one of the boys

two fans (jenny and tori) were on there way to a one direction concert intill their car broke down. Then the saw five boys in a big bus. it was one direction. so they found jenny and tori and took them to the concert. all of the boys have a crush on jenny and tori.


4. playing around with the girls (#girlpowa)

Harry's POV


when i saw louis and jenny playing i was so pissed at him. I like jenny. Her hazel eyes shined, her long brown hair flowing in the wind gets me overwhelmed, and her smile just sparkled! She lighted up my world like no other girl. And i didn't want louis to take her away from me. I mean im a cupcake and he is the funny guy. it was time to go. " see u guys after the show and good luck harry!" she said and winked at me. her and tori walked out and followed liam and zayn inside of the building. "who are theses girls? are they your girlfriends?" paparotzi kept asking. bet we kept on walking.

Tori's POV

i never felt that kinnda rush before. it was exciting!! i looked at zayn with a a smile. "that was amusing!" i said. " yeah try having that all day, it get's anoyying after a while." he said winking at me. i was melting inside. i felt someone's arm wrap around me

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