took out his neckless and putted it over my neck. "It was yours too" he said. I smiled and turned to his face. He kissed me. That night we slept cuddling. Harry was so pieceful that night. But I knew Justin was going to learn everything from magazines tommorow. I had to tell him in the morning. But at that moment I didn't care about it. I was going to deal with it tommorow morning. I cuddled with Harry and fall asleep.



I woke up. Bella was still asleep in my arms. I was so happy that I had her back. I kissed her forhead. I really cared about her. She woke up 15 minutes later.


I woke up. Harry was already awake. "Goodmorning" he said."Morning" I said. He kissed my forhead. We cuddled for 15 minutes. I knew that I shouldn't keep secrets from him. So, I  wanted to tell him about Drake (my ex that died in fire). "Harry, I gotta tell you something" I said. "Yeah. I'm listening". "I had a boyfriend named Drake last year. And... When we were out for dinner a fire started at the restaurant. The fire grew bigger and bigger. Finally everybody started to run. There was a big caose. Drake send me out first. I thougth he was a little back from me but he wasn't. I got out but he didn't. He died in there" I said. "oww. Thats soo... I don't know. Just you don't have a great past don't you?" he said. I nodded. "Yes but I have a great today with you" I said. He kissed me. We got up and had breakfast before Louis woke up. Than we went back to Harry's bedroom and cuddled again. It was funny. Everytime when I stayed at Harry's house we cuddled together most of the day. He looked at my arm and wrists. "Are these new ones?" he asked. I nodded. "For what?" he asked. "The pain that I had after I broke up with you. Why did you wanted me to broke up with you. It made me even more sad" I said. "I know but you were going to get over it my time" he said. "But it could last really long. What I was going to do all that time. Cut my wrists more?" I said. "No just... I don't know but after you started to date with Justin you weren't cuting anymore were you?" I couldn't anwer it because I cutted 3 or 4 times when I was dating with Justin. He understood it. "Why?" he asked. "I really don't know. Most of the time, I think it was because of I broke up with you and I was really sad but most of the people were sending me tweets that say, they were happy about our broke up" I said. He kissed my forhead. "I don't care what they say. I wasn't happy to broke up with you. I love you. And I'm gonna love you for the rest of my life" he said and kissed me. I smiled and whispered "I love you". We spend the whole day together. It was getting late and we went to sleep together. I got into the bathroom and chaged to my pjs. There was a writing on the t-shirt saying" I love Harry Styles". He smiled to my pjs and said. "I really liked this pjs on you". I smiled and kissed him. We fall in sleep together.





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