Tell Me A Lie Or Change My Mind

Zayn Malik form the band One Direction is accused of rape. Aurora a lawyer and social worker has to live with him for 5 months to prove him guilty or innocent. Zayn ends up falling in love with the girl that hates his guts. They share a romance but then he just makes a big mistake.


1. chapter 1

What! How could he do such a thing. Please tell me his name  Maddie I need to know. Ok fine his name is Zayn Malik. I worked at a helping community that helped women with abuse and addictions. I spent my whole day behind an office, my life wasn't wonderful. Today was a pretty busy day, a girl walked into my office crying. Her name was Maddie. I wish I had never met her. My life would be full of happiness if it wasn't for her.
Chapter One-
She walked into my office that day. With tear stains in her eyes. It was my job I had to listen to her. She couldn't stop crying but I managed to calm her down. I wanted to hear every detail. I sat next to her and told her to tell me everything. She covered up her face and started talking ... I was backstage at a One Direction concert. When I met Zayn , one of the group members. He was really nice and shy. I was left alone with him and he asked me for some water. I left to go get some when I felt a couple of hands on my hips. I turned around to see Zayn's face staring at me. A chill rushed down my spine. Clothes started to come off, I tried to yell for help but it was hopeless. I tried my best to run from him but i couldn't. The next morning i woke-up completely naked and i knew what had happened. Zayn Malik had raped me.  

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