Tell Me A Lie Or Change My Mind

Zayn Malik form the band One Direction is accused of rape. Aurora a lawyer and social worker has to live with him for 5 months to prove him guilty or innocent. Zayn ends up falling in love with the girl that hates his guts. They share a romance but then he just makes a big mistake.


10. Great News

Chapter Ten-
The next morning I woke up early and headed to school in my own car. After school I would go to work for a few hours and then take a walk outside. I just didn't want to see Zayn after what happened yesterday. My phone started to suddenly ring. I looked at the screen and it was Liam. I answered and my ear was filled with screams coming from the other side. Where are you? I'm headed to school I didn't want to bother anybody. "No it's totally ok with me dear".  Liam you are so sweet. "I was wondering if you wanted to go out to eat today with me",he said. Yeah it sounds good to me at what time? "How about 6:30". Sounds great I'll be there. I just wanted to get away from Zayn for a while. Things would be awkward between the both of us. I got to school and after that work for a few hours. After work I headed to my brothers. I really missed him he was all that I had. Then I remembered about dinner with Liam. I had a few things at my brothers, so i would just get ready there. I showered and put on a pair of jeans and a nice blouse. I didn't want to look to fancy or too simple. I slipped into my car and headed to the boys house. When I  got there Liam was waiting for me outside. I waved at him and we drove away. We arrived and it was gorgeous the food was delicious, everything was great. "Can I ask you a question and answer it truthfully", he asked. Yeah go for it we are friends aren't we. "Do you like Zayn"?? My heart fluttered just hearing his name. I think I do, each time I see him or talk to him I feel sick. Sick in a good way not a bad way. "I knew it, Zayn wouldn't believe me and he wanted to ask you out but was afraid you didn't feel the same". I was in total shock I had no idea of what to do or what to say. "So you ready to go". Yeah, the car ride was silent and when we got there it was awkward. "Can you act surprised when he asks you out, because I wasn't suppose to tell you about that it slipped". Of course Liam thanks for the great dinner and thanks for telling me. My night was complete I went up stairs with a big smile on my face. 

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