one of the boys

two fans (jenny and tori) were on there way to a one direction concert intill their car broke down. Then the saw five boys in a big bus. it was one direction. so they found jenny and tori and took them to the concert. all of the boys have a crush on jenny and tori.


2. metting zayn (#teamzayn)

Zayn's POV

Me and the boys were talking bout cars. Then i heard a voice it was paul. Paul is a real pain in my well you know. " alright boys im stoping to get some gas don't do anything stupid!" he said in a serious face. paul walked out the bus and went to the gas pump. I was looking out the window and saw a girl crying. I needed to know whynshe was crying. If i didn't know why i wouldn't stop thinking about her all day. I got up and walked out of the bus hoping paul didn't see me. I walked over to her and sat down next to her. "are you ok? i saw you crying and i wanted to know if you were ok." i said to her. "im ok it's car broke down and we can't go to the concert we have been waiting all year!" More tears started to roll down her cheeks. "who's playing at the concert?" i asked her. "its one direction and i really wanted to get a hug from zayn, he is my favorite from the rest of them!!" she said to me sadly. I was shocked. I never saw that coming. She is kindda cute but i never saw her face. "well aren't you going to say one direction are faggots or one direction a gay?" she said to me angerly. finnally she looked up at me and she started to blush. "oh my god im...... im sorry i didnt know!!". Her eyes were beautiful. Her hair flowed as she stared into my eyes. "its ok here ill give you a ride." i said with a smile. "can my friend come to?" she smilied and winked at me. "Sure anything for you!" i said. " oh my name is tori, tori jetson." she said. she called her friend over and when she looked at me she started to blush badly. "oh my god oh my god your your ZAYN MALIK!!!!!!!!!!" she said screaming. " Jenny calm down zayn said we can get a ride from them." "wait that means...................
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