Adam Woods, mysterious, dark and somewhat dangerous. He had a secret. And it was eating him apart. His father, a famous leader had created him into something that he wasn't and that was haunting him inside out. What if he needed a break? What if the pain was actually causing him to die? And what if there was that one girl? That one girl that could help him? But she was the only one who wasn't allowed to?
Twisting tales of tears, loss, heartbreak, and a few rays of sunshine...




                "I'm Adam Woods. I live to fight. I live to serve. I live to kill." 



                    I was in class, sitting in the back of the classroom, vaguely concentrating on what Doctor Edmond was talking about. I wish I could say that I did go to a normal high school; I mean that's what they show in movies and books right? The bad guy going to a normal high school so he could fit in...Well, I guess you could call it normal. For us. I went to a high school, for special people. Or as I like to call it - freaks. Since we're all freaks in this school, I guess we can call ourselves normal. We were all specifically chosen to come to this school because of our talent. We all had different abilities but they all led to doing the same thing in the end. Killing. 


                        My dad was a pretty big guy in our ‘society’; I guess you could call it that. That's why I had a priority in literally everything. My dad was like God over here, everyone either worshipped him, or was loyal to him, or scared to death because of him. Yeah, my dad wasn't really well-known for his mercy. He was such a big hypocrite. He would lie to make business deals, he would kill to make sure secrets would be kept hidden; he was the master of deceit. But when anyone else did that, he wouldn't even give them a chance to explain. They would just drop dead. With his help of course.


                       As you could probably tell, I wasn't my dad's biggest fan but I did have it in me to respect him. I was raised to kill these special girls. I was raised to hunt them. I was raised to give the hearts to my dad. And I was smart enough to not ask questions. That was all I ever did. Study about biology, or a different type of biology about how these girls are physically impossible. My great - granddad had started this whole thing about killing these girls, my family has this OCD virus going on, everything should be in order and organized. I guess I was just an exception. And, that's why my family line was focused on killing these creatures. Clearly, since we were taught that being alive like these girls was impossible, and against nature, we should destroy it. That's what my dad would always say at the meetings. 


                     It kind of bugged me that I wasn't allowed to do what I wanted to. I mean, I have always wanted to paint, and in art. I wanted to show my expressions through drawing. Once, when I was a 'naive and little' boy, I asked my dad if I could be an artist, I was only about twelve, and he laughed. I asked him why, and he said because drawing expresses emotions and then you become weak and those walls that we try so hard to build are penetrated by those who don't deserve to live. I asked him who they were. And now I know. Those girls. Those creatures. I shook the memories out of my head, and hid all the emotions that were lurking around. 


                    I remembered about the meeting at two o' clock with all the students, checking my watch, it was one forty-five. I had just enough time to make it to the Great Hall in time. I ran all the way. You must be thinking why I would go into such an effort for just one meeting. But today could be the day. My dad had told me that any day soon, the best people or hunters would be chosen to capture a girl. I wanted to get approval of my dad, knowing that if I get chosen, my dad would be proud of me. I had tried so hard to please my dad, but he just looked over me. He would acknowledge the fact that I got compliments but he wouldn't really bother about it. It made everything harder. I mean, I would rather have him ignore me, than have him know my great results and still he wasn't proud of me. Suck it up, Adam. 


                   I rushed over to the Great Hall, and quickly slid into my seat just in time for the first announcement.

                 "Good afternoon, students, children, hunters. I welcome you all to our meeting for this week. Only, this week is a little more special. It is the time. It is the time where you may be worried. You may be nervous. You may be confident. You may be fine. Out of this meeting, we will say goodbye to the unworthy ones and welcome the best ones. The unworthy ones will be sadly leaving this institution, and the best ones will be going on their very thrill-seeking mission. I want all you to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. After this, the remainder will work hard to be the next ones to have to honor of going on their first mission." My dad stopped to clear his voice. He straightened his tie, and he pulled the end of his blazer to make him look authoritative. "Now, without further ado, we will start on the unfortunate side. The first group to sadly leave us are; Anabel, Amber, Dave, Elizabeth, Harry, Kat, Liam, Zara."


                    Whoa! That was a lot of people. I don't think so many people have gone out ever at one go. 


                     "I know you are all probably thinking why so many people have been cut from this school but we have decided to take things to the next level. Those abominable creatures are increasing, which means we have to as well. And we only need the brave, the mighty, the able and the willing to take part. The rest of you will go and make a life of your own. To those of you who have been cut, take this as your first and last warning: You will not repeat this process, you won't even think about showing anyone this place, and you must not even try to come back. I hope you understand." 


                   I looked to where all the people who had been cut from the process had gone; I could see Anabel in tears, and Amber bawling her eyes out. 

                "See, people like this are the people that are not needed and not wanted in our group." My dad pointed at Amber. "To those who think they are not capable of holding such honor on their shoulders, I think you should do what you know is the right thing." My dad pointed at the group of crying people, indicating that if you couldn't do this, then get out. "Thank you for your limited stay with us, but I'm afraid this place is yours no more. Let's hope that you will be clever and we shall never have to see each other again." With my dad's final word, the group escorted themselves out of the Hall, with their heads lowered in shame. Tough life. 

                    "Now, moving onto a lighter side of the story; I would like for these people to come up. Dana Mitchells, Taylor Jensons, James Hawthorne, and umm..." My dad's eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. He regained his composure, straightened his tie and then with a bright smile added, "Adam Woods."


                  Whoa. I didn't know whether to be happy or shocked or what. I just sat in my seat, frozen; I stared at my dad, and he looked at me. For the first time, finally I saw approval. "Can the candidates please rise, and come forward." 


                   Two girls and one guy stood up. Someone in the crowd pushed me along as well, and my feet finally began moving by themselves. I didn't know why I was in so much shock. I mean, I wasn't trying to brag or anything but I was one of the best trainers there were, but still, the feeling of my dad's approval matched no other. I felt proud. He looked at each of us and radiated with pride. I felt happy. 


                    "Now look. Look at these faces. The honor, the happiness, the sense of achievement. Remember this, so that next season it will be your turn to stand up on this stage and feel...Simply feel proud." My dad took a deep breath in. He was pretty good at giving prep talks, but I guess that was because he has been doing it for half his life. "Now, I would like to present to each of you - your mission. First, Dana. This mission is yours only, you are not permitted to have help from anyone else, and no-one is permitted to help you. This first mission will test your ability, your strength, your intelligence and your skill. Dana, your target lives in Mexico. The creature calls itself by the name Isabella Marina. I will not give you any other information. You must figure this out by yourself. As soon as you have killed it and rid this world of another unnatural beast, you must come back with its heart, if not you will not have completed the mission and you will have failed your initiation too. Second, Taylor. As you heard before, this mission is yours and yours only. Your target calls itself by Krissy Beckham. She lives in New York. She is a harder target as she will be more camouflaged. You have been trusted with this task, do not fail us by not bringing back the heart otherwise the whole mission will be a waste of time. Next, James. Your target is called Maya O'Conner. Do not seek help from anyone else. The creature is located in Massachusetts. I trust to see you soon. And last but not least, Adam Woods. Your target is Avery Dawson. You will be wise not to make any contact to anyone around her, talk only if necessary and clean up any mess efficiently. The creature is located in Arizona, Phoenix. Now, I suggest you get on with your packing. Take what you think you need, take how much money you think is wise and I shall come by your dorms individually to talk to you. You may leave." His tone was so final, that any questions that may have been asked were now silenced. I kept my head lowered, and walked out of the hall. 



                      The four of us walked out into the daylight, gave a quick nod of acknowledgement to each other and walked in our different directions. 

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