Love at the First Sigth

It was just a signing. But I had no idea about what could happen after that day. My life changed a lot. Also he changed me. I don't know ıf ıt's good or bad. But I know I love him. I lost soo much but I still have him and that's the only thing I'm caring now. We had so much pain. But even all the pain was nothing when there was our love.

-Bella Prize


15. Figth & Dinner together



I was at the front of Bella's house. We were going to have lunch together. I got out for the car. While I was walking to the door Justin appered. "What are you doing here?" he asked angryly. "Picking up my girlfriend. What are you doing here? Just leave leave Bella alone" I said. "Yeah. What ever. You know she's not gonna be happy with you and run into my arms again. You're gonna break her heart. You're just acting like you love her" he said. What was he talking about? I loved Bella more than anything. "I love her. And if you really loved her you would leave her alone" "Yeah. You're asking me to but you even didn't do that. You called her thousand times. You're just a big liar and a manwhore. Accept it!!" He said. I was really angry to him. He punched me. I punched him. We started to figth. 5 minutes later Bella came out because of the voice. She was shocked. I look at her. When I wasn't looking Justin hit me from my face and stomhache. I fall into the floor. I grabed Justin's leg and pulled him to the floor. He fell down really hard. Bella ran to me. She helped me to get up. She asked me who started. I said that Justin punched me and called me a manwhore. "Are you crazy. You're doing this and waiting me to love you. But you know it's not working. Now I HATE YOU!! GO AWAY" she shouted. Justin got up and said "You'll see that I'm right" and he walked away. "Are you ok?" she asked. I nodded. "A kiss can make it better" I said. She smiled and kissed me softly. I'll never hurt her. I really loved her. She took me inside and cleaned all of my injures. She was so carring. "I love you" I said as she came next to me. She smiled and kissed me. "I love you" she whispered. We spend the day at her house alone. Beth was at school and I guess Liz was at work. We were siting on the couch peacefully. I kind kissed her from the cheek. She smiled and putted her head to my shoulder. I kissed her hair. She kissed my chest. I was so happy and lucky to havr her. She had something specail. I really didn't want to leave her rest of my life. She was my everything.


I loves him more than anything. I couldn't belive in how much Justin had changed. He was  beening a jerk. Harry was hurt because of him. But I was happy to take care of him. He was so cute. He layed down and putted his head on my knees. He was just laying there, looking at me. I was playing with his hair. I really loved to play with his curls. I think he liked it too. Beth was back from school. Liz and Beth came home together. They got into the living room, where we were sitting. "Hey" Liz said. "Hey" I said back. Harry tryed to stood up. I didn't let him. "Hi, Harry" Liz said. "Hi" he said back. Liz went to her own room. Beth came in this time. "Hey. Is this you boyfriend, Harry?" she asked. "Yes, it's him" I said. "Sorry, I can't get up, she doesn't let me" he said. Beth smiled. "Why?" she asked. "He's a bit hurt. He has to rest" I said. She nodded and said "get well soon, Harry" Harry thanked her. She went to the up stairs. "she's cute" he said. I nodded. It was getting late. I helped Harry to got to the up stairs. We got into my bed. We chated for a while cuddling. Then we both fall asleep in each others arms.



I woke up. Harry was still asleep. I went to the bathroom to change. When I got into the room Harry was awake. "Goodmoring, beauty" he said. "Morning" I said back. We went out for breakfast together. Then we went to a little walk. We spent the whole day together. At nigth he drove me home. I kissed him before I got in. We texted each other all night. Liz and Beth were asleep and it was nearly 02.00 am when I got really tired. I texted bye and good nigth to Harry. He said goodnigth to me too. I fall asleep thinking about Harry.


I finished texting with Bella and went to sleep at 02.00 am. I was really tired but it was hard to me to sleep because I was only thinking about Bella. I was the luckiest man in the whole world because I had Bella.



I woke up and changed. I was so tired because I slept at 02.00 am last nigth. I got to the down staires. Beth and Liz were having breakfast. I joined them. I called Kate after breakfast. We went to shopping together and had lunch. Harry called me and askes me that could we have dinner together tonight. I said yes. I got home and changed to a dark blue dress and putted on dark blue high heel for my dinner date with Harry. Doorbell rang. I got to the down staires and opened the door. It was Harry. "You look beautiful" he said. I thanked him and we walked to his car. Finally we got there. It was a beach and there was nobody. Suddenly I saw a scaffolding in the middle of the sea and there was a table in the middle of it.
It was really romantic. "Did you prapered this?" I asked. He nodded. I kissed him and said "Thank you" he smiled. There was a small boat too. We got into the boat. We tried to reach there but it was not that easy. Finally we reached there. We sat to our places and chated while eating our dinner. After dinner we got into the boat again and tried to sail again. But we were just making circles. Finally we reache to the beach. We walked at the beach for awhile and than we layed down to the sand and cuddled for hours. It was getting late. He drove me to my house. We walked with me till the door. I kissed him and said goodbye. "Bye I love you" he said. "I love you" I said back and got into the house.




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