Tell Me A Lie Or Change My Mind

Zayn Malik form the band One Direction is accused of rape. Aurora a lawyer and social worker has to live with him for 5 months to prove him guilty or innocent. Zayn ends up falling in love with the girl that hates his guts. They share a romance but then he just makes a big mistake.


3. Chapter 3

Chapter Three (Zayn's POV)-
My name was being screamed out by Harry. Followed by him shaking my body, for me to wake-up. What do you want now mate. Zayn some police officers are looking for you down stairs. Are you sure they're not looking for Louis. No Zayn go see for yourself. My body was shaking while i got dressed. I hurried down the stairs. I came face to face with the officers. Are you Zayn Malik? Yea I mean yes I am. You've been accused of rape so we need you to come with us. They took me and we headed towards the door. Son you have the right to remain silent anything you say will be used against you. They put me in the back of the police car. What the hell was going on. Me accused of rape you have got to be kidding. 

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