one of the boys

two fans (jenny and tori) were on there way to a one direction concert intill their car broke down. Then the saw five boys in a big bus. it was one direction. so they found jenny and tori and took them to the concert. all of the boys have a crush on jenny and tori.


3. hanging out with louis (#teamlouis)

jenny's POV 

i can't believe i was going to ride with one direction! And finally meet Liam, my heart was melting inside! " come on you slow pokes we have a concert to get to!!" zayn said while running to the bus. "HET IM NOT SLOW!!" I yelled whil chasing after him. as soon as i reached the bus i heard some one say "ZAYN WHY DID YOU LEAVE YOU HEARD PAUL!!!". It was harry. He sounded mad. i walked inside while they all started fighting. Then harry saw me and looked back at zayn. It got quiet. "hi" i said shyly. finally tori showed up and said "hi what's wrong did she do something dumb?" she said as she looked at me and gave me a smirk. "no no she didn't do anything wrong i mean she's a angel." harry said and winked at me. i started to turn red. "haha she's not an angel when she plays games!!" " shut up tori ur like the devil when it comes to black opps!!" i said to her with a smerk on my face. then verybody started to laugh. "what's your name love?" harry said to my with a cheeky grin. "jenny, jenny baxter." i said with a smile. " So i heard Zaynie told you guys that you could get a ride sense your camaro broke down, am i right?" said louis. " yes!!!" said tori. then louis looked at me waiting for an awnser to come out of my mouth. "i guess so" i said. " you guess so?! well..............." louis said as he was walking toward me. i was nervous. wondering what he was going to do. soon enough he grabbed me and put my around his sholders and ran outside. " HAHAHA IM THE GIRL NAPPER NOBODY CAN CATCH ME!!!!!!!!!!" he shouted. " oh no somebody save me!!" i said sarcasticly. "quick!!! we have to get her before the girl napper traps her!!!" liam said. the boys and tori ran after louis while i was screaming help. then louis stoped, and everybody else stopped. i heard a voice saying " WHAT DID I TELL YOU BOYS!!!". It was paul. louis put me down and i stood right by his side not saying a word. zayn came up and told paul what happend and why me and tori was here. he looked at me and then zayn. he shook his head and said "alright they can come". i was jumping up and down. then i felt somebody grab my hips. it was louis. he smiled and said " you thought i was done with you but you thought wrong!". he lifted me up and put me on his shoulder and carried me away. it was nice. but i had a bad feeling he was looking at my butt. we got back in the bus but louis still didn't put me down." aren't you going to put me down!" i said. "if you do something for me" he said with a cheesy smile. i wonder what i had to do. then words came out of my mouth "what do i have to do lou lou?" i said proudly. he giggled and said"give me and the lads a hug!" "fine it's worth it sense you'll put me down if i do!" i said with an attitude. tori shook her head. louis put me down and gave me space. he put his arms out ready for a hug from me. i put my arms out and ran away into the bathroom and locked the door. "HEY WE HAD A DEAL YOU.... YOU..." louis said at the bathroom door. "HAHAHA YOU CAN NEVER GET ME GIRL NAPPER!!!!!!!!!!!" i said. then i heard a laugh in the same room i was in. it was LIAM!!!!!!! i was so emberesed. "what you never saw a guy take a shower before?" he said while rinsing. my face turned red as a tomato. " hello earth to jenny!" he said while laughing. "i never saw liam payne in a shower before!!!!!" i said. he turned the water off about to open the shower curtins. i quickly shut my eyes so i didn't see his junk. "its ok i have a towel on!" he said with a giggle.i opened one i at a time then i saw his six pack. my face turned red again. he looked at me then his pack. he shook his head as he was about to walk out o the bathroom intill i said "wait i have to give you a hug! louis said so" i told him. he stoped and put his arms out while i wraped my arms around him. then we both let go and walked out of the bath room. then i was attacked bye louis and he said " GIVE ME A HUG OR ELSE NIALL WILL TICKLE YOU TO DEATH!!!". I giggled and gave him a huge bear hug. then our faces were 4 inches away we parted away quickly. it became awkward intill louis said "now go give nialler zaynie harry a hug!!!". i went over to them and gave them all hugs. the bused stoped and we were here at the concert. paul gave me and tori V.I.P passes so we can still be with the boys.

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