Love at the First Sigth

It was just a signing. But I had no idea about what could happen after that day. My life changed a lot. Also he changed me. I don't know ıf ıt's good or bad. But I know I love him. I lost soo much but I still have him and that's the only thing I'm caring now. We had so much pain. But even all the pain was nothing when there was our love.

-Bella Prize


26. Away & Suprise




I woke up, it was 7.00 am. Our flight was 1 hour later. I went to the bathroom and cyanged when I got back Bella was awake. "Goodmoring" she said. "Morning" I sat to the edge of the bed and kissed her forhead. She smiled and got up. Than she went to the bathroom to change. She look really beatiful. "Beatiful" I said and kissed her. She kissed me back and thanked. I took my bags and went to the leavingroom. "Finally. Let's go!! We're gonna miss the fligth" Louis said with worry. "Ok, we're ready" I said and we got out of the house. 



We were at the airport. Elenour, Louis, Perrie, Zayn and ofcourse me and Harry were sitting at a cafe, waiting to the others come. Harry checked his phone. "Good news guys" he said. "First, Niall and Liam are at the airport. Second, Liam and Danielle are back together" everybody was shocked. I new that they broke up and I new about Danielle too but I hadn't meet her. After awhile Liam, Danielle and Niall came. "Hi guys" Niall said. "Hey" Zayn replyed. "Hey let me inturduse you to each other"  Harry said. "Hi, I'm Danielle" she said. "Bella, nice to meet you" I said. "Nice to meet you too" she said. We all sat down. After 15 minutes the gates opened. The boys had to leave. I said goodbye to every single of them than went next to Harry. He hugged me so tigth that I couldn't even breath. "I'll miss you" he whispered. "I'll miss you too" I kissed him. "Guys we need to go" Niall said. "I love you" I said and kissed Harry one more time. "I love you" he said. We were holding hands. I had tears on my eyes. His fingers were sliping out off mines as he gets far. Finally, our fingers were not touching anymore. He looked at me once more before he got in to the plane and waved. I waved back with tears. He had tears too. Than he was gone. He was gone for 6 months. I looked at the other girls. Also they were crying. I went back home. And I spend my day at home. It was wierd cause I'll normally always spent it at school or with Harry of you think I can't go to school anymore. It was midnigth when I slept. It was wierd abd sad to sleep alone. I really wanted to be in Harry's arms at that moment.    



Our plane landed hours later. I had already missed Bella. I couldn't call her because it was midnigth over there and she should be sleeping. We got to the hotel. We left our bags at our rooms and went out.  



I woke up and changed. Ok there were just 2 months till our first year with Harry. But he was away. It was Thursday so Kate was at school. I had my breakfast together with Beth and Liz. After awhile my phone rang it was Harry. "Hey" he said. "Hey. It's not midnight over there is it?" I asked. "No it's 3.00 pm" he said. "Good and I missed you already" I said. "I missed you too, what were you doing?" he asked. "Noting I was really bored. Kate is at school soo..." "I said it before, let me pay the money for your school" he said. "Noway" I said. "Please" "Never" I said. He took a deep breath. "Ok. I missed you a lot but we have to work. Sorry. I love you and bye" "Love you, bye" I said and ended the call. I really missed him.  





Today we had a concert at Miami than 2 weeks later wewere going to New York. We were performing at MSG. I couldn't belive it. At also it was the sameday as our first year anniverser with Bella. But we were away. And the next week we were going to joining a red carpet event. I had an idea about our first year anniverser.   





"You have a packge from New York" Liz shouted. New York? Harry was there at the moment. I guessed it was something that he had sent. I went down staires and took my packge. I rushed to my room and opened it. I was shocked when I saw what did Harry send to me. It was plane tickets to New York. He wasn't able to came soo he had sent me the tickets. I was so happy. I checked the time. It was 5.00 pm at New York. I called Harry. "Hey, love" he said. "Thank you, thank you, thank you and I love you"  I said. He laugth. "Did you get the tickets?" he asked. "Yes. I love you" I said. "I love you too. So you're coming next week?" he asked. I said yes. "You know you're gonna stay for 2 weeks and Elenour, Perrie and Danielle are coming too" he said. "Really?" "Yeah the tickets for returning is for 2 weeks later after you came and the other invited thier girlfriends too soo..." he said. I thanked him and said bye. "Bye" he said and we ended the call. I got to down staires and told everything to Liz. She was ok with me leaving.  





I got my suitcase and went to down staires. I said bye to Beth and Liz than I left. I was at the airport waiting to gates open. Soon I was going to able to see Harry again. After awhile Perrie, Danielle and Elenour was there too. We said hi to each other and chated wile waiting to the gates open. Finally they opened them and we got in to the plane. The fligth had gone great. Finally we landed. We all got out of the plane. And we were all excited to see our boyfriends. We got out and than we got our baggs. Finally we went to the point that we were going to meet with the boys...  









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