Tell Me A Lie Or Change My Mind

Zayn Malik form the band One Direction is accused of rape. Aurora a lawyer and social worker has to live with him for 5 months to prove him guilty or innocent. Zayn ends up falling in love with the girl that hates his guts. They share a romance but then he just makes a big mistake.


2. Zayn's POV

Chapter Two-
After a long day at work i drove home. I lived with my brother. I was new to England only had been there a couple of months. England was really nice i loved it. I was a lawyer and i was studying to become a doctor. My brother was a professional soccer player. I bet your thinking i have a wonderful life huh. Well it wasn't i envied  other peoples lives. On my way home i stopped to walk around a park. I thought about what to do about this case. Should i believe Maddie or was she just another girl seeking attention. I looked up admiring the sky. My body was then slammed against the cement floor. A guy quickly helped me up and asked if i was ok. I'm so sorry i should've watched where i was going i told him. "No, No it's fine it was my fault don't blame yourself" he said. By the way my name is Liam and this is my good mate Zayn. Im so sorry it was nice meeting you but i have to go. I sprinted off in the other direction. It couldn't be the Zayn, Maddie was talking about or was it. I got into my car and drove home. I got home took a quick hot shower and called the police station. Hello, this is Aurora Ortiz i would like to report a rape case. I work for the helping community. The man on the other line started to throw questions at me. I was used to it I was a lawyer after all. They settled a meeting at the court tomorrow morning. I spent the whole night getting prepared.

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