one of the boys

two fans (jenny and tori) were on there way to a one direction concert intill their car broke down. Then the saw five boys in a big bus. it was one direction. so they found jenny and tori and took them to the concert. all of the boys have a crush on jenny and tori.


6. sleep over party!!!!!

jenny's POV

niall started tickling me. i laughed so hard i snorted. then everybody started to laugh. " you snort when u laugh?!" louis said. " no this is the first time!" i said yelling back. niall stoped tickling me and i sat on the couch. tori ran and ploped down next to me and zayn next to her. harry sat in front of me on the floor and louis and niall sat on the sides of him. "let's watch paranormal activity 3!!!" tori said and smilied at me. everybody said yes but me. i didn't awnser. i hate scary movies! im a scardy cat! i just don't like it when some one says it. "well yes or no!" said liam. " f f fine! but i need one of u guys to sit next to me" harry louis and liam volenterd. i choosed liam cause im a liams girl! tori moved and liam sat next to me. i started to blush. " dont be scared im your body guard!" liam said and winked. later that night i was scared out of my mind. but this one time there was a scary part and it was scary i started to cry. i dont know why though?. when liam saw me he HUGGED me and said " shhhhhhh its ok its not real.". that really calmed me down. i was tired and checked the time. it was mid night!! "TORI we have to go its midnight!!!!" i yelled running to her. "WHAT!!!!!" she said shocked. i called my mom and said to stay there she was at italy at a job interview. me and tori told them what is happening and why we are acting like phycos. " sleep over party!!!!!" the boys shouted. this will be the best sleep over ever!!!!
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