Tell Me A Lie Or Change My Mind

Zayn Malik form the band One Direction is accused of rape. Aurora a lawyer and social worker has to live with him for 5 months to prove him guilty or innocent. Zayn ends up falling in love with the girl that hates his guts. They share a romance but then he just makes a big mistake.


7. Chapter 7

  Chapter Seven- 
I walked in and all eyes were on me. Did I have something on my face umm HI. Hi I'm Harry , Hi I'm Niall, Hi I'm Louis then there was a pause and your Liam I said with a smile. Wait how do you know each other. She's the girl from the park and I ran  into her this morning also. Oh then the room was full of silence. How about we show you around. Yeah that sounds good I don't want to get lost. The guys went around room by room showing me around. It was a beautiful house I was so lucky. Then we finally got to the room I was staying in. It was gorgeous everything a girl would ever want. One problem though Zayn's room was right across from mine. The lads let me unpack my bags and fix up the room to my like. It took a while to do but I managed to get it all done. After that I went down stairs to find all the guys. They all turned in unison when they heard me. We sat down and I told them a little about myself. How I wasn't close to my family back home in Miami. That was the reason I moved to London with my brother. My parents both wanted us to become lawyers and they wouldn't let us be ourselves. My brother decided to leave and I was left behind. So I had no option I got my degree and became a lawyer as soon as I was old enough I left and moved over here with my brother. Now I'm going to school and trying to become a doctor it's a lot of work but I'll get there sooner of later. Then Liam spoke up and asked why I was still working as a lawyer. I do need the money in order to survive you know. They all started laughing and then I noticed I was laughing along with them. Liam's face got red from embarrassment it was so adorable. The time went by fast and it was already late. We all headed our way and thats when I remembered. Zayn's room was right across from mine. 

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