one of the boys

two fans (jenny and tori) were on there way to a one direction concert intill their car broke down. Then the saw five boys in a big bus. it was one direction. so they found jenny and tori and took them to the concert. all of the boys have a crush on jenny and tori.


5. playing around with the girls (#girlpowa) part 2

Tori POV

i felt someone's arm around me. i didn't know who it was. i looked up and it was zayn! " oh im sorry i just...". " its ok i kinnda like" . we walked and i stayed back stage watching the boys sing there hearts out. then zayn walked over and grabed my hand. what was he going to do to me. " you don't know your beautiful" zayn sang and pointed to me. i can't believe i was on stage with zayn!! my heart started to melt. i turned my head and looked at jenny. she was screaming in excitment for me. soon enough the concert was over.

jenny's POV

i raced harry back to the bus. i won that race mmh! " i can't belive you beat me!"."well you are slow! like a cute turtle." we both sat down in a booth. the rest of the group came and stared at us. i turned and looked at harry and his arm was around me. i took his arm and gave it back to him. he got up and ran into the bathroom and locked the door. "HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" louis shouted and chaced fter him. i started to cry. i felt bad for him. i didn't mean for him to cry. liam came over and hugged me. more tears fell down my face. i pushed him away and ran into the closet. i burried my face into my arms and started to cry even more. i couldn't stop crying. tori came and sat next to me. " are you ok?" she whispered to me. " i didn't mean it..... i didn't mean for him to get upset." . " its ok everybody gets upset over these things." tori said to me and hugged me. she's right. i got up and walked outside the closet. i went to the bathroom door. i heard harry talking to louis. harry came out of the bathroom. i started to blush. we just stared into each others eyes intill i hugged him. "im sorry i didn't mean for you to cry!" i said. " its ok i should of know better im a grown man" he said hugging me back. " awww does jen jen i want a hug to!!" louis said puting his arms out. i walked over to him and i ran away. " IM THE GIRL NAPPER IM GOING TO GET YOU!!!!!!" he said chasing after me. he caught me and tackled me down. " GIVE ME A HUG OR ELSE!!". "or else what!!!" i said back. niall walks in. " MWAAHAHAHAHA!!! IM THE LEPERCON!!! IF YOU DON'T GIVE US A HUG ILL TICLE YOU!" he said.

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